Saturday, January 2, 2021

A great New Year's gift for coviders

 Hope you had a nice quiet New Years Eve.  And now we are in a crappy Ontario winter.  But there is hope!  The gov't hopes that we'll spend all our covid travel cash to boost the economy.  Nope, we're Canadians and we'll spend that money on travel or silly imports.

My California kids gave me a great present, that is unnecessary, but increases your quality of life.

For Penny, that's a clickable image.  Yeah!  This is the latest Callie thang, and is probably a pittance there.  But it is the best electronic meat thermometer.  Until now, no electronics could handle the inside of the bbq or oven, but this has no problem.

It properly handles the rest time, which is when you meat gets over-cooked.  It uses basic physics (Yeah!) to identify your cut, and you use the app.  It's the only way to properly cook a rack of lamb.  

Now, I know the hair-shirts will complain this is 'excessive consumption' but think of the carbon it saves by not over-cooking the meat!  (ha, they would say be vegan!).  Maybe it helps with a good soy steak.  :)

It's great for winter bbq's, because you can stay inside and watch your meat cook.  

ps. the other great gift was a dollar store pull-flyer.  It was for the dog, but all the boys managed to break something in the house.

pps.  for poor little Penny.


Penny said...

Hey geofish

I can't see the clickable image in your post.
All though I can see both the images in the post prior to this one?
Any suggestions?

Harold Asmis said...

donno. Maybe something to do with your javascript enabled or something.
Anybody else have a problem?

Penny said...

Or a solution?

As for the thermometer thing?

hubby chuckled. that's quite a toy.