Sunday, February 25, 2018

Atlantic Wind Reversal to FREEZE UK

My last article got the heaviest interest yet from the UK.  I know they like the capitalization in the headlines.  This is just a bit more detail.

This is the MIMIC product, showing moist air, or air that has the potential to shed rain or snow.  I use it a lot because it is the air carrying the highest heat energy.  It's the only air that matters, and this air is driven by warm ocean currents.

The warm, narrow plume going straight to Greenland is the type that always used to bathe Britain in warmth.  It was normally carried by the Gulf Stream.  This very narrow stream of heat energy is responsible for 'Warm North Pole' headlines.  The top of Greenland is at 1 degC.  Right beside it, we have the usual -30.  The English Majors will do anything to keep their spirits up.

High-energy air is reversing off the Atlantic, going through the Siberia chiller and hitting Britain this week.  Lots of snow.  

All winter, the Gulf Stream has been stopped dead by cold Arctic water.  Yet the Arctic has been relatively warm, due to these weird wind reversals.  The Atlantic equatorial current has stopped, leading me to believe that we could go to a horrible Mini Ice Age.  I give it a 30% chance.  Most likely (I hope), we'll just go to a Micro Ice Age like the 70's-80's time.

A mini ice age is more horrible than the projections of the English Majors.  Everybody who believes in fairies should clap.  :)

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