Sunday, July 25, 2021

Philosophy as the root cause of major disasters

 This is fun, I was talking to my brother and sister about the floods in Germany.  This is exactly the same as earthquakes.  And the big fires in BC.

Anyway, with social media, we have a free market for schools of philosophy, sophils.  Any sophil provides an answer for what's right in front of your nose.

All of these disasters have long odds, all sophils are 'living memory' or what 'makes sense'.  I just read about the BC fires.  In a wet climate, a forest grows undisturbed for 200 years, and then chokes itself out.  The natives were there for 10,000 years and learned an important lesson:  leave the forest alone and if there is a fire in 200 years, it is so devastating that nothing grows for 100 years.  So, they burned every 50 years or so.

The first white guys complained: "Those natives are always burning the pretty trees, and it's bad for my complexion. '  Using the force of smallpox, they forced treaties to make them stop burning.  At the time, the natives just shrugged, and said 'It's your funeral.'.  Two hundred years later, it is.  

The pretty canals of Europe grew organically.  There were huge floods every one hundred years all over, but in any one place it might be 500 years.  Same odds as earthquakes.  The locals bought the opinion of 'Never happened, never will.'.  Those people have retired now, and blamed it on clange.  

Everybody can buy the sophil they want.  Old condos were built like garbage, as are the new ones.  Got a problem?  Buy an opinion.  That guy disappears with the collapse.  The condos all around are falling like BC trees, but everybody buys the opinion they like.

In Canada, we have many sophils such as 'natives are scum for not knowing French', 'All humans are evil', and 'Anti-everything'.  Buy the one you like.  :)

Now, the rationalists are funny.  They are pushing for controlled burns in BC.  Can you imagine the sophils?  They would chain themselves in the planned burn zone.  Old condos that have been in storms are like a used car that has been in an accident.  Demolish it.  Nope.

In Europe, they need flood control for the 100 year storm (regional).  That's having huge dry canals and spillways that can be blown out.  Nope.  They tried that in old Imperial China, and everybody settled in the flood canals.  A vaccine that stops everybody from dying?  Nope.

ps. I was thinking of Canada's nuclear plants.  Built by people with a long view, and run by people with a short one, protected by a PR department.  A perfect sophil -- Buy it!

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