Friday, January 29, 2021

Sea level continues to dive

 This will not cause bidensarmy to attack me, since they don't do actual charts.  Last month, the sea level was static and we had a big drop in world temperatures.  The sea level charts are a month behind, but they reflect general warming trends.  Warm water expands.

This is the main chart.  This is the one site that remains stationary for some reason.  All other spots go up and down like a toilet seat.  Darwin remarked on that in his journals.

This is a magnification from 2016.  Although sea level or the ground go up and down, you can see the big hump before 2016.  That was the peak of the warmie cycle.  Since then, it's all downhill, and it's amazing that they can keep up the 'narrative' for so long.  Another 5 years perhaps?

We just don't have a Dr. 2-mask-fauchi in physics.  If he had existed, he would have been destroyed by the warmies 20 years ago.  That's why I stay hiding.  Have fun.

The last northern warm spots are going, but Antarctica remains a tropical paradise, and I notice that they are going after that.

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