Sunday, February 25, 2018

Women of Ontario - Rise up against scanning photo id


The Ontario PC party is controlled by old white males.  I am an old white male, so I have no gravitas in this matter, but I am a technical expert.

For the leadership vote, the Old White Males (OWM) have devised a system where you must scan your photo id and submit it to one of their friends.  No woman would touch this and without the female vote, the serial harassers will win.

Now, I boycott FB and Twit for what they have done to us, and I ask everybody to do the same.  However, the OWM have just discovered this as a tool for manipulating people and it is the only feedback to them.  It would be a shame that all women shun this, and nobody knows the reason why.

So, all the fine women of Ontario, show your displeasure at this setup by the OWM.  Do not scan and submit your photo id, but let them know the reason why.

ps. Wow, somebody put this on youtube.

No credit, and they probably want ad money.  Is this legitimate?

pps.  Nobody is looking at the stolen video.  The hashtag #noidnoway isn't becoming viral.  :(

Final:  got my code today and shredded it.

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