Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ontario Conservative Party Still Weird on the Voting

In order to vote, members will be required to do the following:

Members will receive a unique verification number in the mail.
At this time members will be directed online to provide their unique verification number and verify their membership information currently on record.
Once verified, members will be required to provide a photographed or scanned copy of identification documents in order to vote during the voting period (March 2 – March 8).
A support hotline will be available during this period for those requiring assistance. 
Independent third-parties will be responsible for verifying membership eligibility, processing votes, and securely maintaining personal information. 

They got a third party from an exclusive men's club who will ogling over the id.  :)  Maybe not.  I would have thought that the mail-out would be sufficient.  Looks my plea to the privacy people may have not been heard.

They really need somebody who knows this stuff.

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