Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Extreme Cold Bothers the Winter Olympics -- The Micro Ice Age


I find it ironic that our Micro Ice Age (mia) is freezing the Winter Olympics.  It is probably the coldest one since the last mia in the 70's.

So, although the ice is building up everywhere, there are those who 'deny' the cold.  So, I like to come up these little snippets.  My usual charts of ice volume and global temperature are late as usual.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Ocean water temperature.  Yellow is my marker for cold.  This area should be warm since the North Pacific current is equivalent to the Gulf Stream, and both are the only vehicles to bring heat energy to our cold North.  When they stop we have our micro or mini ice ages.

The warm wet air follows these channels (the currents cause a low pressure trench), and nothing is happening for the Olympics.

They are distributing bum warmers for the opening ceremonies.  Meanwhile I am told by my Guardian warmies to ignore the British tabloids about the mia.

I'm very polite to warmies after they got me labelled as a fake reviewer on ammiezon.

ps.  As a note to my friend who forgets about my ten thousand back posts.

Micro Ice Age - the 20 year West Pacific cycle, of which the 7 year El Nino cycle is a part.

Mini Ice Age - the 300 year cycle of both equatorial currents

Ice Age - the 10,000 year cycle of ice advance

pps. The Very Large Carbon and Climate Cycle - 300 million years

extra - just watched Falcon Heavy, a great application of basic physics.  I am also collecting headlines, this not from a tabloid.

I'm not doing anything on the Guardian, those people will kill me.  I'm just gloating here, since I had said there (in the fall) that they were going back to Jane Austen winters.  Their final word before the attack was "You're nuts, it's always getting warmer."  Don't tell anybody about me..... shhh.

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