Thursday, December 16, 2021

The New Blog

 I see that the full inquisition is out now.  They lump everything they don't like all together, and call it 'digital hate'.  They have a group who is pointing blasphemers out to Mr. Googs.  

Well, this blog is none of that.  We will never go against group-think.  All we are doing is formulating long-term weather forecasts, longer than the usual week.  This has nothing to do with climate forecasting, which used to be considered impossible, but is now an every-day thing.

The resolution with physics is quite coarse, as opposed to methods of faith, which are so precise, you can sharpen your pencil on them.  My earthquake forecast is 'high, medium, or low'.  The weather forecast is 'warm or cold'.  I can't go to the nearest degree.

For now, the earthquake forecast is 'high' for the middle states that accept eastern frack water for disposal.  The earthquakes are starting now, but will getting into their stride once the mountains thaw out.

The weather forecast for the next 20 years is 'cold'.  Without ocean breezes, we will have some very hot zones in the summer, and this will fuel the faith for years.  They will be balanced by extreme cold, but some people only publish stories about heat.  

I used to call those of the faith a derogatory term, which must be upsetting to them if they ever read physics.  I shall now call them 'phillies' for philosophers, and that's a nice term related to 'speed' and 'athleticism'.

Phillies believe in group-think, or consensus, and debating things to find 'truth'.  They believe that scientific observations can immediately lead to scientific projections without the need of the Scientific Method.  As long as the best debating techniques are used, which used to be called 'logical fallacies'.  Everything related to science can be argued out in court.

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