Thursday, December 30, 2021

Don't Look UP - cold and snow very close


The black is coming down upon us.  If you look up, your nose will freeze.  This continues to slowly push all before it.

This is more significant than a single clairslide to Texas.  It is now repelling all the weak plumes knocking on the door.  It's just a question on the strength of the tropical plume from the Gulf.

From the weather forecast, it looks like this thing will blow everything away, and we'll get -10 for Toronto.  This is as cold as you can get with the lake still pouring out heat energy.  If they go to minimum (or freeze), then we'll get -30 in the city, and -40 for Huntsville.  This was standard 70's stuff.

ps.  this is the anomaly map.

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brent said...

So you are going to drop on our fearless premiers head. Also don't tell Greta.