Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Man in hiding - 2

 These are the coldest of times, these are the worst of times.  Now is the peak of warmie discontent.  

There are no warm spots left in the world for the cbc.  

A few Arctic spots at 30 rather than 50 below.  We have no ocean plumes on North America, so we have 'default weather' for Toronto, and that's 15 below.

The Arctic ice volume has turned up, and is punching through history.

I'm hiding.  I expect a warmie attack any minute now.  They'll make up a new story, and accuse me of not having the faith, and causing the cold.  The US warmies cut off Canada and Alberta gets dumber.  Such fun.  The warmies would burn me at the stake, but that's too much carbon.  :)


Since I've started hiding, my readership is plunging like the temperature.  Using a warmie creative line extrapolation, I'll be at zero in the next few days.  They can't find me with zero!


Penny said...

They can always find you :))

Penny said...

And were moving into frigid territory the next couple of days- then just unusually cold afterwards- but whatever!