Tuesday, February 20, 2018



I said this a long time ago that nasa is suffering from 'bureaucratic engineering disease'  (bed).  Bed has struck my old company, and we'll see this soon, perhaps.  Those guys can cover anything up.  :)

Good old von Braun loathed the space shuttle.  It was all a thing to look good.  Then the famous accidents, and now I'm sure some ex-engineer screamed against making a shitty platform 'stronger'  It can't be done.  Maybe you can get 50%, but this 'monster bureaucratic rocket', needs many times stronger, and they want to make the rocket heavier.  And this launcher is tilting unloaded!  In order to look better, they are doing one launch on this limp banana. 

Bureaucratic engineering gives us tilting buildings in earthquakes.  Bur. Science gave us the 'Carbon Hypothesis'.  Only spacex is riding the wave right now.  :)

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