Saturday, February 3, 2018

Finally, a true Arctic Vortex

This was a hallmark of the 70's.  We had some of these in the Fall, but now this is a true 40 below vortex.

This is not a heat vortex, like a tornado or hurricane.  It's a mechanical vortex, caused by the rotation of the Earth, and curling wind systems.  It works like a Dysan vacuum cleaner.  The pressures and temperatures approach that of outer space.

To quote the nature shows, we know more about the Moon, than this interesting phenomenon.  That's because all the Nasa Warmies have killed physics.  And trumpypants is killing everything else.  Canadians should be the ones studying it, but we are solidly warmyish.

The main impact on Society, is that these give rise to Ozone Holes.  That's to be expected when you suck down a hunk of space vacuum.  Yet, without a speck of experimentation, we all went to an imaginary chlorine reaction.  That caused all the chlorine coolants to be replaced with fluorine stuff, that is difficult in your air conditioner.  They are both chemically similar, and you don't see people putting fluorine in swimming pools.  :)

Now that we are freezing, I expect the Ozoners to take up the slack left by the Warmies.  They are measuring chlorine compounds at 40,000 feet from jet planes.  The irony, of course, is that they are championing severe clear-air convection which brings those compounds up there.  Carbon warming can only happen if there is no clear-air convection.  :)  I love it.

So, for my 10 people who like physics, expect a ban on all chlorine compounds.  This will cost the World Economy at least as much as Warming.  And nobody will spend two bucks on physics.

ps.  for my confused buddy.  The Carbon Theory of Warming is that co2 acts an insulator for the Earth.  This can only be done by assuming a layered air model in the polar latitudes.  Everybody knows there is severe convection in the tropics.  The air layers have to be rigid like glass.  Co2 is like adding some tinting to the glass and it retards infra-red radiation from the surface of the earth, and they assume that the great majority of the earth's heat is put out to space in this manner.  So, no clear air convection.  The New Ozoners are saying the opposite, that severe convection in the polar latitudes are bring up short-lived chlorine compounds that will cause ozone holes.  In reality, severe clear air convection brings heat up and then it is radiated away from the top of the stratosphere.  They can't have their cake and eat it, too.  However, social physics is capable of anything.

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