Thursday, January 28, 2021

Foxhole - 4 -- Determining the cost of carbon without physics


This is exciting and is consistent with me hiding and not writing anything.  If Alberta had a clue, then they would get in on this.  Determining the cost of carbon without any physics requires the use of selected stories and data.  They have to use pre-2016 global temperatures and the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere charts.

If they use a speck of physics, then the cost is zero, which is politically unacceptable.  The extreme values, might give a cost of $100 per breath.  Taken as the cost of a ton of carbon dioxide, they must find an acceptable value to the people that pay them.

I think they will pick a value in advance, like $100 per ton, and then back-calculate the curves required.  Then they will pick a section of the global temperatures that matches this.  I really think they don't have to show any math, since the audience won't understand.

Without physics, there is no constraint on what they can do.  As long as I don't put in my 2 cents on the value (and hide), I think I can safely ride this out.  I'll just say "Yep, that's a great value.".  Everybody will be happy.

So, whatever they pick, it's fine with me.

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