Monday, January 18, 2021

A clipper starts scooping

 The Pacific Plumes have gone into clipper mode.  That's when they start hitting high and scoop cold air, then dump it on us.  This mechanism has more physics than Polar Vortex Fairies.

The plume hits Alaska, and heat energy pours down on us.  But it's not warm.

The clipper is zooming along the edge of that stationary cold blob.  This is the weather pattern we had in November and December.

The clipper action has wiped out the warm temperature anomaly over the North.  That anomaly just meant that it was 30 below rather than the usual 40 below.  

ps.  all the warm anomalies of the world are getting wiped out.  The warmies just have 'Twit Rage' going for them now.

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