Saturday, January 16, 2021

Fixing the vanity drain

 When you are old, everything around you is old.  My 16 year old vanity had the plug level rust out.  I started with that, and then found everything was corroded.  I'm not including pictures because it might be against code or something.

This is the second one.  The first one had no overflow.  Check that you need an overflow.  

It took a long time to realize that the old chrome drain had huge rust holes.  Really?  So you need something else.

There are cheaper versions without the clear flap, but this is worth it over 20 years.  As well, it has extra stuff to connect to anything.

This is a picture I got off the Internet.  Note that nothing aligns.  5 hours of incompetence for this.

ps.  be extra sure you read the instructions for the proper direction of all the seals.  I'm an engineer and I never read the instructions until there is water all over the place.

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