Wednesday, February 28, 2018

We are not cold

Please ignore this.  It's the worst of my FB inner demons.  I really hope nobody looks at it.... :(

More fun

pbears in England

ps.  I've given up making fun of the UK.  It's all just so sad.

Natural Gas can carry us through the New Ice Age


For a while, at least, natural gas will be king.  We need a few bold proposals to carry us for the next 100 years of 10 foot snow. You can safely mention this at parties now.  The nasties shot their load with this latest 'Tropical Arctic' thing.  People can now engage in long-term planning.

Natural Gas

This year, or next, we will find out the consequence of using fresh water for fracking, and just injecting it.  All of trumpland will blow up with an M7 earthquake.  We, in Canada, will be golden as the price of natgas and oil goes through the roof.  When we inject, we'll treat the water first.

Most of our farming will now be done under glass.  All the cannabis will be.  


When the disaster known as the 'Darlington Refurb' comes in, we'll know that the 'old order' of the Ancient Nuclear People, has to be thrown out.  Solar cells buried in 10 feet of snow and 'Wynne-mills' aren't going to cut it.  We need #newnuclear and we need it fast.  My old proposal of making Wesleyville a 'new nuclear' research site, will have to be dusted off.  :)


Lithium cars are simply not going to 'carry' us through the land of 10 foot snow.  Natgas will be made directly into methanol and we'll have hybrids of super-capacitors and meth-cells.

Britain Sinks into an Ice Age


This is not 'The Major Ice Advance', which won't happen for a few thousand years yet.  It has to wait for all the residual isostatic rebound to be complete.  This is just another Mini (or Little) Ice Age, which is just as bad but without the walls of ice coming down.

For some reason, these articles are popular, so to recap:

There has never been any physics for the English Major Social Physics assertions of man-made warming or, even, ozone holes.  Just a lot of nastiness under the bridge.  Everything is controlled by ocean currents, which are a chaotic mess.

The latest ocean temperatures are surprising.  I was expecting the northern areas to start warming up again, but instead they are getting colder.

I follow this avidly, and the Gulf Stream warming has been almost completely wiped out.

The Arctic has gone back to normal, since Britain is now getting the 'warm air' passing over Siberia that was going to the North Pole.

Everything at -30. 

Whether this is 20 years or 100, depends on what the ocean currents are going to do.  Don't forget, that what goes for Britain goes double for Canada.  My best estimate is that both major 'conveyor belts' are going still for 100 years or so, as they build up heat again.

The optimist thinks that they will turn on again in 20 years, and then we can complain about the heat roasting us.

ps.  Note the big low in the Arctic as another beautiful Tight Arctic Vortex starts up again (as opposed to the Loose Arctic Vortex, which is always blamed for cold weather.  :)

pps.  UK alerts upgraded to 'red'

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Last Gasp of the Carbonistas - Warm Arctic


This is a wacky world right now.  With the major ocean currents doing a flip, wind reversals are hitting the Arctic.  The UK is getting that 'warm' air right now.

However, I just looked and everything in the Arctic is back at -30oC.  Nevertheless, this article will get a lot of circulation.  But the world is getting colder.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Canadian Cannabis (Canadabis) to take over the world


Yeah, trumpypants is destroying the US.  This gives us room to move.  We really should tm Canadabis tm.  Or something, like Rape Seed to Canola Oil.  Canolabis Oil tm?  We'll be to cannabis like we are to mining.  Toronto will be the headquarters of all this.  Could end the big housing crash in only 2 years.

Our big advantage is that we are the only country to totally legalize it from seed to smoke.  The Dutch have a horrible thing where coffee shops can sell, but criminals grow it.  The same in the US.  And almost all the rich countries.

Somewhat ironic that these are big vegetative leaves that you put in the compost.  Oh well, we can't tell anybody else all the tricks.  :)

UK Weather is the Best

Sorry, I just can't help it with these headlines.

Why am I hopeless when it comes to the UK?  It's because the whole 'vicious social physics' thing started at Leeds, in the 90's, when there was just email.

Of course, it was the Goring, who made the big bucks.  But the British attack dogs stayed in the game.  Any scientist who raised objections was ruthlessly attacked, and a FB scream for their heads.  At the very least, they got their funding cut.  Every university hopped on the bandwagon because the PR departments were in charge.

Then there was the 97% of former English Majors who went into climate science.  It was a good living, as long as they kept up the vicious attacks.  Luckily, this is all in the archives for when somebody wants to do a history.  Won't be me, too much like work.

Now, we just enjoy the cold, and we happy about many things:

Maple syrup - a very long season

No fire ants - all our 'warm' encroachments have to go back

Permafrost - all back now

Polar Bears - lots of ice once these weird wind reversals stop

No carbon tax - the Fed excise on gas is enough, and nobody burns coal

No stupid lithium cars for Canada - methanol fuel cells please

Of course, if we are tipping over into a Mini Ice Age, then there are many more fun things.

ps.  a wonderful picture of London from the Guardian.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Women of Ontario - Rise up against scanning photo id


The Ontario PC party is controlled by old white males.  I am an old white male, so I have no gravitas in this matter, but I am a technical expert.

For the leadership vote, the Old White Males (OWM) have devised a system where you must scan your photo id and submit it to one of their friends.  No woman would touch this and without the female vote, the serial harassers will win.

Now, I boycott FB and Twit for what they have done to us, and I ask everybody to do the same.  However, the OWM have just discovered this as a tool for manipulating people and it is the only feedback to them.  It would be a shame that all women shun this, and nobody knows the reason why.

So, all the fine women of Ontario, show your displeasure at this setup by the OWM.  Do not scan and submit your photo id, but let them know the reason why.

ps. Wow, somebody put this on youtube.

No credit, and they probably want ad money.  Is this legitimate?

pps.  Nobody is looking at the stolen video.  The hashtag #noidnoway isn't becoming viral.  :(

Final:  got my code today and shredded it.

English Majors Can Destroy the World

Old-school lawyers have lost their ability to destroy the world.  "First, shoot all the lawyers"  has no meaning.  Everything is settled by social media, and, there, the Unemployed English Major (UEM) is the 'hired gun' for anything.

In my previous, very popular, articles, I've mentioned the UEM a lot.  He (not being sexist here, because women are too smart) writes for anything, such as fake gun reviews in the US.  He is hired by the neo-nasties, and alarmists.  He can convince any FB user of anything (not that difficult).  He is the expert in using every trick in the book.

The UEM was employed by the Russians to great effect.  And the UEM pushed the whole warming thing.  Anybody who got in their way was destroyed.

Lawyers may get a few nasty criminals out, and they force "Do not microwave the cat" on every appliance, but that's it.  The UEM has wasted trillions, money that could be used to save lives.  Your cough in the morning is from UEM diesel particulates coming out.  Lots of people die with that.

Let's cut the wings of the UEM before they kill us all.  Instead of giving up on plastics, don't write about it on FB or Twit.  Boycott both of those cesspools of faulty intellect.  Let the UEM go the way of non-technical lawyers. 

Atlantic Wind Reversal to FREEZE UK

My last article got the heaviest interest yet from the UK.  I know they like the capitalization in the headlines.  This is just a bit more detail.

This is the MIMIC product, showing moist air, or air that has the potential to shed rain or snow.  I use it a lot because it is the air carrying the highest heat energy.  It's the only air that matters, and this air is driven by warm ocean currents.

The warm, narrow plume going straight to Greenland is the type that always used to bathe Britain in warmth.  It was normally carried by the Gulf Stream.  This very narrow stream of heat energy is responsible for 'Warm North Pole' headlines.  The top of Greenland is at 1 degC.  Right beside it, we have the usual -30.  The English Majors will do anything to keep their spirits up.

High-energy air is reversing off the Atlantic, going through the Siberia chiller and hitting Britain this week.  Lots of snow.  

All winter, the Gulf Stream has been stopped dead by cold Arctic water.  Yet the Arctic has been relatively warm, due to these weird wind reversals.  The Atlantic equatorial current has stopped, leading me to believe that we could go to a horrible Mini Ice Age.  I give it a 30% chance.  Most likely (I hope), we'll just go to a Micro Ice Age like the 70's-80's time.

A mini ice age is more horrible than the projections of the English Majors.  Everybody who believes in fairies should clap.  :)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Atlantic 'Conveyor Belt' Stops Dead - Mini Ice Age Approaches

I've been looking at these current maps for years now, and this is weird.  First a bit about chaotic behaviour, it can do anything.

All natural processes are chaotic.  That means you can put on a 'bounding box' but you can't get the fine details.  The last 30 years of 'social physics' has been dominated by English Majors who convinced everybody they could beat this.  Everything was 'unprecedented' which meant it left the bounding box.

History will judge them and history is happening now.  The dang Atlantic current has stopped.

 Our famous trade winds on the equator have reversed.

I am not an English Major, so I will not say this is 'unprecedented'.  It's all happened a million times before.  But since the maps came out, I haven't seen it.  I also like dramatic headlines.  It gets two more people to read this.

So, my hypothesis might be changed a little.

Micro Ice Age (20 years) - Pacific stops

Mini Ice Age (300 years) - Pacific and Atlantic stop.  I had thought that the current moves down a little to where it is diverted south, but a full stop will do.

Major Ice Age (10,000) years.  - a mini ice age, combined with isostatic motion effects.

Since everything is chaotic, we could be going right to a mini ice age.  I'm thinking this because ancient records are being broken.

ps. just read in the Guardian that the English Majors are raising a big stink about a warm Arctic.  That's because of all these weird reversals, but now it's going back to -40 where it belongs.  :)

Appendix - English Majors
                   Reversed Flow


Friday, February 23, 2018

This Winter Breaks All Records - Even Moscow Buried


The caption was reading "You know it's a hard winter when ...."  Those guys know how to handle winter, but this is the heaviest snowfall on record.  And we thought the winter was harsh for those invading guys.

We now accept that global temperatures have fallen out-of-band for the carbon hypothesis.  ICM points this out in her speeches, or maybe not.  However, I now think we are going past the 70's and back to 1830.  Holy Jumpin' Geez, let that not be true!

But it could happen.  At the end of the Little Ice Age, in Ontario, the snow was 10 feet high, and it never stopped snowing all Winter.  OMG!

ps.  oh yeah, this is a few weeks old, but I just noticed it today.

Can't leave ICM

She is portraying the nice trophy wife next door.  You don't have time for that!  Like, 'Don't discuss politics at dinner.'.

icm would look into the camera and say.  "Ok, it's time to get real.  That guy is as bad as the guy that DF defended all the time like a pit bull.  I'm calling upon all the women of the Legislature, and other organizations to speak up.  I will arrange blacked-out anonymous video interviews, conducted by in-training female journalists (who will volunteer).  This will be for history, and not just advantages today.

If the victims of DF wish to speak, we'll do that, too.  I know it's everywhere, but let's just limit it to these two for now.

--whew "Die in my head, now!"  :(

Baby Elfie Drone for Old Men

When away from politics, an old guy needs a real toy.  Problem is that they are all designed for young whipper-snappers.

This is such a tiny thing, and never breaks no matter how hard you hit the pots.  It has almost no mass.  It doesn't knock over the knickknacks.  Likes to suck in dog hairs, so run it where the Roomba has gone before.

This is my video.  Originally, the elfie only had an app.  I can't fly with that, look at the screen, and take pictures.  The kiddies can.  This one has a neato one-hand flying control and I can map that in my head, in my right hand (left side of the brain).  The best thing is that I can hold the old android phone in the other hand and look at the screen (other half of brain).  Then I can press the button for video.  It's fantastic video at 720p, but it's a pinhole thing and meant for bright light.  I am actually using both halves of the brain at the same time, which is usually impossible for a man.  :)

Never any sound on the video, because the thing sounds like a giant swarm of killer bees, out to get you.  Note that the dog has gotten used to it.  More practice gets the thing steadier.

How ICM can win the Ontario elections

I'm in a frothing frenzy over icm, my imaginary leader of the opposition.  This will soon burn out in reality.  I take anti-depressants to recover from that, as well as my special cbd oil.

Icm is a strong, independent leader.  She out-wynns Wynn.  She'll ignore all the mice running for leadership, and assume the mantle of Chosen One.

Although conservative, she has to follow the trudy method.  ICM picks 'The Future of Youth', as her inspirational theme, since cannabis has been taken.

Every election, the cons say something racist and small-town tribal, and loses the GTA.  She must rise about the zero sum game of Toronto vs the rest, and go with 'win-win'.  I can now imagine her speeches, but my brain is burning. *

*Intellectual Depressives, such as myself, have a big problem with brain storms.  It's a bit bi-polar, but just on an intellectual level.  It's really bad to go 'all out' when you are older.  Drugs help smash it down.

ps.  In case you are worried, I have smashed down the brain storm.  Now we just wait for her to say something, anything.  :)

pps.  too bad, I looked at some tv.  Totally an elevated person.  :(

Goodbye Imaginary Dougie, Hello Imaginary Caroline

I love it at the beginning of the con leadership race.  Nobody has said anything yet, so I present my Imaginary Caroline Mulroney, icm.  Icm is a rational manager.  She doesn't go in for all the FB hate, and embraces g+.  She wants that sexist guy off the podium.  She is strong and competent.

I'm waiting for my dream to shatter.  I'm good for a day or two, since she isn't saying anything, just smiling.  I bet she throws a good party.  :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Extreme and Prolonged Frigid Weather has Consequences

Leftie newspaper commenters have agreed that global temperatures are now 'out of band' for the carbon hypothesis.  I have been setting the hypothesis that it's all ocean currents.

We are getting a tiny bit of heat from the Atlantic right now, just enough to flood the rivers.  Soon, the rivers will build up ice again.  This would be a record.

Natural gas is finally going up again.  It spikes if they run out of their local reserves.  Another month of extreme cold, and you'll see something better than bitscoin.

And OK earthquakes are going up again.  During the freeze, we had about one m3 a week.  Now we are at one m3 a day, and one m4 a week.  That means some fresh-water fracking is starting again.  Another month and we'll see a 4 a day.  This is the rate where we can expect something big.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018



I said this a long time ago that nasa is suffering from 'bureaucratic engineering disease'  (bed).  Bed has struck my old company, and we'll see this soon, perhaps.  Those guys can cover anything up.  :)

Good old von Braun loathed the space shuttle.  It was all a thing to look good.  Then the famous accidents, and now I'm sure some ex-engineer screamed against making a shitty platform 'stronger'  It can't be done.  Maybe you can get 50%, but this 'monster bureaucratic rocket', needs many times stronger, and they want to make the rocket heavier.  And this launcher is tilting unloaded!  In order to look better, they are doing one launch on this limp banana. 

Bureaucratic engineering gives us tilting buildings in earthquakes.  Bur. Science gave us the 'Carbon Hypothesis'.  Only spacex is riding the wave right now.  :)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Tiny subduction earthquake hits Mexico

Please remember that an M7.2 is nothing along this gigantic subduction zone.  This is my numero uno zone for a huge M9.  It's so smooth and shiny!  :)  If that happens, all the buildings in Mexico will jump into the air.

This is way above all the other 'dire' zones that the tabloids love.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Time to get your Canadabis plants going

This picture has nothing to do with me.  I got it off the internet.  If I actually had seeds, it is time to start them.  This imaginary plant is in a hydroponic system used to grow microgreens.  It was the only seed left that grew.

Buy your seeds from my buddy at Crop King.  Somebody chose 'Hash Plant' because it is 4% cbd and 12% thc.  It is not strong by modern standards.  I feel that the thc is important as well as the cbd.

This plant has produced the very best health supplement for old people.  It clears the mind and clears all the aches and pains.  And it lasts quite some time without taking anything.  I am convinced that it is curing things, and maintaining good health.  It's magnificent for anxiety.

This far-away plant will grow rapidly and the shoots will be put in soil.  Like last year, they produce a meter-high plant that has a huge crop by the end of September.  If there are lots of shoots, then all the neighbours are lined up.

The shoots are dipped in rooting hormone and then stuck in soil.  The plants are grown in a big pot of soil.  4 plants to a household.  That's enough for a lot of people.

ps. Somebody on the Guardian suggested 'Maple Syrup Hash'.  It will be our biggest export.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Physics of Using Satellites to Determine Global Temperatures


Subtitle - Global Warming Hypothesis Falls Out of Band

I am not denying anything.  Carbon in the air is bad, bad , bad.  However, I have been going more into the physics.  Eventually, I want to write about how it all happened.

However, this is big news.

The yellow band is the hypothesis, with carbon warming included.  The authors state that the carbon model is the only explanation they had for the rise in temperature.  If it is a good model, then the actual data (black) should be jittering inside the band.  El Nino threw it in for a while, but now it has really fallen out, and will be outside for the next 20 years.

When the observations go out of the band, then the hypothesis fails.  Diehard warmies might reject this.

Since we aren't stating anything here, we look into the physics, just for fun.  Here's the water vapour trend.

I love this, since water vapour is many times the thermal insulator that carbon is.  They say that the carbon is responsible for this rise, in some magic manner.  I won't go against magic!

This is the long-term trace of water vapour.  If only they combined it with the long-term trace of ocean currents.  But, they are specialists.  Anyway, this map correlates exactly with a map of the long-term trace of ocean current vectors.  Two bucks could get you that plot.

--enough for now.

ps.  I'm quite happy that the physicists are poking their heads out from the trenches.  Soon there will be something on convection and the lapse rate.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ontario Conservative Party Still Weird on the Voting

In order to vote, members will be required to do the following:

Members will receive a unique verification number in the mail.
At this time members will be directed online to provide their unique verification number and verify their membership information currently on record.
Once verified, members will be required to provide a photographed or scanned copy of identification documents in order to vote during the voting period (March 2 – March 8).
A support hotline will be available during this period for those requiring assistance. 
Independent third-parties will be responsible for verifying membership eligibility, processing votes, and securely maintaining personal information. 

They got a third party from an exclusive men's club who will ogling over the id.  :)  Maybe not.  I would have thought that the mail-out would be sufficient.  Looks my plea to the privacy people may have not been heard.

They really need somebody who knows this stuff.

Blame Canada

I was about to say you can't blame Canada for all the cold weather, but I looked at this, and thought "Yes you can." 

Soon, in July, we'll be sending you sweet puffs of the God's Own Smoke.  Then you'll stop blaming us.  :)

The real reason for the cold has been well-explained by somebody.

Earthquake and Extreme Cold Hits the Olympics

They have nothing to do with each other, but I did have a look-see.

They had a small, shallow thrust, about M5, intensity 7.  There is a lot of tectonic action all around, but Korea is considered to be solid.  They are under compression from the subduction zone.  Really, nothing to see here.

The extreme cold is part of the general trend in the North.  Global temperatures are heading the way of Toronto housing prices.  All that nice warm air down south is being swept away.

I hope the wind stops for them once in a while.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Global Temperatures Going Down Again

This is different chart.  For some reason my usual plot from Spencer is not ready.  They must have killed him.  :)  This is the same chart, brightness from the surface.  The big drop of El Nino, then the scary rise (scary for me) in December, and now a good drop for January.  Like the Toronto housing market, I expect this curve to sink to new lows.

Note that all the news says "Lowest temperature in 20 years!".  Wonder why?

Gotta love the British!

If they only knew.....

Toronto Housing Sales Shatter the Bottom of the Chart

I was expecting this last June, which was more than 6 months from the strong signal the previous November.  Look like Toronto sellers can hold their breath for a long time.

Actually I'm expecting that price line to shatter the bottom, too.  That's because there are no listings and people are still holding on.  The banks are running away from this whole thing, but it's too late for them.

So, perhaps the Spring when the desperate listings come out.  Everybody has two houses and the new houses will be finished once the weather warms up.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Give your passport and license to these guys


Could there be a problem here?  We just heard how they are cleaning out 'massive corruption' in the party.  Anyway, if you are a pretty young thing that lists 'exclusive men's club hostess', please do not do this.  :)

This is general cluelessness.  They could use the signing authorities that the CRA uses, or google, or other methods.  Scanning every piece of id you own is like giving Apple your full retina scan.  :)

ps.  Mr. Tickles will love it!

pps.  I just sent this to the On Privacy people.

Micro Ice Age takes a big hit in January

To recap, I have called the 20 cycle the 'Micro Ice Age' as opposed to the Little Ice Age, or Mini Ice age cycle of 300 years.  This ice is a rebound from the 20 years of heat energy build-up in the Pacific.  That collapsed with the monster El Nino giving us a horrible summer, but really weird (hot) Fall.

Residual heat is screwing up my nice picture of a monotonic fall in global temperatures.  The microwave guy must have went South and is very late.  However, the Arctic ice volume chart shows a warm Arctic January.

I saw that in the daily charts.  Lots of heat was coming up through Moscow from Africa.  It's still coming.

Britain is still freezing from the lack of Gulf Stream heat, but the Arctic is warm.  This shows in the ice volume chart.

2017 was crossing lanes and building up to record ice.  All of a sudden, January has our race car drop out of the race.  I suspect that when we finally see the global temp chart, it won't be falling.

I have hope for February or March.  That weird African back-eddy can't last forever.  The Arctic ocean current hammering the GS is still strong.  There is no heat in the Pacific.  The Micro Ice Age goes on. (maybe)

ps.  Note that warm, moist air is going over the Sahara Desert.  Weird.  Anyway, we have never had these sat views for the last turnover in 70's.  I suspect the Atlantic cools by these air disturbances caused by the Pacific.  It's the only thing that makes sense.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Plague on All Our Houses - Tilted Buildings in Earthquakes

I like SpaceX.  If they muck up the physics then things go boom.  I suspect they misjudged the exponentials for a booster coming from a much higher altitude.  But they have instruments and believe the results.  This won't happen again.

Not so with Earthquake Engineering.  They caught the disease of 'social physics' many years ago.  Everything was 'debated' and they never believed what the instruments and observations were telling them.  Unlike spacex, things don't go boom while they are still around, only much later.  They make their money hanging on to 40 year old assumptions.  And they make even more money when they are flouncing around hanging up red tags.  This is a business of 'reputation' and "veritas in wine".

So, for the last several earthquakes, we've had buildings tilting.  The engineering world attacked resonance, with 'energy absorbing' and wonderful moment connectors.  The buildings do not pancake.

Is this a victory for engineering?  Are tilting buildings good for Society?  Don't forget that if a cheap condo just tilts a little bit, it is unservicable and has to be destroyed.  Do you want every building in your city doing that?  At only 40 cm/s, pgv?

So, the great failure of this industry is ignoring real physics, and going for the imaginary physics of the shake table.  Expect more tilting buildings, and if you live in one, forget the grand piano on wheels.  :)

Also, once again, we have demonstrated the uselessness of 'early warning'.

Note in passing

Peak accelerations flatten out on soft soil at 30%.  That's why everybody uses this number, and it works well on a shake table.  PGV continues to zoom up with larger earthquakes.  Nobody wants to tackle that.

Didn't pancake.

Taiwan Earthquake - Beautiful Velocity Pulses

In my humble opinion, peak ground velocity (PGV) is the only engineering parameter worth anything.  Peak ground acceleration is just to mucky, and never correlates with damage.  Lucky for me, the Taiwanese agree, and plot pgv right away.  These are beautiful pulses of 60 cm/s, more than enough to take down buildings, but not those on deep piles to refusal.

The pgv gets long and rumbly on the basins.

The pga plots are pure fuzz.  This was a clean, thrust earthquake, exactly what I expect in Oklahoma.


5 cm/s - kills people in stone rubble houses

40 cm/s  - tilts cheap condos by a few inches

50 cm/s - structural damage to houses

60 cm/s - tilts cheap condos by several feet, collapse 70's concrete buildings

80 cm/s - puts condos on their side, total destruction of old building stock

100-200 cm/s (m7-8 thrust) -  Good Luck!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Taiwan Shallow Thrust Earthquake


This has been a shallow thrust earthquake, the only type that can do real damage.  There is no earthquake warning for this.  No deadly earthquake can have an effective early warning.  The only solution is to put everything on piles.  A wonderful early warning system like in Taiwan only makes everybody happy, until their building falls down.  Had this been an m7, that tilted building wouldn't be intact.

'Social physics' demands more early warning systems.  :)

Extreme Cold Bothers the Winter Olympics -- The Micro Ice Age


I find it ironic that our Micro Ice Age (mia) is freezing the Winter Olympics.  It is probably the coldest one since the last mia in the 70's.

So, although the ice is building up everywhere, there are those who 'deny' the cold.  So, I like to come up these little snippets.  My usual charts of ice volume and global temperature are late as usual.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Ocean water temperature.  Yellow is my marker for cold.  This area should be warm since the North Pacific current is equivalent to the Gulf Stream, and both are the only vehicles to bring heat energy to our cold North.  When they stop we have our micro or mini ice ages.

The warm wet air follows these channels (the currents cause a low pressure trench), and nothing is happening for the Olympics.

They are distributing bum warmers for the opening ceremonies.  Meanwhile I am told by my Guardian warmies to ignore the British tabloids about the mia.

I'm very polite to warmies after they got me labelled as a fake reviewer on ammiezon.

ps.  As a note to my friend who forgets about my ten thousand back posts.

Micro Ice Age - the 20 year West Pacific cycle, of which the 7 year El Nino cycle is a part.

Mini Ice Age - the 300 year cycle of both equatorial currents

Ice Age - the 10,000 year cycle of ice advance

pps. The Very Large Carbon and Climate Cycle - 300 million years

extra - just watched Falcon Heavy, a great application of basic physics.  I am also collecting headlines, this not from a tabloid.

I'm not doing anything on the Guardian, those people will kill me.  I'm just gloating here, since I had said there (in the fall) that they were going back to Jane Austen winters.  Their final word before the attack was "You're nuts, it's always getting warmer."  Don't tell anybody about me..... shhh.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Earth's magnetic field to reverse

Probably not.  I haven't read anything serious about this, and since the outer core is totally chaotic, there cannot be any predictions.  I lump this with all the other 'predictions' without physics.

I do know that a reversal was captured in an ancient firepit.  Nothing happened and life went on.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Doug Ford All the Way

I've made up my own imaginary DF, I call him Sam.  I have all sorts of nice speeches from him on g+ which Sam is using exclusively.  Perhaps they will combine, or perhaps I am dreaming.

ps.  Sorry, but Imaginary Sam has resigned, due to an impure thought at his high school prom.

pps.  DF has realized my worse nightmare and has started to go all Trumpy.  He will go all the way into the dumpster.  The political elite lady also doesn't have a chance.  Too bad.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The UK without the Gulf Stream

You can see here that the UK is on the same latitude as Northern Labrador.  Upon first look it should have the same climate.  But luckily they have the Gulf Stream which normally bathes the whole place in warm tropical water.

But that was then.  I said a while ago that the Arctic current would soon stop it's dalliance around Greenland and come straight down.  You can see that.  The cold water mixes with the warm water, and guess what?  The current stops.

It's getting worse by the minute.  And my fav. British tabloids are having great headlines.  This amazing weather is all without an Iceland volcano.  The British Warmies don't dare raise their heads now.  They just hope the cold goes away.  :)

Finally, a true Arctic Vortex

This was a hallmark of the 70's.  We had some of these in the Fall, but now this is a true 40 below vortex.

This is not a heat vortex, like a tornado or hurricane.  It's a mechanical vortex, caused by the rotation of the Earth, and curling wind systems.  It works like a Dysan vacuum cleaner.  The pressures and temperatures approach that of outer space.

To quote the nature shows, we know more about the Moon, than this interesting phenomenon.  That's because all the Nasa Warmies have killed physics.  And trumpypants is killing everything else.  Canadians should be the ones studying it, but we are solidly warmyish.

The main impact on Society, is that these give rise to Ozone Holes.  That's to be expected when you suck down a hunk of space vacuum.  Yet, without a speck of experimentation, we all went to an imaginary chlorine reaction.  That caused all the chlorine coolants to be replaced with fluorine stuff, that is difficult in your air conditioner.  They are both chemically similar, and you don't see people putting fluorine in swimming pools.  :)

Now that we are freezing, I expect the Ozoners to take up the slack left by the Warmies.  They are measuring chlorine compounds at 40,000 feet from jet planes.  The irony, of course, is that they are championing severe clear-air convection which brings those compounds up there.  Carbon warming can only happen if there is no clear-air convection.  :)  I love it.

So, for my 10 people who like physics, expect a ban on all chlorine compounds.  This will cost the World Economy at least as much as Warming.  And nobody will spend two bucks on physics.

ps.  for my confused buddy.  The Carbon Theory of Warming is that co2 acts an insulator for the Earth.  This can only be done by assuming a layered air model in the polar latitudes.  Everybody knows there is severe convection in the tropics.  The air layers have to be rigid like glass.  Co2 is like adding some tinting to the glass and it retards infra-red radiation from the surface of the earth, and they assume that the great majority of the earth's heat is put out to space in this manner.  So, no clear air convection.  The New Ozoners are saying the opposite, that severe convection in the polar latitudes are bring up short-lived chlorine compounds that will cause ozone holes.  In reality, severe clear air convection brings heat up and then it is radiated away from the top of the stratosphere.  They can't have their cake and eat it, too.  However, social physics is capable of anything.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Loser Toyota Hybrid 12V AGM Battery

Look what I've had to do to keep the Camry Hybrid running until I get this all sorted out.

My long tale of Toyota Woe started with my brand new Hybrid Highlander.  The 12V battery failed right away.  Luckily Yorkdale could measure it and replaced it under warranty.

After 7 years the battery failed on the Camry.  This is good performance for an absorbed glass mat battery (AGM).  On a hybrid, the battery does not start the car, but just keeps the computer going, so it can start the car from the main storage batteries.  The battery has a ridiculously light load.

The new battery failed within a year.  It doesn't fail like a standard lead-acid battery, it just loses capacity.  I brought it in when the car couldn't last overnight, and then the car wouldn't start.  I was so clever this time.  I brought the car to my favourite local mechanic who ordered the battery from Shaw Toyota.

Oh woe is me that I went this route.  The battery didn't last a year.  My mechanic tested it as you should for an AGM and it failed.  But cheapo Shaw never accepted this.  They tested like a lead-acid battery and said it was good.  Back and forth we went.  I went to Toyota Headquarters and no response.  Finally, I phoned the Big Shaw himself (manager) and threatened thermonuclear social media war.  I got a new battery.

The battery didn't last a year.  I had taken it in to Yorkdale for the intverter oil change, and they said the battery had failed the test.  But they said they were not responsible for the warranty, it was the other dealer.  Like heck I was taking it there!

I politely emailed Toyota Canada about transferring the warranty.  This time they responded and asked more questions.  I answered the questions, and was getting a bit hot under the collar.  Did the dealers pay for the warranty themselves?  Why were they so cheap?  This was a lot of my stomach acid under the bridge.

Toyota no longer responded, thus this article.  I will send it to them.  However, they know nothing of social media and reputation risk.  I'm sure they don't have a service and would not see it even if my friends copy it on FB.  Do it guys!

They are the stogiest of horrible bureaucracies.  They have no more control over cheap dealers who destroy their reputation than Tim Hortons has over cheapo billionaire heirs.  No young person should buy from them.  My kids don't.  I'll probably buy from them, but not from dealers.  You save thousands if you buy from an internet fleet service.

Do not buy this battery if it fails on you.  Get a cheap AGM from Costco.  There's all sorts of stuff on how you pry off the thermo sensor on the old battery.  At least you have a good warranty from Costco, there is no 'effective' warranty from Toyota.

ps.  Toyota is hiding.