Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Polar Vortex Fairies are Shattered


This is the most extensive report yet on the polar vortex fairy tale.  These are the guys who copied a Reuters tale, that 2020 was as warm as 2016, and they made it all up.  Try to find that story now.

If you are dealing with physics, meaning fundamental forces and energy, then this tale is as far as you can get.  All the weather people support it.  

The stratosphere is way up there and it is thin.  Although the thin air has high velocities, it has no energy density.  It cannot influence the thick stuff down below.  So, we have a tale of two cities, one is a great story, and the other maps the energy of atmospheric plumes which are bashing our cold air around, like someone massaging a Sumo wrestler.  

Every year, they come out with a story which perfectly explains what is happening on the ground, after the fact.  Do they ever predict anything?  No.  Such is the life of Kipling's 'Just so' story tellers.  I'm always amazed at how well they get along.  We have to get into a huge disaster that they didn't predict, and they will come up with stories on what happened.  This makes people happy.

I'm happy that everyone is happy.  We're all happy.  :)

ps.  they are equating the PV fairies with cold spots.  That's nice, and since the cold spots are split, the PV fairies are split.  Sad for them, they should be together....

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