Friday, February 23, 2018

Can't leave ICM

She is portraying the nice trophy wife next door.  You don't have time for that!  Like, 'Don't discuss politics at dinner.'.

icm would look into the camera and say.  "Ok, it's time to get real.  That guy is as bad as the guy that DF defended all the time like a pit bull.  I'm calling upon all the women of the Legislature, and other organizations to speak up.  I will arrange blacked-out anonymous video interviews, conducted by in-training female journalists (who will volunteer).  This will be for history, and not just advantages today.

If the victims of DF wish to speak, we'll do that, too.  I know it's everywhere, but let's just limit it to these two for now.

--whew "Die in my head, now!"  :(

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