Sunday, January 31, 2021

The mechanism of the La Nina El Nino cycle

 This is a new mechanism that I just thought of.  Perhaps, in a future time, somebody will pick it up. Nobody can do it right now. 

For the first time, I've seen a full Pacific cycle.  This starts with warm water going west for about 7 years, then blowing out with a big current reversal.  Then comes the La Nina, with the cold water.

This is the latest ocean current map.  The cold water from the south had zoomed up the smooth concave coast of S. Am. and then it became detached.  The current is now being fed from the north.

This warm feed will then hold for 7 years, and then the heat will have built up for a big reversal.  That knocks the 'feeder' (low pressure) back south to suck up cold water.  That cycle ends quickly.

We have to wait for the bigger cycles to show up, perhaps in a hundred years.

Attack of the Polar Vortex Fairies

 This is no joke, they are now a huge force.

Every one of those blue zones is now claiming that the PVF's are attacking them.  They descend quietly without displacing any air.  They shoot beams of cold energy, and freeze everything.  The warm zones are where carbon warming is happening, areas of sanity.

This attack of PVF's is probably a result of human activity, because that sounds so right.  It's 'Instant Karma' for trying to stay warm by burning stuff, or eating meat.  You can fight them by blowing covid on them, or is that just wrong?

ps.  the worst thing is that they have BUSTED OUT OF THE VORTEX!  It no longer confines them.  It's shattered and in pieces.  I don't think it will ever recover.  Perhaps we should just call them Polar Fairies now.

NASA discovers new way to remove temperature signals


We can celebrate that the world is warmer than at the peak of the last ice advance.  Phew!

Specifically, the team demonstrated "that late Holocene cooling as reconstructed by proxies is a seasonal signal," Bova told 

To do this, the team developed a new method that allowed them to "use seasonal temperatures to come up with annual averages. Using our new method, we demonstrate that Holocene mean annual temperatures have been steadily rising," Bova added. 

"Given that 2020 is tied for the warmest year on record based on the new NASA/NOAA data release

I looked everywhere on how they got that 2020 result, when the end of last year was extremely cold.  But now, I'm happy.  Also, it is amazing that there is a seasonal signal in the world temperature data, when you would think north and south seasonal signals would cancel out.

Until they share their secret method to remove signals, I am forced to go the old way and assume the carbon hypothesis was uniform and the world temperatures (and sea levels) have no seasonal signal.  I'm so yesterday!

Also, those darn polar vortex fairies are really active around the world.

Honestly, people should just stop believing in them....

ps.  they should release this as an 'Airbrush Your Signals' app, for zoom calls.

pps.  it used to be that polar vortex fairies were confined to small patches of cold.  Now they are over the entire world, with huge amounts of negative energy, descending without displacing, shooting beams of cold energy.  I'm going to write a book -- Phantastic Phantasy Physics.  

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Ask not for whom the 'Death Knell' tolls


Don't ask.  Seriously, don't ask.

Everything is war and death now.  I hope the editor-scrooges put another coal on the fire so these guys can keep their fingers waggling.

Their new winter makes 'beast from the east' look like a picnic.  :)

I had predicted that as the cold comes in, they would go to death and war.  Now is the time to hide, but I will put up the next world temperature chart in a few days.  It looks like a hockey stick.

Don't muck with either side.  Only Alberta can toss something in the ring, but they won't.  

This has been satire on the 'war' situation.  I'm hiding now.  

ps.  make that two lumps of coal

Friday, January 29, 2021

Sea level continues to dive

 This will not cause bidensarmy to attack me, since they don't do actual charts.  Last month, the sea level was static and we had a big drop in world temperatures.  The sea level charts are a month behind, but they reflect general warming trends.  Warm water expands.

This is the main chart.  This is the one site that remains stationary for some reason.  All other spots go up and down like a toilet seat.  Darwin remarked on that in his journals.

This is a magnification from 2016.  Although sea level or the ground go up and down, you can see the big hump before 2016.  That was the peak of the warmie cycle.  Since then, it's all downhill, and it's amazing that they can keep up the 'narrative' for so long.  Another 5 years perhaps?

We just don't have a Dr. 2-mask-fauchi in physics.  If he had existed, he would have been destroyed by the warmies 20 years ago.  That's why I stay hiding.  Have fun.

The last northern warm spots are going, but Antarctica remains a tropical paradise, and I notice that they are going after that.

Hiding under the snow in California


You can see I'm still hiding, but this is an article of absolutely no interest to warmies.  They have to wait for a dry spell and fires.  But in Callie, it never rains but it pours.

The plume pinwheel is now way out in the ocean.  That means it slashes down out there and hits callie. Earlier it was hitting BC and then dredging up warm air from the Gulf.  Meanwhile we are in a static default weather situation, and being made fun of by the Brits, who are under snow themselves.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Foxhole - 4 -- Determining the cost of carbon without physics


This is exciting and is consistent with me hiding and not writing anything.  If Alberta had a clue, then they would get in on this.  Determining the cost of carbon without any physics requires the use of selected stories and data.  They have to use pre-2016 global temperatures and the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere charts.

If they use a speck of physics, then the cost is zero, which is politically unacceptable.  The extreme values, might give a cost of $100 per breath.  Taken as the cost of a ton of carbon dioxide, they must find an acceptable value to the people that pay them.

I think they will pick a value in advance, like $100 per ton, and then back-calculate the curves required.  Then they will pick a section of the global temperatures that matches this.  I really think they don't have to show any math, since the audience won't understand.

Without physics, there is no constraint on what they can do.  As long as I don't put in my 2 cents on the value (and hide), I think I can safely ride this out.  I'll just say "Yep, that's a great value.".  Everybody will be happy.

So, whatever they pick, it's fine with me.

Big Hole - 3 -- No Science Here

 Hiding has been the best for me.  My readership is approaching absolute zero, which is where the world is going.  The big news from Ottawa reminds me of the old company.  They used to hire high-energy women once in a while to look good.  Meanwhile, all the other top people were old drunks in a boys club.  (this is totally different now).

The women would never last long, they would go nuts trying to get anything done.  That was the general rule, the more things you actually did, the more trouble you got into.  Out in the field, to get anything done, you needed 5 different unions.  One engineer got into big trouble when he lifted a box without the 'box lifter union' (slight exaggeration).  

A great reason for hiding is that the bidens are going after 'false narratives' which they define as anything going against their group-think.  And the right is totally crushed by the failure of their main conspiracy.  The big mistake for their conspiracy, was precisely defining the end point.  Warmie group-think never defines anything.

Now, the right is attacking the left for the fact that nobody works in Ottawa.  And the new leftie trend is to let people work until they're 90, and brain-dead while standing.  And you know that the freelands would transfer all those people to the posh palace.  :)

I survived the 'no working' culture by not working very much.  I would have short flashes of brilliance followed up by years of reading novels printed up to look like reports.  I still did more than anybody but it was invisible.  The supervisors used to yell at me (in a lazy way) to appear to be working more.  I still did go nuts when the huge waste of money got too much.  That's what drugs are for.  :)

ps. and the darn UK is making fun of Toronto - Ha!

I think they're just getting back at me.  :)

pps.  i'm just thinking of the right wing believing the palace staff about lady-di, in order to go after a leftie leader.

more: and we have the new 'story' that 2 masks are better than one, because .. hey!  ...

omg - the us warmies are so powerful that they can cut off all the gas and oil to Ontario.  Run!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Man in hiding - 2

 These are the coldest of times, these are the worst of times.  Now is the peak of warmie discontent.  

There are no warm spots left in the world for the cbc.  

A few Arctic spots at 30 rather than 50 below.  We have no ocean plumes on North America, so we have 'default weather' for Toronto, and that's 15 below.

The Arctic ice volume has turned up, and is punching through history.

I'm hiding.  I expect a warmie attack any minute now.  They'll make up a new story, and accuse me of not having the faith, and causing the cold.  The US warmies cut off Canada and Alberta gets dumber.  Such fun.  The warmies would burn me at the stake, but that's too much carbon.  :)


Since I've started hiding, my readership is plunging like the temperature.  Using a warmie creative line extrapolation, I'll be at zero in the next few days.  They can't find me with zero!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Man in Quarantine - 1

 I'm hiding in my deep hole.  The temperature outside is getting colder and colder.  I refuse to write about physics any more.  As we freeze, everybody will say we're getting warmer.  It's 1984 'New Speak'.  Old guys like me should just go out for a short walk.  "I may not be back for some time.".

Sunday, January 24, 2021

A Geofish Cold Sabbatical

 So, my friends, I have accomplished everything I wanted to do.  There is only my compulsive need to write, and I shall step on that.

Our world temperatures are clearly going down, and we falling into a new ice age.  At the same time, the warmies are at 'Peak Warmie-ism', which means that they are being hired by biden for everything. 

At the top of the mountain, they can look at their future, which is down.  But still, they have done better than the rest of us.  They are all Intellectual English Majors, and their impact will be felt for generations.  All basic physics is gone.

As we enter into this new phase, we shall see everything go cold, and they'll want to ban natural gas and oil.  Solar power is enough to keep us warm.

I shall move myself to the sidelines.  I think it's going to get vicious, now that the Gods of Global Warming fear mortality, and freezing to death.  They have the power to hit everybody with a big stick, and I'm going to hide.

In the next few months we will see a winter for the history books, the sea level will plunge, the world temperatures will dive like a pelican, and covid will be with us forever.  

Our physics disasters will pile up on us.  I'm waiting for next big earthquake which will show everybody what happens when engineers lose their physics.  There are a few other things that I don't want to think about right now.  

If, by chance, I am totally wrong, then I will emerge from my frozen hermit cave, and see where I made a wrong assumption.  Won't really happen, but I'm being humble.  Good luck with everything, and I'll see how low my readership gets.  Thanks for all the fish.

ps.  FROG IN COSTCO!  This is climate change at work.

On a shipment of plants.  It either survived fumigation, or they didn't do it.  Neat.  Maybe it ate the giant poisonous spider.  :)  Wish I had a twit feed.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Canadian warm spots fade away


This is what I predicted, that the warmie press would go to the last warm spots on earth to push the carbon warming agenda.

As we can see, Labrador is warmer than usual, but still pretty darn cold.  All the north was a warm spot the other day, and it's cooling nicely.  The warmth is caused by Atlantic plumes curving back and avoiding the UK.  

This is an unusual pattern.  My chart is breaking up, but the Pacific pattern looks like it is set up for the next 2 months.  That means continuous Alberta clippers for us.  

Limited heat energy has to go to one place or the other.  

ps.  La Nina continues to die, but the momentum of the warm water continues the flow.  Warmie press is reporting on how La Nina is starting up.  I suppose they'll eventually blame it for the cold.

The cold water is no longer at the source but the cold has almost reached the far west.

pps.  and I knew they would have to go back to Antarctica, even though the ocean is showing colder than normal, but it is summer down there.

The warmie press is so easy to predict, can't wait for the next thing....

Friday, January 22, 2021

Time to order your seeds

 I've just ordered my seeds from Veseys.  This year we are ditching the bush beans and just going pole beans.  They were 3 times more productive last year.

All our tomatoes are 'indeterminate' which means staking.  I wish they would just say that.  Because of our ice age, I'm starting in March and only planting towards the end of May.  I'm just using short poly tunnels.  All my larger greenhouse efforts have been destroyed in the May winds.

The sugar snap peas can be planted at the beginning of May.

Don't buy organic seeds.  They don't carry over pesticides or whatever.  'Organic' is the biggest scam in the world, it requires chopping down more trees for more land, and there is no large-scale source of organic nitrogen.  If you use manure, get it from organic cows, and watch out for vegans!  That's the best irony, the necessary manure comes from raising farm animals.

Organic produce always tests out as the most residual junk because they have to plant in the middle of normal farming to get anything.  I go 'mostly organic' which means adding nitrogen fertilizer to the compost and using that (once removed).  I use my 'mostly organic' spray which works great.  The great flavour comes from picking seeds rated for flavour, and using massive amounts of compost.  

Allow ads for this site with your ad blocker.  This has been one of my best purchases.  It's still steaming in winter, like a hot spring.  I put the dog poops in it to act as nitrogen coal.  :)  We're all family!

It produces at 2 or 3 times anything else.  Wait for it to come on sale, this covid price is double.

ps.  and the UK shouldn't start their seeds yet.  :)

I only take winter articles from the Guardian.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Alberta clipper penetrates cold blob

 In the real world of physics, the polar vortex fairies are dancing on the head of a pin, and Pacific Plumes come down on us.  I had said that the plumes hit high at Alaska and then descend along the cold blob, giving us very cold air.  This time, the clipper has penetrated the blob and is actively scooping out cold air.

The high-energy air has gone right into the blob in Northern Ontario.

Cold air is defined as having no energy.  Cold is just the absence of heat energy, and not a 'thing'.  That blob has to be hit by energy (plumes) to move.

What kills the poor weather people and forces them to believe in polar vortex fairies, is their total love of surface winds, and 'highs' and 'lows'.  These things have nothing to do with the underlying physics.  They'll never change, because all this is linked into how the carbon warming hypothesis got off the ground on FB.

All the Pacific plumes are manifested on the surface has a 'low'.  The surface winds swirl around it.  It's a very pretty pictures.  No plume, is a 'high'.  You can see here that our plume is mucking with the surface winds and scooping cold air to hit Toronto, with -11C.  That's about as cold as we get until the lakes start freezing over.

But, fear not, we always have the UK to laugh at.

They deeply believe in the Polar Vortex Fairies, and maybe this happy thought will keep them warm as they burn up the furniture to stay warm.  But their cold can be blamed on whales.

That's right, the current cooling can be blamed on the whales.  Nevermind that their combined mass is about 1 millionth that of descending dead plankton and other creatures.  Nope, you can spin a story focussing on the most minor effect in the world, as long as it looks cute.  This is another story that is tomorrow's fish wrap.  :)


also clear the ad blocker for this site.

ps.  my polar clumpers are good for 40 below, and my summer hiking boots freeze at 5 below.  Buy these for -10.  Good for legal dog walking.

And buy these to go with them.  Your wife will laugh, but get her some, too, and then she'll go on and on about how great they are.

Since I'm on a roll about cold, I can keep these humidifier pads going for 2 seasons.

But you need this ridiculous vinegar.  Always pour fuming acid into the water, not the other way around.

and in the interest of full disclosure, I am cruising the zero line on recommendation income.  I need to go more into a hair product insty gram.  :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Polar Vortex Fairies are Shattered


This is the most extensive report yet on the polar vortex fairy tale.  These are the guys who copied a Reuters tale, that 2020 was as warm as 2016, and they made it all up.  Try to find that story now.

If you are dealing with physics, meaning fundamental forces and energy, then this tale is as far as you can get.  All the weather people support it.  

The stratosphere is way up there and it is thin.  Although the thin air has high velocities, it has no energy density.  It cannot influence the thick stuff down below.  So, we have a tale of two cities, one is a great story, and the other maps the energy of atmospheric plumes which are bashing our cold air around, like someone massaging a Sumo wrestler.  

Every year, they come out with a story which perfectly explains what is happening on the ground, after the fact.  Do they ever predict anything?  No.  Such is the life of Kipling's 'Just so' story tellers.  I'm always amazed at how well they get along.  We have to get into a huge disaster that they didn't predict, and they will come up with stories on what happened.  This makes people happy.

I'm happy that everyone is happy.  We're all happy.  :)

ps.  they are equating the PV fairies with cold spots.  That's nice, and since the cold spots are split, the PV fairies are split.  Sad for them, they should be together....

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

No covid in the house


I've been converting all the air filters in the house to UV filters.  I was using the compact fluorescent uv-c bulbs, but now comes a great led uv light.  Super powerful, probably not approved in Canada.

So, don't buy it.  For the larger fan-based air filters, I use up the expensive company filter, and just put in these sheets.

These sheets are 'Physics Phantastic', and are really cheap.  Use these for all your air filters.  I still buy cheap furnace filters because you need the strength, but these are good where you can tape them tight, or drape them on a frame.

It's best if you can beam the UV onto titanium dioxide.  That produces a catalytic reaction with water vapour, and blasts the little critters.

For this project, I painted the intake for the furnace, and put in the led bulb.  That thing is super-powerful, and I have to trust that it is uv-c.  I can feel it on my skin, and a micro flash in  the eyes can be felt.  Very dangerous, and must be covered.  You need a fancy furnace that can run low all the time.

The air coming out of the uvc and titanium feels like fresh Spring air, or fresh laundry on the line.  It's neat.

That's all for this episode of Phantastic Fisics.  :)

I still believe that 90% of covid is spread by bullet particles to the eye, but you can dream that you are safe with this setup.

ps.  for legal purposes DON'T TOUCH UV-C.  Don't lift a hammer, and don't charge the barricades.  All of these things are dangerous, blah, blah.

pps. and for opening all those orders, I am stunned by the effectiveness of this, and it sticks to the fridge.

ps.  if the light can shine out anywhere, you need this to screen it.  That light is powerful and even the tiniest bit gives you a headache.

Monday, January 18, 2021

A clipper starts scooping

 The Pacific Plumes have gone into clipper mode.  That's when they start hitting high and scoop cold air, then dump it on us.  This mechanism has more physics than Polar Vortex Fairies.

The plume hits Alaska, and heat energy pours down on us.  But it's not warm.

The clipper is zooming along the edge of that stationary cold blob.  This is the weather pattern we had in November and December.

The clipper action has wiped out the warm temperature anomaly over the North.  That anomaly just meant that it was 30 below rather than the usual 40 below.  

ps.  all the warm anomalies of the world are getting wiped out.  The warmies just have 'Twit Rage' going for them now.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Ignace, the next victim in the nuclear waste pony show


This is not like "Oh, they are going to get sprayed by radioactive waste', rather it is just a question of zooming to a town, having a big party, and then leaving.  Is that a bad thing?  It depends on expectations.

As with Bridgerton, you can trifle with affections, but if you get married in the end, then everything is fine.  But, here, there is no hope of a happy marriage.  The Duke moves on.

This is another fine example of a physics disaster.  The study of Rock Mechanics is physics - force, stress, water flow, heat energy.  That was my speciality and I studied it a long time.  However, the field has gone away, thanks to the 'Great Movement' away from anything that makes sense.  Instead, we have short-term efforts that look good on social media.  These waste people are employed to look good.

What's wrong with them studying the worst places on earth, in the worst possible way?  Nobody will get killed, it's only hundreds of millions being wasted, and not trillions, like those other physics disasters.

I just have an affection for this one.  They are treating this like a mining project, and we can sink a mine in anything.  I'm not really going into any great detail, because this is just like fighting carbon warming, no debate with lawyers is going to solve anything.  In fact, because of lawyers, I'll just say this is all wonderful, and who need physics anyway?

Gods of global warming get angry


FB is now the church pulpit, and anybody who lives or dies by fb should lie low.  

Carbon warming is a failed hypothesis only by the Scientific Method.  In terms of 'group think' it is a success.  This is a physics disaster that will end in a whimper, not a bang.  We just slowly get colder, and the gods get more shrill.

A physics disaster, like the freon thing, ended by declaring victory and going home.  As long as nobody could follow up, it was a success.  Now, the ozone holes grow bigger, and nobody is looking.  However, going into an ice age is a fairly obvious thing, just like nasa rocket engines blowing up.

Philosophy and fb debate are wonderful way to run the world.  I got a spiffy new furnace, and enjoy the cold.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

La Nina Ends

 That was not very exciting.  The main factors giving us cold in the North are the ending of the North Pacific current and the Gulf Stream, since 2016.  That's bad enough, but I have been watching both the Atlantic and Pacific equatorial belts.

Sad to say, the Pacific belt is recovering back to full strength.

Although it still looks bad with the temperature anomaly, the cold feed has shifted.

The cold water from the Antarctic is starting to veer away, and is no longer at the source.  Just 2 weeks ago, the whole belt current looked like it was disintegrating.  In another 2 weeks we won't even know there was a problem.

So, it looks like we are going into a minor ice age of the usual 20-40 years, and not the big one.  Things could still change.

Fixing the vanity drain

 When you are old, everything around you is old.  My 16 year old vanity had the plug level rust out.  I started with that, and then found everything was corroded.  I'm not including pictures because it might be against code or something.

This is the second one.  The first one had no overflow.  Check that you need an overflow.  

It took a long time to realize that the old chrome drain had huge rust holes.  Really?  So you need something else.

There are cheaper versions without the clear flap, but this is worth it over 20 years.  As well, it has extra stuff to connect to anything.

This is a picture I got off the Internet.  Note that nothing aligns.  5 hours of incompetence for this.

ps.  be extra sure you read the instructions for the proper direction of all the seals.  I'm an engineer and I never read the instructions until there is water all over the place.

London snow is falling down...


I love to pick on the UK as they head towards a Labrador climate.  The weather people will blame this on 'Polar Vortex Fairies', and a 'River Dancing Jet Stream', but, in reality, there's just no heat energy for them.

They used to have a very warm Gulf Stream.  Now, there's nothing.

They are surrounded by a big blob of cold water.  This storm was brought on by a very weak tropical plume which went under them.  That sucked in cold air from the cold water.  Too bad.

This is physics.  For a warmie explanation, wait a minute and let the fairies dance.  :)

For us in Tropical Canada, we are getting a very weak clipper, but there is no cold air for it to scoop.  More of the same middling weather.

ps. and our polar vortex guy has been squooshed.  He should retire, like me.  :)

This is a new guy, with total PR dept. approval.

pps.  and if he retired, we could have a show -- Guy Vs. Guy, (spy vs. spy).  He would do 'Polar Fairies', and I would do physics, and he would wipe the floor with me.  :)

Friday, January 15, 2021

Time for a mouse survey

 Once again, a very weird winter.  However, this sort of thing makes the mouse population go crazy.  I've done everything, but I like a trap to confirm numbers.  They are very smart and learn quickly.  That's why you need to go on a blitz, with a lot of traps at once.  Then put them away for a while.

You need something like 8 at once, even though I only did 4.  I caught 2 mice, where my other traps have been avoided.  Then they learn and can scoop out the peanut butter by leaning over and avoiding the pressure plate.

Don't let mice build up around the house, they will find a way in.  If you have a major infestation, then you need everything -- poison and traps.  If you are a warmie, then get a live trap and dump them at your denier neighbour.  :)

**that's a clickable image, huh?

ps.  One more night, but I suspect they are wise now.  I'll take them in and wait for the wise ones to die off.  It's not like they're writing a book or anything.  :)

Arctic ice doing well


The slope of the curve is highly confined by physics.  However, it is the slope that indicates the current temperature.  This time last year there was a very unusual warm current from the Pacific and you can still see the remnant channel it carved.

Meanwhile, our unusual warmish anomaly is being attacked slowly.  The Arctic was about 3C warmer than usual, and is now down to about 1C.  

The Pacific is getting fed warmer water at the source of the belt current.  That means the plumes are changing and could give us 'high hits'.  Then we get clippers.

There has been a lot of news on the Polar Vortex coming down to hit us.  Please remember that in terms of energy, the stratosphere (polar vortex) is a flock of charging butterflies, the atmosphere is a herd of charging goats, and the ocean is a herd of charging elephants.  The butterflies don't influence the goats, and the goats can't deflect the elephants.  If you want to go with physics, instead of magic, then it's always the other way around.

So, magic or otherwise, we expect Winter to do what Winter does, and get colder.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Assumption Variance

 This will be a boring article that will quickly go into my backgrounder.

Everything in life requires assumptions.  We make assumptions and then proceed.  Our brain has a built-in physics engine programed like a video game.  When we brake our car, we know the deceleration.  If there is the tiniest thing wrong in the actual performance, then we go to the mechanic.

That is why we transfer our physics experience to everything else.  For example 'Momentum Investing', the assumption that what is going up must continue to go up.  In real life, we do have momentum, mass and energy.  In assets, not so much.

We can't stand it when the newspapers always tout - 'Going up, up, up.'  'Hot, hot, hot'.  This combines with our 'Fear of Missing Out', which is even greater than our fear of loss.  Thus, we'll always have people pouring in money at the peak of gold, bittycoin, or real estate.

I had a career in engineering and geophysics.  My big problem was that I was always testing assumptions.  But to do that, you must list the assumptions that may or not be wrong.  People in power (power people) never want the assumptions challenged, because they built their whole power base pushing those assumptions.  I was always right when I changed an assumption and then it was force-tested, but these were small things.  I could never get money to test the big assumptions.

Power people operate like the legal system, with case law, and consensus ruling the roost.  They can't go wrong if they follow the crowd.  If something goes wrong, they shrug, and say 'Who knew?'.  Unfortunately, this is now the rule for everybody, forced by social media.  Nobody can live in a social island, except the single musketeer.  That cost him a lot of money, which he is getting back now.

So, we live in a world where all assumptions are sacred, like the creeds of faith.  As I say for my kids, they only learn when they are hit by a 2x4.  It's amazing that we have many, many 2x4's coming to hit us.  

Earthquakes and sky bridges


This is exciting.  Obviously I can't say anything because the condo is for sale at almost 5 million.  But it requires some faith.  I would buy it, if I were a billionaire.

Faith Required

This is the ultimate push of existing earthquake engineering.  Did they go with stiffness and strength, or flexibility and energy absorption?

You have faith that this is well-instrumented.

You have faith in the damping, that this won't toss like a tiny ship at sea.

You have faith that shake tables are the be-all and end-all.

You have faith that Toronto doesn't really have earthquakes.

Anyway, this will be tested with the first big wind storm.  I have faith it will ride it out, steady as a rock.

Also I have faith that condos are built like bank towers, no huge soft-storey system and the towers on transfer slabs.

No transfer slabs here, because who needs parking?  I won't update my M7 earthquake scenario.  :)

**please note that I know absolutely nothing about the engineering of this tower, and I like it that way.  This is satirical, based on superficial observation, and has no gravitas whatsoever.

ps.  I'll buy it as soon as I can open my bitcoin vault.  I don't know why they got my name wrong.  :)

pps.  I have faith that they put in a superb engineering effort, and not just hacked up like most condos.  Also, extensive instrumentation would quickly confirm all assumptions.  I would love to read the extensive report.