Saturday, July 31, 2021

Cottage Report -- The Cold Always Knocks Twice

 Or many times.  It went down to 8C up here.  Now it is sunny.

This is the usual picture.  

The official philosophy is that the dead zone in BC is pulling down the cold air for us in the east.  Thus, heat waves bring cold.  The reality is that the weak Pacific plumes can't cross the mountains.  BC has only two choices - rain or dead air.  Stagnant air is always hot in summer.  

So, we get colder.  

ps.  Yeah, now we get tons of rain....

pps  - meanwhile in the UK, the tabloids are always saying the big heat wave is 2 weeks away. 

more:  Yeah, a world record, our first fire in July, so dang cold and rainy.

hallylula- Monday is sunny and hot.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Great cottage repairs - epoxy



When the cottage gets really old, all the screw holes start to wobble.  You can keep putting in larger screws, but there is a limit.

I found this was great.  It has a mixing nozzle, and there are two of them, so you can save some for later.  It's best just to use the whole thing, since it is small.  You inject the epoxy into the hole and wait for 2 hours until semi-set.  Then drive in the screws.  I used this for the hinges on the front door.  

Refreeze the Arctic!


Yes!  We've got to do this!  No physics required.  We'll have a giant hockey rink unit, and use the fancy expensive fluid that nasa forced on us.  Obviously, we'll have to use the Russian nuclear ice breakers to supply the power.  Nothing better than Russian nuclear!

Of course, I have another plan -- do nothing!

Oh, look, the ice volume is at the average.  And I have hope that it will soon break out and become a new record.  That's all by doing nothing.

ps.  a comment on a cbc article.

New toy reactor raises the left


 Why can't the poor lefties do anything?  Because they are all over the map.

From the carbon point of view, this is great.  It has at least the amount of power of a windmill.  I was thinking of the big windmill that they put up in Pickering.  I was always sitting near there, in my cubicle torture chamber, and watching it.  It never turned when you needed power.  I thought they should just spin it with the power of the nuclear plant and give everybody a nice breeze.

The same with this toy reactor.  They can just heat it up with the main plant, and use it a museum to stupidity.  

Pacific Ocean current reaches the maximum


This is worthy of going into the record.  I did the 2016 El Nino, and the 2019 Halvsie.  One day the physics of these things will be acknowledged.  Right now, it's all weather mumbo-jumbo, designed, like Latin Bibles, to keep everybody ignorant.

But, there's not a speck of heat energy.  When the Great Heat Pipe is going we should get very hot along the whole length.  If we are in a cold cycle, then I expect this to collapse before it 'fires up'.  Then, it will try again and again, for 20 years.  I suspect the climate apologists will say that 'La Nina' is overriding the carbon effect.  Ha!  There is no carbon effect, and if it is nothing today, it was never anything.

ps.  we are friggin freezing up at the cottage.  We'd rather go home than start the fire in July.

pps.  this is the world's furnace.  We go as it goes.

Magnitude 8.2 Alaska Earthquake


A standard earthquake for the region.  You can see how small it is relative to the full subduction zone.

It just happened on that little bump.  You can see how clean the subduction zone is, and that 'cleaning' only comes from giant M9+ earthquakes.  This one probably only had a few centimetres of displacement, whereas the big ones go for metres.

There is the usual very small chance that this is a foreshock to the big one.  The main chance is 1 in 500 per year, and this raises things to 1 in 100 for the next few days.  An M9 is mainly a tsunami hazard, it doesn't do that much shaking.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Just 3 hot spots in the world, but we'll hear about them


Okay, we've got Wyoming, Greece, and China.  Prepare to be amazed by the stories.  These are very small spots, so it will be  goodly amount of work to find something.  But they'll do it.  Yeah.

ps.  next year, there will be only one hot spot moving around, and they'll be like storm chasers, trying to get a quote from an old geezer - 'Never seen it so hot!'  

Cottage Report - July 28, 2021


The year without a summer.  Straight from the Little Ice Age.  It's nice and sunny and cool at night.  Not the type of heat that drove everyone to the cottage, in earlier years.  

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Stealth article on Little Ice Age


This is a great idea.  The idea is to describe the Little Ice Age as all the things that are now happening around the world, but constantly say it shows how terrible clange is going to be.  The next article will be on the warming period before.  

If I want to be in the media, then I'll write 'Determine the exact carbon sensitivity through geophysics. ' I'll go on and on about how terrible the heat waves will be, and how important it is to know the exact timing.  Of course, the carbon sensitivity is zero, but who knows that?

ps.  'Horrendous Heat Waves of the Medieval Warm Cycle"

'Endless fires of the Roman Warm Period'  :) 

'Both Hilter and Nappy picked a bad time to invade Russia'

'30's Dust Bowl Coming Soon'

more:  this fits into the paper that said that direct physics modelling of the ocean currents shows that all previous warming and cooling cycles were cause by ocean turnover, but everybody knows that 'this' climate change is caused by carbon dioxide, and we're not even looking at it'.  That paper has disappeared.  blah.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Kobo subscription service

 I have a Kobo reader.  I went through a massive effort, collecting books that fell from the sky (internet).  Too much work and not very much lately.  So, a subscription at $10 a month is great.  I like the old fantasies that had a single plot.  These new ones have about 6 plots that never merge.  And they all like a big battle at the end.

That's for the young people.  If you are an old guy or person, then get an e-reader with the subscription.  They are great because you can expand the text to one word per page, and it turns over fast.  I will never go back to paper books again, because even with reading glasses, you need a magnifier.  blah.

I like fantasy because that is a different universe with weird physics.  Nothing is worse for me than a 'modern' book where they totally screw up the physics.  blah.

Big climate meeting starts


One thing I just realized is that 'climate scientists' is just another School of Philosophy, or sophil.  They are defined by group-think, so that to say there is a 'consensus' within the sophil, is a circular definition.

I'm looking forward to this.  The first one was a big confusion of waffles.  The sophils took out what they wanted, and made a lot of money.  I expect this one will be worse.  First thing though, is that they will redefine climate-change (clange) as extreme weather encompassing hot and cold.

What will never change is 'human-caused' because that meshes in with the 'humans are evil' sophil.  Remember we had 30 years of this from bbc nature dramas.  (The penguins!  The penguins!).  They are all fine, by the way, and the polar bears.

This is all wonderful for nasa as we drift farther and farther away from the original false assertion that we can have a 'greenhouse effect' in the atmosphere with our high Rayleigh Number.  

In the meantime, all the big agencies are cutting down on their geophysics to support this meeting.  Yeah.

ps. I have an image that they'll plop out a big dead whale on the bottom of the sea, and all the sophils will attack it and carve out what they want.  :)

pps.  if clange becomes all inclusive, then they will define it as an 'allergic reaction of the Earth to humans'.  They don't have to stick to the laws of physics.  Who cares?

more:  the UK tabloids live on a hope and a prayer for a heatwave.  I don't see it coming, just more cold air.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Philosophy as the root cause of major disasters

 This is fun, I was talking to my brother and sister about the floods in Germany.  This is exactly the same as earthquakes.  And the big fires in BC.

Anyway, with social media, we have a free market for schools of philosophy, sophils.  Any sophil provides an answer for what's right in front of your nose.

All of these disasters have long odds, all sophils are 'living memory' or what 'makes sense'.  I just read about the BC fires.  In a wet climate, a forest grows undisturbed for 200 years, and then chokes itself out.  The natives were there for 10,000 years and learned an important lesson:  leave the forest alone and if there is a fire in 200 years, it is so devastating that nothing grows for 100 years.  So, they burned every 50 years or so.

The first white guys complained: "Those natives are always burning the pretty trees, and it's bad for my complexion. '  Using the force of smallpox, they forced treaties to make them stop burning.  At the time, the natives just shrugged, and said 'It's your funeral.'.  Two hundred years later, it is.  

The pretty canals of Europe grew organically.  There were huge floods every one hundred years all over, but in any one place it might be 500 years.  Same odds as earthquakes.  The locals bought the opinion of 'Never happened, never will.'.  Those people have retired now, and blamed it on clange.  

Everybody can buy the sophil they want.  Old condos were built like garbage, as are the new ones.  Got a problem?  Buy an opinion.  That guy disappears with the collapse.  The condos all around are falling like BC trees, but everybody buys the opinion they like.

In Canada, we have many sophils such as 'natives are scum for not knowing French', 'All humans are evil', and 'Anti-everything'.  Buy the one you like.  :)

Now, the rationalists are funny.  They are pushing for controlled burns in BC.  Can you imagine the sophils?  They would chain themselves in the planned burn zone.  Old condos that have been in storms are like a used car that has been in an accident.  Demolish it.  Nope.

In Europe, they need flood control for the 100 year storm (regional).  That's having huge dry canals and spillways that can be blown out.  Nope.  They tried that in old Imperial China, and everybody settled in the flood canals.  A vaccine that stops everybody from dying?  Nope.

ps. I was thinking of Canada's nuclear plants.  Built by people with a long view, and run by people with a short one, protected by a PR department.  A perfect sophil -- Buy it!

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Pacific Ocean repairing itself


This is a good sign that the Pacific current is getting back to normal.  They are calling for a La Nina, but El Nino and La Nina have no physics definition.  It's just a definition of weather effects.  La Nina is just the rest phase of the ocean.

The neat thing about physics is that you can actually predict things, and not just make up stories after the fact.  But everyone loves those stories.  Anyway, the big implication of the Great Pacific Heat Engine starting up again is that we are in a minor ice age cycle, and not The Big One.

The engine has stuttered and failed to start before, and may do so again.  So for now, just get ready for cold weather and more Texas Cold Bombs.  About 20 years of cold, and then the warmies can start up again.  Most likely, they can fudge through 20 years of cold, while telling everybody it's hot, by looking at the one heat wave in the world.

The UK is 'predicting' that next month they'll have summer.

But now it looks like all hope is lost.

ps.  I put a page monitor on the noaa tide results.  I don't think they'll ever process something that says the sea level is falling - pie in the face for nasa.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Cottage Report -- Cold July


Our local waterfall is full because of the endless rain.  We have 3 days of sun coming up, but very cold at night.  Good sleeping weather.

This is not writing anything against the sophils.  I love them all!

Monday, July 19, 2021

The fish stops for a while, again

 With all the sophils fighting, and covid almost dead, there is nothing to write about.  Somewhere in the world we'll have another heat wave or flood, and it will start all over again.  I'm just at the cottage and relaxing.  July and August will be warm, and then we get into the ice age.  Who wants to gloat?

Enjoy the warmth and then prepare for cold, which will be explained by philosophy.  No matter what happens, it will be explained.

Cottage Report - Rotten moths almost gone


Yeah, almost all the moths are gone.  There were millions and they gave you eye irritation.  The oak leaves are all back, but the cedars look hopeless.  I hope they come back.  Most of the eggs are 60 feet high, and I don't see any to attack.  Next year might be the same, but I hope we have good supply of fungus in the soil.

I blame it all on Clange.  Yeah, it's great to retire from thinking about mechanisms, and just go with the flow.

ps.  you can't believe the completely dead and stagnant air today.  But it's very pleasant.  I'm going to take this as a hint and stop writing for a while.

More on Sophils, Schools of Philosophy

Hypothesis 1 - An Ancient Greek-style democracy can't do anything.

Hypothesis 2 - Sophils have been aided by modern social technology, allowing Crazy Charismatics to rise.

In the old days, if a government arose that was tied up in Sophils, it was quickly taken over by another country in the temporary throes of rationality.

One thing that always brought on rationality and physics was war.  We don't have that any more.  The second hypothesis can be tested by history, but a sophil, like a boom, can only be judged after it collapses.

Crazy Charismatics always lead a sophil.  People like to pile on, and speak to like-minded individuals.  Again, the judgement of 'crazy' goes to History.  Everybody leading a sophil right now is equivalent to a true prophet of old.

Every country, except Canada, is rocked by this right now.  Severe winters always force rationality.  The US elects the bidenarmy.  Can they do anything?  No.  France wants to be rational -- Ha!  Germany couldn't invest in flood control, because that's against a sophil.

Let's build nuclear plants to fight Clange.  Ha!

Let's improve public transit - can't be done without taxes, or raising the price of diesel.  Can only be done in Canada, where we love taxes.

Let's vaccinate everybody to cover up the dismal failure of stopping covid.  Nope, sophils in France will kill to fight that.

A democracy that does stuff is a temporary dictatorship.  You can throw the bums out after 4 years.  But, the era of that is long gone.  

Sophils have hit the Cubans and the Russians.  The remaining oppressive places only survive by killing more and more people.  Once you hit killing 1 in 10,000, then everybody has a friend of a friend who disappeared.  It causes depression and destroys the economy.  Most oppressives have survived with oil, but that will soon end.  Nobody wants to buy anything from China.  We shall see how things go.

ps.  I shall leave this train of thought.  It doesn't do much, but it allows the few physics people in the world to laugh.  

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Competing Schools of Philosophy

 What I enjoy with the modern world, is that FB and twit have brought back the Ancient Greek schools of philosophy.  Each school had different fundamental truths and they tried to convert other people.  Sometimes, it got rather heated, and many people like Socrates had to easy way out with hemlock or warm baths.

We are in this, like the Greek parliament, where everybody had a voice for democracy.  You could not get a more ideal form of government.  Unfortunately, it didn't work.  As somebody said, government is like sausage making -- don't look.

Fauci has said that if we had all this social media in the 50's, then we would not have gotten rid of polio or smallpox.  That was in an era of great rationality, but, perhaps, little sympathy for thousands of tiny minorities, of the type that destroyed Greek democracy.  What is better?

The Scientific Method is ruthless and does not suit this modern world with a sensitivity to everybody and their dog.  It is dead, and each school will push its truth.  As such, we will endure disaster after disaster, and it will all be blamed on the 'other guys'.  I'm just here to observe and laugh, because the alternative is to cry, and that's sad.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

The Great Organic Foods Lie


I got into a tussle with the fanatics on CBC about roundup.  They are all in a big hottieness about using it to dry grain crops on the stalk.  You spray rup on the wheat, whatever, before you harvest.  Then it dries like cow-corn.  None of it ever gets into the wheat kernels, and it breaks down immediately.  They go on about how the Euro report calls it cancer-causing, but the report apparently doesn't say that.  Who's going to read an 1100 page report?

So, the euries use something 10 times more deadly, because you can trip over a deposit while walking over some rock.  Amazing, it's 'organic'.  And it is used for organic wine, which makes as much sense as organic sugar.  Organic Deathcap mushrooms.  So much fun.

Anyway, talking to fanatics can be fun, but don't expect anything.  They rule the world.  So, have some organic ethanol and rot your liver.  It's healthy!  I need a sip of my organic Scotch.  

There is no clean organic supply of nitrogen for the soil, not in sufficient amounts to feed the world.  My garden is 'kind-of organic' and I use a lot of my own compost.  That's what gives it the great flavour.  But, I just got my water bill for the garden.  I estimate that anything from it costs 5 times what I could buy at the farmer's market.  Yeah!

ps.  Hold it!  I change the title.  It's not a lie, it's a philosophical truth.

pps.  wow, rup is like crystal spring water compared to the cyanide of copper.  Yet, all the wackies would rather drink the copper coolaid.  Neat.

How Philosophy Rules the World


Philosophy, like debate, or courtroom drama, is simply the art of looking hard to find what supports your position, and ignoring anything that doesn't.  It rules on social media, and might prove that britty isn't loonshit crazy.

Morris says $50 trillion must be invested by 2050 “to electrify infrastructure and engineer out the aspects of modern life that most significantly contribute to carbon emissions”. 

A lot of that 50 trillion goes into very dirty mining.

Ground zero for consumption consciousness over battery metals would be the cobalt–Congo–China chain, but the billion iphone users in the world care whether their battery is going to run out before the next Star Wars meme loads, not who dug out the Co with bare hands.

These, of course, are the philosophers with their iphoneys.  

Not sure about this contention, have you ever tried to come between a gen Z (and to be fair gen Y and X too) and his/her/their/zir’s phone? We’ll crawl over non-recycled broken glass for the next Tiktok, swim through deep sea tailings to Insta, climb leach heaps to become Youtubers and drink slurry to binge Netflix.  

I go through the most elaborate hoops to keep the Internet working at the cottage.  What mass depression we have when it futzes out.

Europe should ban anything nasty.  They can just eat the snow of their ice age.  :)

Clange will now block trade

 Clange - The ultimate hyphenated climate-change, causing everything.

It is a 'certainty' that clange is responsible for the European flooding.

However, the physics mechanism is simply cold air meeting warm air.

This is the true meaning of clange, the cause of everything, the ultimate philosophy.  It encompasses cold and hot, black and white, night and day.

It is so serious that clange will now kill global trade, and bring about feudalism, which is the ultimate goal of the philosophers.

Funny that the most 'embedded carbon' comes from solar cells and windmills, and electric cars.  These are all the 'great solutions' to clange.

ps.  without the world getting colder, this clash of warm and cold would have happened farther north.  We'll see a lot more flooding where people aren't used to it, the ultimate clange.

pps and they'll ban Canadian wheat, because without roundup to dry the crops on the stalk, it's back to the drying sheds and burning carbon.

more:  When you embrace philosophy over the Scientific Method, you get stuck in the shifting sands of semantics.  :)

Friday, July 16, 2021

NASA makes Clange sea level rise a fact

 Clange - a new term reflecting that climate change has now become 'everything under the Sun'


The article gives the example of the end of glaciation, and how the sea levels rose when the continental glaciers rose.  They are confusing the general isostatic depression of the land and actual sea level rise.  In fact, they totally ignore the fact that land everywhere goes up and down like a toilet seat, thus the focus on river deltas.

Now, a sister agency that cannot be named, is getting really slack on processing sea level measurements that show that sea level is sinking because the Pacific Ocean is colder than .. whatever.

They are going to use a satellite for sea level measurements that is only accurate to a few inches.  Not going to cut it.  We have the actual ground measurements, which are no longer available in a timely manner.  I will never consider 'conspiracy theory' when good old incompetence will explain things, but this might be pushing things.  

Since, apparently, I'm the only one in the world to complain about these things to noah, I will have to assume that all the physics measurements will disappear in the future.  Only those things that look for what they expect to find will be available, such as co2 and methane measurements.  It's not the Scientific Method when you tailor everything to find what your philosophy tells you is true.  

So, the world is getting colder and colder, and the sea level is sinking because of simple water thermal contraction.  However, we'll be told the exact opposite, in any way they think the public will swallow, thus clange is everything and causes everything.

ps.  I'm going to spell it Clange, to show the long vowel. 

pps. and the philosophical nature of the definition.  Precision is colonial and racist.

more - and the WSJ is hyphenating, and mentioning that nobody wants to pay for greta-wishes.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Climate Change causes floods in Germany

 Now that 'climate change' is used for both hot and cold, I can 'embrace' climate change.  However, I'm going to 'change' it to cimate change, and chimate change, to keep them separate in my mind.

This is the MIMIC chart, which shows air with precipitable water.  That means warm and moist air.  You only get any action when it meets cold air.

You can see that 'high water load' air is meeting the general cold that has plagued the region.  Thus, cimate meets chimate.  Thus, this will become a 'climate change' story, and I accept that.

You can by the picture that the lady is wearing a sweater in July.  They are cold, flooded, and miserable. This is climate change in action.  The minimum temperatures are like, 10C.

As we enter an ice age cycle of unknown magnitude, these will be our climate change stories, and people will have to look very hard for a heat wave story.

ps.  since I don't like to type, I'll just call it 'clange', and the song:

Everyone is special!

Everything is clange.

pps.  big tornado in Barrie is clange.  Hope it didn't hit the cottage.  Hope everybody went to their basement and didn't hang around taking videos.

more:  and you thought I was wrong to blame clange.

Don't Piss Off the Sharks


As of Friday, Helena seemed to be swimming around just east of St. John's.

"That's about as far north as they like it," Hueter said. Later in the season, she may return to the Gulf of Mexico, or winter off the Carolinas, before joining other sharks in Canadian waters next year.

We are sorry to say that she might have to hang around pissy Brazil more, since it is getting colder and colder up Newfoundland way.

ps.  it is neat that they have oodles of money to do cute shark studies.  No money for ugly, colonial physics. :(

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Math and Physics gone from the world


They are just going with objective math and no physics.  We already know that these things are gone from the real world.  Everything is directed by charismatic people and social media.  This will result in lots of future disasters, which will be ignored as people discuss the impact of a single molecule of roundup.  :(

RSS shows global temperatures down


All I'm waiting for is the tides, but I'm the only one in the world mentioning to them that something is wrong.  They gave me a song and dance about how they spread the compute power around, so that one site isn't favoured.  blah.

We just got another foot of rain at the cottage.  The lake is back up a foot, the earlier drought had caused to pull logs at the dam.  July has been a washout.  I hope the UK is doing better.  :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

NOAA global temperatures continue to go down


The Haywood plots put us firmly in mediocre territory.  

They don't have a monthly plot like rss, but this is the Jan-June plot.  We are way down.

Looking at the plots, I think their PR department can go with '5th warmest June on record!'  Yeah.

ps.  this is the plot that most aligns with Spencer and RSS.

You can see the 2016 El Nino peak, and the 2019 Halvsie El Nino.  


Sunday, July 11, 2021

Caterpillars turn into Goopsy Moths

 You can't call them by the old name, that is so unpolitically correct.  Anyway, here at the cottage, there are thousands of moths.  The whole lake got scent strings, so they are currently drowning in my trap.  I think they are mostly done, though.  The neighbour said that a few days ago, you could see the white females who just perch, and she enjoyed smashing them.  I don't see any.

ps.  the oak leaves are all out.

The trap working.  We got some hormone bait and they fall into the soapy water.  

ps.  today we learned to put the traps well downwind.  And we have to change the water every few house because the choke the water up. 

Friday, July 9, 2021

NOAA national results fairly normal


There it is, almost at the line separating the top 5 warmest and the 5 coolest years.  It dropped a lot at the beginning of the year, and is just coasting along.

ps.  next January I expect it to drop another notch into the coldest years.  And who's going to notice?

Climate Change is now 'The Theory of Everything'


The Blob that Ate Everything.  

That's the problem with Philosophy.  Every change is just a hand-waving argument away.  And on discussion groups, the warmies are fine with that.  Hot or Cold, it's all Big Oil's fault.

That article shows that most of the deaths are related to cold.  But it is pushed in a warmie headline.  Talking to people, all they remember is '50C, that's climate change!'.  They just remember the headlines.

Oh well, we are rapidly entering an ice age of some sort, and it will all be climate change.  I'm just going to argue that we need a little physics, but all the big powers are aligned against that.  We'll need a generation change, and by that time, you won't be able to grow tomatoes outdoors in Canada.  Yeah.

For now, my mention of 'warmies' is just short for philosophers.  Science is philosophy is science.  I'm not going to argue against it.  :)

ps.  Oh, a great headline "Toronto outdoor attractions and patios open up, Climate Change closes them.'

Except it's because it's freezing cold and rainy.


Arctic cold blobs line up like planes coming into the airport


Here they come.  Electroverse has dozens of cold stories if you like that sort of thing.  Last July, there were no cold blobs because the Arctic was still weak from the 2019 halfsie El Nino.  Now, it's at full power.

The mechanism is that the Pacific has turned off, and the Arctic is pouring down on us.  Last year, we had stagnant air which is like a desert in July.  But this year, there is a lot of cold.

The ice volume is following the standard curve, but the 2019 channel is filled.  I expect it to veer off soon, and set a new record.

ps.  just got my second vaccine yesterday.  Ow, my arm!

pps.  speaking of planes, they are open to travel, but where would you go?  If you went into a foreign covid-pit of variants, you wouldn't die with the vaccine, but as the cartoon says 'It's amazing what you can live through.'

more -- omg, the warmies are claiming abnormal cold.  I mentioned on a warmie channel that 'hotter hots, colder colds' (which was the title of the article) was never in the original greenhouse conjecture.  It was always 'warmer warms'.  They said it was always that way.  Rewriting history.  neat.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Pacific Ocean Heat Engine just can't start


This reminds me of my old lawnmower.  You could pull and pull and pull, and nothing happened.  Into the garbage!  The Great Pacific Heat Machine is the same right now.  It can't start, and the latest current map is identical for the last year.

When it starts up, it becomes a great lens of heat for the Earth.  Some great physics here, but none of that will be measured.  We are in "No Physics in the Time of Stories".  It's all just legal argument, supported by selected stories.

We don't really know what happens, since these current measurements weren't around the last time we went into a cold cycle.  I would expect that in a few years, it starts up again.  If it doesn't, then we are in the big cycle.  brrr.

Western heat eases with Pacific breeze


Yeah, they get the breezes again.  The heatwave was caused by a total stoppage of the Pacific plumes on BC.  The dang weather people just called it a 'Heat Dome', as if that means anything.  It just set the warmies off.  And the fire was caused from the town, probably somebody's air conditioner blew up.

All in all a total warmie distortion, that upped media circulation by a lot.

Now we've just got the callie deserts at full heat.  Will they all go there?  BC is just going to pleasant, and we're going cold.  On the plume chart you can see more and more Arctic blobs coming down on Toronto.  July will be a washout.  

I remember something like this in 1977 when I was a construction inspector, and part of it was the grass cutting at the old Downsview military air field.  It rained every day all summer.  The fields were a sodden swamp, and the mowers couldn't get in.  They yelled at me, and finally took me off to put in an old ex-military guy.  I don't think he did any better.

This morning I misread the charts and thought they were for June.  I went nuts for the old May results.  My best snarky work yet.  All wasted, but I expect June will be bad, and I can write all that again.  The US gov't charts are getting later and later as it gets colder and colder.  Their PR department will have a tough time warming things up, maybe something like '15th warmest June ever'.

I never proof-read until I publish.  I hate to read the editor format.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Toronto housing has a hiccup


It looks flat here, but sales have dropped dead in the neighbourhood.  One crazy acquaintance who still wants to buy a house, couldn't get the tiniest discount on a house with no offers.  Everybody wants the peak of a couple of months ago.  The signs are all rusting in the rain.

Meanwhile, the condos are springing up like rabbits.  Every one of those buildings are sold out with deposits, because that's the only way they start.  Most of them are probably 'sealed units' for money laundering, and who knows how long that goes on.

It will be interesting to see what happens towards the end of the year.  Will the feds run out of money?  What is money these days?  Will a trillionaire just buy all of Toronto?  Fun, fun, fun.

ps.  just ditched my long hair, sort of homeless 70's child star look.  

pps. for those who thought they saw June temperatures, it was a dream caused by my lack of coffee in the morning.  That was still the old May results.

Poor UK forced to redefine 'sizzling heat wave'


While guard natters endlessly on the Western North America stagnant air, at home they are looking for warmth.  And if they don't get any, then it's time for the standard warmie semantics shift.  22C is now a heatwave.  Time for everybody to go the beach.  

ps.  and get a nice 'rain tan'

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Cottage Report - gloomy weather forever


The west is in a heat ghetto, and that's all anybody can write about.  The rest of us have cold gloom.  At the cottage we survived the huge thunderstorms but all the action was high up.  We had those 5 km long lightning flashes at 20,000 feet, because the thunder rumbled for a long time.  About 4 inches of rain, which will be good up here.  They were draining the lake more for the Trent Canal because of the general drought.  I think all this rain might stop that for a while.


With happy news, we have the oak trees putting out new leaves.  They have evolved with this sort of thing.  All the stored energy for acorns will go to new leaves.  Can't wait to see what the pine trees will do.  Our potato leaves were never touched.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Another huge Arctic blast comes down on us


It'll be a cold day in July.  I've never seen anything like this in the summer.  BC is left out because of the mountains, so the warmies can have that.  We are going to be another 'cold story' on Electroverse.

It's fun making comments on cbc that the charts are going down, and you get angry replies.  Neat.

More charts should come out soon.

ps. temp anomaly map, cold.

pps.  probably no charts this week because everybody is going to BC for some heat.