Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Extreme and Prolonged Frigid Weather has Consequences

Leftie newspaper commenters have agreed that global temperatures are now 'out of band' for the carbon hypothesis.  I have been setting the hypothesis that it's all ocean currents.

We are getting a tiny bit of heat from the Atlantic right now, just enough to flood the rivers.  Soon, the rivers will build up ice again.  This would be a record.

Natural gas is finally going up again.  It spikes if they run out of their local reserves.  Another month of extreme cold, and you'll see something better than bitscoin.

And OK earthquakes are going up again.  During the freeze, we had about one m3 a week.  Now we are at one m3 a day, and one m4 a week.  That means some fresh-water fracking is starting again.  Another month and we'll see a 4 a day.  This is the rate where we can expect something big.

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