Sunday, December 12, 2021

No clairslides for a while


This is a familiar messy pattern.  The plumes are leaking all over the Arctic and stopping those huge masses of cold, clear air, that I call clairslides.  A month or two ago, we were getting lots of them.

This messy warmth hits poor pittin and his love of invasion.  If there's no clairslide hitting Europe and forcing them to burn coal, they might forget they are dependent on him for natgas.  Then Germany can posture as much as anybody.

Also, my 'prediction' on natgas prices in the US is a total washout.  Soooorry.

This pattern can keep going for a while, but the equatorial belts run out of heat energy.  We should have the cold back in January.

ps.  billions of dollars are now flooding into climate groups, and this money will be used to destroy physics.  I'm just limiting my discussions to the current weather, and will make no projections, mainly because I'm always wrong.  The interesting thing in the future is watching them shout away at the cold, not that I'm saying anything.


brent said...

Is that another clipper coming our way

Harold Asmis said...

There's nothing coming down right now. A clipper rides the top of a descending plume. A clairslide is a big blob, powered by it's own weight.