Monday, July 26, 2021

Kobo subscription service

 I have a Kobo reader.  I went through a massive effort, collecting books that fell from the sky (internet).  Too much work and not very much lately.  So, a subscription at $10 a month is great.  I like the old fantasies that had a single plot.  These new ones have about 6 plots that never merge.  And they all like a big battle at the end.

That's for the young people.  If you are an old guy or person, then get an e-reader with the subscription.  They are great because you can expand the text to one word per page, and it turns over fast.  I will never go back to paper books again, because even with reading glasses, you need a magnifier.  blah.

I like fantasy because that is a different universe with weird physics.  Nothing is worse for me than a 'modern' book where they totally screw up the physics.  blah.

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