Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Pacific heat energy washes over us


That's our pattern right now.  The plumes are hitting at the middle, so we'll get middling weather.  The pattern looks like it will hold for now, at least until the Stratosphere Fairies decide to descend.  

You can see how the plumes stretch from the far Pacific.  Very unusual.

The UK has weak plumes that are sucking in all the cold air.

ps.  note that the movement of the high-energy plumes has nothing to do with surface winds.

The plumes are a low pressure zone and always attract the surface winds.  The weather people are obsessed with 'lows' and surface winds, and this is the main contention.  Our atmosphere is 3d!

pps.  You could frame this.

more:  our general warmth is being fed by the Pacific energy, but the blue is slowing closing in.

and I was totally wrong about a very cold winter.  The lowest state of energy for the plumes is to just zoom straight east, giving us this weather.  I thought that the plumes would hit high, giving us Alberta clippers.  Nope.

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