Saturday, July 31, 2021

Cottage Report -- The Cold Always Knocks Twice

 Or many times.  It went down to 8C up here.  Now it is sunny.

This is the usual picture.  

The official philosophy is that the dead zone in BC is pulling down the cold air for us in the east.  Thus, heat waves bring cold.  The reality is that the weak Pacific plumes can't cross the mountains.  BC has only two choices - rain or dead air.  Stagnant air is always hot in summer.  

So, we get colder.  

ps.  Yeah, now we get tons of rain....

pps  - meanwhile in the UK, the tabloids are always saying the big heat wave is 2 weeks away. 

more:  Yeah, a world record, our first fire in July, so dang cold and rainy.

hallylula- Monday is sunny and hot.

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