Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Just 3 hot spots in the world, but we'll hear about them


Okay, we've got Wyoming, Greece, and China.  Prepare to be amazed by the stories.  These are very small spots, so it will be  goodly amount of work to find something.  But they'll do it.  Yeah.

ps.  next year, there will be only one hot spot moving around, and they'll be like storm chasers, trying to get a quote from an old geezer - 'Never seen it so hot!'  


Penny said...

This has been one of the coolest July's I can recall.
Since I was a youngster- The nights have been incredibly cool
Save for a few days we had 'heat warnings' it's been cool.
yesterday temp were lower then "normal" and as these temps continue to fall the "normal" has gotten and will have gotten lower-
This data manipulation will hide what is clearly the decline in temps.
Lots round these parts complaining tomatoes aren't ripening- peppers are growing
it's the coolness.
And lots of rain. It's raining now- which is also making it difficult to get in the garden without being covered in mud

Harold Asmis said...

Right now, at the cottage, we another cold front coming in. I may have to use the fireplace in July. I'm just remembering our 5 nice days.