Thursday, August 31, 2023

Burning old aluminium


This has the same logic of replacing farm crops for solar panels.  Each can is a result of a lot of electrical energy, and those cans are usually melted back for more cans.  This process goes back to the mined bauxite, aluminium oxide.  In effect, they are stealing from Peter to pay Paul.  

If we can eventually conduct the physics experiments that prove co2 and freon have nothing to do with nothing, then we can ditch these stupid things, and go back to a better standard of living.  However, that could take years.  Already, the leftwingers are writing articles about how extreme cold is also a result of co2, and that Elvis Nino was never really there.

In a few months, we will have the coldest winter for NA and Europe, and a lot of people will run out of fuel, and snow-clearing budgets.  No physics will be done, and the cold spell will constantly be declared 'over' every summer.

ps.  my AI readership has gone down to a few thousand, because of my 1-day break.  I still have time for Spencer and the sea levels to come in, and then I'm warm toast.


Two hurricanes to go around cold blobs


We have a forecast for Toronto that is very hot soon, just as I leave.  The only way this can happen is if the hurricanes go around, and come down from the top.  You can see that's a lot of heat energy, and may even affect world temperatures.  I don't really care what happens since I am going somewhere hot, and I can constantly say 'Man, that's hot, must be clange.'  And my trip was 2 times more likely because of all that stuff.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Two hurricanes attack blob


Sorry, I just had to put up this picture for posterity.  The weather people think the hurricanes will win in a week (for Toronto).

ps. if you are reading this and not an ai machine, pls say hi.  I'm at 13,000 a day now, and it feels like a DOS attack.

pps. and look at those wind feeds

Geofish on a sabbatical again

 I'm shutting down to get myself into a mood for a drinking holiday.  Since I've been predicting that nothing will happen, we know that nothing will happen for the next few weeks.

Elvis Nino will continue to stay in bed, with a classic quantum argument of whether he exists or not.  

The winter will come early.  All the tiny one-day heatwaves won't be able to stop it.

We will have a fine Arctic ozone hole.  Please wear sunscreen at 40 below up on the North Pole, and enjoy all the ice.

ps. I got giddy with the huge numbers of hits from Chinese AI engines.  Can you imagine the cost if an AI paid full price for all the content it consumed?  If it were even possible.  That's why the Chinese will lead with AI.

pps.  I've also shut off comments for the duration.  To my loyal 2 readers -- I know you love me, anyway.

--comments on again --

Hurricanes vs. Arctic blobs


The hurricanes are going to sneak in.  I'm a bit subdued right now, due to all the popular hate I'm receiving, but the AI's love me.  Every time I am thrown out of a popular-people thing, I know the Big interests will leave me alone.  

Note to Big Interests:  Once again I am kicked and bleeding on the floor.  After the AI-rape, my readership will go back to near-zero and you can keep up the fables.  El Nino will show up any minute now.  The ozone hole will get bigger and bigger, just due to temperature.  The world will go on, and the people will love you.

ps.  it is interesting that AI's go after blogs that nobody reads, in order to write things that nobody will read.  Everybody just looks at short-blurb videos now.  The professional writers are not doomed by AI, but by indifference.  

Fish thrown out of bluesky

 Well, that was a disaster.  I'm really not in tune with the popular people.  They hate me.  I can't wait for the next new social media thing.  

Monday, August 28, 2023

Ozone hole bigger than ever

 I mention this once in a while.  Everybody admits it, but they ignore it.  The UN just states that everything is 'on track' which is amazing, since the track was never laid.

This is again, one of those philosophical things.  If you go by physics, then the size of the ozone hole is only dictated by temperature.  And lab tests show the famous reaction is impossible at -100C and near-vacuum.  It was only thrown out there, again as philosophy, and validated by popular vote.  

However, the ozone hole was never going to bother anybody, and we should forget about it. 

Weather forecast for one month

 These are the best charts for the 1 month forecast.  All our wet weather comes from the ocean plumes.  Cold air comes from the Arctic.

This has been the pattern for August, very cool for Toronto.  The new development is the Pacific plume penetrating through Alaska, but that is also cool.  This pattern is strong, and will be in effect for a month.  So, we are continuing to get cold Arctic blobs, hitting the Atlantic warm air.

Europe is exactly the same.  It is expected that the cold blobs will get stronger, and be more extensive.

A six-month forecast involves ocean currents.  All these signs point to a very harsh winter, since oceanic heat energy levels are low.

ps.  my AI blood-sucking with this blog has reached to over 10K a day!  With no sign of any humans.  

State of the Oceans - Aug 28, 2023 -- Elvis Nino won't get out of bed

 Every 5 days or so, the ocean current charts come out.  Today, we continue to see nothing in the Pacific.

According to our favourite influencers, we should be seeing Elvis making his moves.  

As per all the other reports, the equatorial belts continue to get colder.  And the 'false image' of the ocean temperature anomalies is static.  Honestly, Elvis Nino has to move to be declared alive.

The heat is getting swept away.  I really like that Pacific ocean plume hitting NA over Alaska.  It's giving Toronto clear, dry weather, but cold.

The above is a screenshot without a link.  You can look it up yourself.  It has a nice bit about measuring SST (sea surface temp), but then just goes on about the fabricated sst anomaly.  You can see in the video how cold the baseline is for the sst anomaly.  

ps.  this is the whole 'no evidence' thing.  Dr. Nick will say "I found no evidence of life."  and you would believe him, because that was his meal ticket.  Luckily, we can also say "He meets the definition of being dead." which is better.  

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Powerful Pacific plume fights Arctic blob


This is interesting.  We have a powerful Pacific plume fanning the flames around Great Slave Lake.

But the new blob is tearing that plume apart.  We will have snow in October.

For Europe, the Arctic blobs are coming through the western Greenland gap, instead of the eastern.  Interesting.

I think we'll need a bigger one to get Europe cold.

ps.  and for Arctic ice, the big bet is on whether the race car can make the curve.

Although I think this plot is somewhat gretafied, as to the z-axis, they can't hide the curves.  If there is to be a cold winter, the Arctic ice volume should start shooting up.  That whole Eastern Gap should fill up with ice.  Last year, the Gulf Stream was pumping in warm water, and the ice stayed away.

pps.  please note that the blobs are keeping away the hurricanes.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Leaky mess to be site of Finland nuclear waste storage


After years of studying the rock mechanics of a waste storage site, I must be satisfied with the reality of our 'no physics' world.  This site, like all the others, will be a construct of the PR department.  They will go on about how great the copper and bentonite will be in containing the waste.


ps. this has just thrown me into a mood.  I strongly believe there should be criteria for the rock, but the new thing is throw it down any old hole, and pump up the immediate containment.  

Bluesky Social

 Yeah, I got an invite code, and I'm waiting to see how long I last.  It's so nice, with everybody just talking about cats and dogs.  However, we shall see what happens.  These things just go through cycles.  

ps.  it's becoming horrible by the minute.  I'm jumping ship.

pps.  I quoted the Economist on high testosterone males and got a lot of nasty responses.  Neat, a storm of phoney outrage.

Friday, August 25, 2023

The fine issue of 'no evidence'


And here is the article from the guard saying there is no evidence of no evidence.  

When somebody comes up with a wacky statement, all the Scientific Method can say is 'no evidence'.  I always found that lacking.  And when Japan investigates nuclear plants, they say 'no evidence' of stupidity.  Same as the Kremlin and planes that are shot down.

These physicists are destroyed by the howling mob.  They accuse the physicists of 'cherry picking' for no evidence, when the warmie evidence is cherry picked to the extreme.  If you have the mob at your back, you can do no wrong, until they howl for your blood.

This debate is wrong because it settles on 'existence'.  That is, does an obscure situation exist or not?  You cannot debate that God exists or doesn't, simply because there is no evidence either way.  The debate should move over to the 'usefulness' of the assertion.  Are we getting accurate long-term forecasts or not?  

The advocates of clange have done nothing useful.  All their great 'solutions' are a disaster.  Their forecasts are garbage.  Is Elvis Nino coming or not?  Is it useful to find forest fires, and heat wave in obscure places?  Did anybody specifically predict this?  

ps.  the added wrinkle here is that the Powers have squashed all physics that might clarify the situation, knowing that a speck of physics will bring the whole thing down.  That's like the advocates of 'flat Earth' stopping all ships, or the boss of phrenology stopping all medical research.  So, all we have is a stumble to the future, wondering why it is getting so cold, while the media finds a remote valley that is warm for a day.

pps. something for 'No rain in Spain' guy.

Oh, somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright,
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light;
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout,
But there is no joy in Dryville—the bastard shoved his tongue down her throat.

Earth's weather gets the full quantum physics treatment


Unfortunately, it is quantum physics, and they don't have to deal with Newtonian physics that defies the groupthink.  I didn't find a thing that is useful here, for long-term weather forecasts.

Nevertheless, we have people looking at the physics.  But, somewhat sad.

ps. they haven't done anything great here.  All they did was draw the 'chaos box' around the whole earth, and described general chaotic behaviour.  I draw the chaos boxes just around the equatorial belts.  All else is deterministic, or Newtonian.  Chaotic behaviour is always the same inside the box -- waves, swirls, complete stops, etc.

Arctic spillways at full blast


The Canadian spillway is at full blast, and clearing out the hurricane.  That process brought a 'slug' of rain to a small town south of London, Ontario.   6 inches of rain!  These things happen all over, and is the result of a storm being confined by external forces and staying over one place.  Nearly always, a storm passes by, spreading the joy.

I was worried that Canada was getting all the cold fun, but the Greenland Gap is still open.

It's just that the African hot air can still deflect it away from Europe.  The UK just gets hit.

These blob hits will intensify, giving us a winter to remember.

ps. canning lots of tomatoes for our long cold winter.  

Nuclear plants go to the dark (influencer) side


I just thought this was funny.  Nuclear plants are being pushed like superhero movies.  That gives full power to the PR department.  Good for them.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Hurricane remnants still make Toronto gloomy


I am surprised that the hurricane leftovers are still dominating the weather.  None of the southern heat has made any headway against the cold blobs.  Shows the difference in heat energy.  We expect the warmth to lose soon, and we'll get nice apple-picking weather.

ps.  this has shown that we have 2 seasons - Winter and July.  Next year will be worse.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Poots gets another one


Wow, the last intelligent guy was going to cause trouble in Africa.  Maybe he's like poots and is on every passenger list, with lots of stunt doubles.  

Residual storms shove Arctic blob away

 Haven't seen this yet.  Hilary has shoved the big blob coming down on us.

All summer, the blobs have come down undeformed, like a big drip of jelly.  But the storm has enough energy to push it away from Toronto for now.  It will come in and chill us.

If we are getting cold, then the UK is, as well.  They now have the climate of Labrador.  Good for them!  I hope they have more campfire stories for us, to imagine warmth.

Wild fires now only twice as likely


The influencers have gone down from 100 times more likely, then 6, and now twice as likely.  Unfortunately, this level is not detectable, and cannot be denied, even though they pick those numbers out of a hat.

ps.  they didn't predict this, but I visited the Hat and it's twice as likely.

for New Bruns.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

State of the Oceans - Aug 22, 2023 -- Start of Winter


The Pacific current is very mixed, and mostly stagnant overall.  This continues to allow the huge temperature anomaly to exist and fool people in thinking it's the return of Elvis Nino.  The baseline situation is a very strong flow, pulling up 4C water.  The stagnant zone is 20-25C, which makes a huge difference, but very cold water for the equator.

We have interesting news for the Gulf Stream and the Greenland Gap.  That is a giant gate for cold winter air.  When the gs pours heat into it, the gate closes for cold air.  When the gs abandons it, the cold air pours and wolves descend.

There is this huge blank section of no current, right under Greenland.  Never seen it before.  It should expand and cause Arctic Blob super conductivity, if that is a thing.  

We, who know things, use the sea temp chart, and not the anomaly chart which is a bad construct.  

Everything is cold, so that the total heat energy is low.  The Earth cycles between high and low heat energy.  This roughly translates to temperature.  The belts are showing that turbulent fluting, which is always a cold thing.

Monday, August 21, 2023

End of t-shirt summer

 I said that July was the end of summer as defined by heat waves longer than a few days.  I don't think we got any.  Now we have the end of t-shirts and shorts.

This is the warmiest of influencers, and they throw out that headline like it's nothing.  Isn't Elvis Nino supposed to come and shut down the house?  No, he is already forgotten.

That's a huge cold air blob coming down on us, and now it will be sweater weather.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Cottage Report - Aug 20, 2023

 Lots of smoke haze, but it is warm at 26C maybe.  A nice August day, but we are in for a cool August, just like 70's weather.  We have finished the warm cycle since 2016, but the media can always hype it up.  

The picture is hazy, but we have to wait a while at the cottage for the signal to reappear.  

ps. yeah, we have a signal!

pps.  no super boats this year.  They use $100 per trip.

Perfect storm to hit California


This is a perfect circular storm, fed by cold air down the coast.  The warm air is from the Pacific Belt, but it is only average.  The main energy is coming from the stream of very cold air.  The mountains will guide it up the coast.  

Saturday, August 19, 2023

RSS plot agrees with world temp spike


This agrees with Spencer showing a big spike, starting from a very low spot.  There is also a spike in the mid to upper atmosphere.  This is all a result of a patch of coherent flow in the East Pacific. My Freeze the Thames hypothesis depends on this being a narrow spike with almost no heat energy.  What goes spiky up must go spiky down.  


Friday, August 18, 2023

Arctic Ice volume following the Cold Fish Hypothesis

 Elvis Nino is going to fade away, nobody noticing his passing.  But the main hypothesis of interest is Freezing of the Thames.

Last winter, a horrendous Arctic spill washed Siberia and gave California all its rain.  This was ignored by the media.  This year, the spillway moves to Canada and the UK.  The only way for this not to happen is that it goes back to Siberia.

Last year at this time, the ice volume was on track to start the curve back up.  However, it plunged to very low levels.  That's because the end of the Gulf Stream wobbled and pushed warm water up into the Greenland Gap.  That heat energy effectively closed the Gap to Arctic air.  You can see that on the chart.

This year, it looks like a smooth curve and the highest minimum ice volume in recent times.  If it does this, then it is one more nail in the coffin of warmth.  

The  physics behind this is the simple fact that the air becomes very dense at 60 below.  For this recently past cycle of high ocean energy, the Arctic was regularly swept by powerful tropical plumes.  Last year that stopped, and the Arctic air became a huge bowl of thick air jelly, hemmed in by mountains.  There are only 3 gaps where it can spill - Siberia, mid-northern Canada, and the Greenland Gap.

The consequences are that we will follow some pages of the Little Ice Age book, especially Freezing of the Thames.  I understand that this river is a big concrete ditch now, but the temperatures will be the same.  The UK has had no summer this year, but it will have a heck of a winter.

The fun thing about a hard hypothesis is that it can fail like a transparent dress at an oldtimer party.  I would love it to fail, and then we can go back to the drawing board.  

ps. laying in for the harsh winter, we are canning a lot of tomatoes.  And the local store had 25 lb boxes of tomatoes super cheap.  

pps.  geez that was cold on the dog walk right now.

Linux -- Lagging Mouse? Switch the usb port

 A couple of weeks now, I've have problems with the usb mouse.  I even got a new mouse, and it still happened -- lags and stops.

Then I read about switching the port.  I remembered I had this 10 years ago.  Linux can suddenly decide to muck a port, or it could be a hardware fault.  Anyway, it all worked.

State of the Oceans - Aug 18, 2026

 These are written for posterity.  There is nothing that can change groupthink, except disaster.

The Pacific belt has gone back to a raggy current.  For a while, it had a section of coherent flow, and that spiked world temperatures.  The ocean temperature anomaly is still strong, but that is caused by stagnant ocean current flows that raised temperatures in the 'pull zones' from 4 to 10C.

These chart shows the actual swimming temperatures.  The anomaly chart can be termed 'bad'.  

The Gulf Stream has faded again, and there is no flow into the Greenland Gap.  This is the last chance to divert the Arctic Flow back to Siberia, where it can be safely ignored by the media.  Right now, that cold air flow is coming down on Canada, but it should share some cold with the Greenland Gap.

First snow in Canada


That was a doozy of an Arctic blob.

A spear-point hit Toronto, but the bulk of the rest is hitting the mountains.  This is all following the physics-phorcast for this winter.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Beautiful storm comes to hit Toronto


This is magnificent, caused by that Arctic blob coming down on us.  If there is damage, then it is climate change.  They always forget that a storm needs a big difference in hot and cold.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Smoke comes to visit Toronto


This is neat, seemed to be a bit of smoke today, but more coming.

Cold blobs hitting NA and Europe getting stonger


If my hypothesis for the winter is correct, then we will see the Arctic flow getting stronger and stronger.  I'm seeing that with the Europe cold blob, pushing away the warmer Atlantic plume.  Soon, they will just come down with no opposition, and might give Spain some rain.

The NA blob has shoved the bit of Pacific air that came over the mountains.  When BC was having all the rain a few months ago, cold air came down the coast, and hit the warm air.  

The East Pacific is still churning out cyclones.  I don't know if this is enough now to affect the world temps.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Boiling Oceans


I have finally figured out why we have this situation - the anomaly map showing 'boiling oceans' and the straight temperature map showing 'freezing ocean'.  Of course, the weather is more sensitive to something real.

Here is the anomaly map and it shows boiling oceans.  Of course, this is the only map featured in the media, and everybody and their dog think they can interpret it.

And the real temperatures.  The 'boiling ocean' is at 10C.  Wear your survival suit for swimming!!

The extreme cold that is the baseline for the anomaly map was caused by a 'high energy' ocean.  That meant there were very active currents pulling 4C water up from the depths.  The ocean has gone into a stagnant phase, and temperatures are 10C because nothing is being pulled.

The big red splotches are sections of the ocean over 5C warmer than the baseline.  Don't fall in!!

Next month, the world temperatures are going to spike down and this will be ignored.  You won't be able to ignore the Arctic spills, and these will be fun.

Cold blobs shift a bit for North America


Looks like major chaos right now.  We are continuing cold blobs, but they are coming in a clipper direction (from NW).  Cyclones continue to spin from the East Pacific and this could cause another world temperature spike.  

ps. winter storms in August -- has to be clange.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Amazon in Canada comes back to reality

 Ahhhh, you don't know how horrible your life becomes if you accidently order from a 3rd party in Canada.  I needed a water filter wrench for the cottage, and they are difficult to size.  I made a mistake and tried to return it.  In the good old days, there was no fear of return.  We shop at a liquidation store and love to pick up returns.

However, this was a 'return' to my old memories of a very nasty person looking at me and saying - the label's ripped.  

Dear customer,

If the item is new/unused you may return it.

Please place the item in its original box with all components (accessories, manuals, etc.) and ship it to our warehouse. The address is 259 Canarctic Drive, NORTH YORK, Ontario M3J 2N7 CA.

It may take up to a week to process the return once it arrives. Bear in mind that customers are responsible for shipping charges on returned merchandise. If your item qualified for free shipping, the outbound and return shipping costs incurred by TripleNet Pricing will be deducted from your refund. If your item is not received in brand new condition, a restocking fee of up to 60% may be applied, in accordance with Amazon policy.

I am not returning it, and just forgetting it ever happened.  I've been buying too much on Amazon lately, and I will go into Sabbatical.  I'm not going to a store to be beaten up by security, so I'll get other people to shop for me.  :)

ps.  this has all put me back to high anxiety when buying things.

NOAA presents the Great Elvis Nino - one night only

 I was thinking about a flop, but Elvis has spiked the charts.  

If you just go by their useless charts, the Colonel can tout 'Hottest July Ever', even though that is just a spike.  However, this will splash on the news, and more windmills will go up, and natgas prices will go down.

If we go by the more standard chart, that has been in use since 'Hockey Stick-gate', then a different picture comes up.

Next month, the first useless plot goes way down, and we won't hear about it.  That's because the plots are so spiky.  In this plot, July is below the March spike, and below 2016.  An up-spike the crowds cheer, way down and nothing is heard.

Spencer showed this spike, as well, but it doesn't have enough heat energy to affect the sea levels.  This spike was caused by a small section of the Pacific with wide coherent current flow, which caused 'heat volcanoes'.  They spewed up dry heat into the upper 'weather layer' and that warmed up the numbers.  According to physics, we are still good to freeze the Thames.

All the big El Nino super-stars had a wide run-up, showing the huge amounts of heat energy.  I'm afraid that this Elvis is a one-hit wonder, even though that's better than just being a ghost.  Elvis goes to the Great Graceland in the Sky next month.

ps a good charge to the heart by Dr. Nick-NOAA keeps him going for another song, maybe.

pps - Dr. Nickynooa used the good stuff....

Toronto housing decays with lots of empty speculator houses

 Toronto housing is in a pretty pickle.  We have the central bank boosting interest rates, but a bleeding-heart fed gov't that doesn't want anyone to even have the thought of pain.  And we have the monster banks who don't want to expose their stupidity.

This all leads to a great Japan-Debacle, when their real estate bubble collapsed, but the banks were hiding it.  We have that now in Canada, but the feds are responsible for banking regulation.  The banks are doing all sorts of dirty tricks, and the feds slap them on the heiny.  

I thought of this on my dog walk today.  Our neighbourhood was 'ground zero' of ridiculous excess.  Nothing but monster houses being built.  Now, they are all empty and selling for a song, but we never hear about the price.  Everybody is hiding it.

The big question is (as always) how long this can last.  There might be something in the fall as everybody starts to look at huge heating bills.  

US natgas prices remain a mystery


When we had the Oklahoma earthquakes, I was correlating with natgas prices, and then I tried to predict gas prices based on the upcoming weather.  I failed miserably at everything.  But I keep trying..

We have had a cold summer up in the NE US and Toronto.  Only BC is getting the warmth.  This has shoved the natgas prices way down.  However, by now they will have read my long-term forecast and the prices should be zooming up.  :)  Ha, nobody reads me.

The mechanism for a cold summer continues and we'll get an extremely cold winter, so we expect the prices to start to zoom, but the storage is full.  You only get the big price increases if they suspect the storage will run out.  I think Elvis Nino is stepping on the prices.  Anyway, it's something to watch.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Warm Pacific plume finally gets over the mountains


This year has been marked by cold Arctic air blobs, and not a speck of Pacific air coming over the mountains.  Previous years always had lots of the air coming over, that gave us nice dry summers and mini-droughts.  

This plume is a doozy, coming right from the Scouts Typhoon in Korea.  BC can feel some of their heat pain.  It will be nice weather for Toronto, so who cares?  

In Europe, there is a battle between the cold and warm, but leaving Dry Guy in a Spanish Hellhole.  If that cold air could shove the warm plumes a bit further down, he could wash his neck.  As it is, it's a standard California hole.  You'll notice all the warm air action leaves California and Spain alone.  Must be clange.