Saturday, January 16, 2021

London snow is falling down...


I love to pick on the UK as they head towards a Labrador climate.  The weather people will blame this on 'Polar Vortex Fairies', and a 'River Dancing Jet Stream', but, in reality, there's just no heat energy for them.

They used to have a very warm Gulf Stream.  Now, there's nothing.

They are surrounded by a big blob of cold water.  This storm was brought on by a very weak tropical plume which went under them.  That sucked in cold air from the cold water.  Too bad.

This is physics.  For a warmie explanation, wait a minute and let the fairies dance.  :)

For us in Tropical Canada, we are getting a very weak clipper, but there is no cold air for it to scoop.  More of the same middling weather.

ps. and our polar vortex guy has been squooshed.  He should retire, like me.  :)

This is a new guy, with total PR dept. approval.

pps.  and if he retired, we could have a show -- Guy Vs. Guy, (spy vs. spy).  He would do 'Polar Fairies', and I would do physics, and he would wipe the floor with me.  :)

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