Friday, January 15, 2021

Time for a mouse survey

 Once again, a very weird winter.  However, this sort of thing makes the mouse population go crazy.  I've done everything, but I like a trap to confirm numbers.  They are very smart and learn quickly.  That's why you need to go on a blitz, with a lot of traps at once.  Then put them away for a while.

You need something like 8 at once, even though I only did 4.  I caught 2 mice, where my other traps have been avoided.  Then they learn and can scoop out the peanut butter by leaning over and avoiding the pressure plate.

Don't let mice build up around the house, they will find a way in.  If you have a major infestation, then you need everything -- poison and traps.  If you are a warmie, then get a live trap and dump them at your denier neighbour.  :)

**that's a clickable image, huh?

ps.  One more night, but I suspect they are wise now.  I'll take them in and wait for the wise ones to die off.  It's not like they're writing a book or anything.  :)

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