Saturday, December 4, 2021

All plumes go wacky

 The currents and plumes are the heart of chaos in this world.  They form the big and little cycles of warmth and cold.  

They used to go straight into BC, and now are splintered.  One very tiny section is still blowing into the US and keeping it warm.  The energy of these plumes has too many zeroes.  The other plume is going high, and there was one before which sets up our Alberta clipper.  The cold air sticks on the northern side of the plume as it comes down from the NW.  We get the cold part.

In the west Pacific, we have cold King Kong punching Godzilla.  Perhaps a knockout blow.

The blue is the fist and the red dragon screams "i'm Melting!'.  Poor thing.

The price of natgas hinges on how this chaos will break out.  That's the fun of looking at physics.

ps.  on the philosophy side, it's a 'stuck jet stream' that's causing this.


These people are great, I never argue with them.

Or rather, it's a constipated jet stream, and we aren't getting the lovely poops of cold..


Brent said...

Thanks for the explanation

Harold Asmis said...

My, you're chatty these days... I like it!