Monday, January 4, 2021

Google Stadia - another people thing

 I cancelled my Stadia trial.  It was great running games on the big 4k screen, but I'm rather hopeless at games and only got stuck every time.

This is the wallyest of walled gardens.  You spend money on a game and it is trapped.  You cancel and it's all gone.  Google should use its AI and other services, with a 3d 4k front end.

I can imagine the AI saying "You look like you are having trouble.  How about some games for old men?"  As it is, it's assuming I'm one of my kids.  They are all playing strategy games on their laptops, all at once, and yelling at each other.  You can't easily do that with Stadia.  It's sad that googs is screwing this up, it could be great.

With my 4k Linux tv arrangement, which was necessary for Stadia, I'm going back to old Linux games.

ps.  the alternative is what my son got.  A huge friggin graphics card, jams up the full tower.  He just got the system and it doesn't work.  I checked for loose connections, but these things are ridiculous, and well beyond me.  So, for those guys, I hope this whole Stadia thing works, because I think these monster computers have gone over the top, and they run win10.  OMG.

pps.  I think these things have run into a physics problem.  It's the same case and cable layout from 30 years ago.  Everything is just added and added, sort of like ramping a nuclear plants fluid flow.  

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