Thursday, January 7, 2021

Leave your lights up for January


2021 isn't starting so well.  We had trumpy order his favourite thugs to beat up Nancy, and gave them golden tickets to enter.  

The local guards said "Welcome.  Please don't tangle up your pitchforks and torches.  Is that 2x4 too heavy for you, dear?  All the people are right through that door.  Have a nice day!'

And the world is being perverse to me, not cold enough.  So, I'm leaving my lights up.  blah

Happy January!


Anonymous said...

Good idea - celebrate the mass hysteria

Penny said...

we're leaving ours up
and the tree is still up too!
It's cheery. While the insanity is dreary. roflmao

Penny said...

Anonymous "celebrate the mass hysteria"

or shine a light on the darkness?