Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Natural Gas can carry us through the New Ice Age


For a while, at least, natural gas will be king.  We need a few bold proposals to carry us for the next 100 years of 10 foot snow. You can safely mention this at parties now.  The nasties shot their load with this latest 'Tropical Arctic' thing.  People can now engage in long-term planning.

Natural Gas

This year, or next, we will find out the consequence of using fresh water for fracking, and just injecting it.  All of trumpland will blow up with an M7 earthquake.  We, in Canada, will be golden as the price of natgas and oil goes through the roof.  When we inject, we'll treat the water first.

Most of our farming will now be done under glass.  All the cannabis will be.  


When the disaster known as the 'Darlington Refurb' comes in, we'll know that the 'old order' of the Ancient Nuclear People, has to be thrown out.  Solar cells buried in 10 feet of snow and 'Wynne-mills' aren't going to cut it.  We need #newnuclear and we need it fast.  My old proposal of making Wesleyville a 'new nuclear' research site, will have to be dusted off.  :)


Lithium cars are simply not going to 'carry' us through the land of 10 foot snow.  Natgas will be made directly into methanol and we'll have hybrids of super-capacitors and meth-cells.

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