Thursday, January 14, 2021

Earthquakes and sky bridges


This is exciting.  Obviously I can't say anything because the condo is for sale at almost 5 million.  But it requires some faith.  I would buy it, if I were a billionaire.

Faith Required

This is the ultimate push of existing earthquake engineering.  Did they go with stiffness and strength, or flexibility and energy absorption?

You have faith that this is well-instrumented.

You have faith in the damping, that this won't toss like a tiny ship at sea.

You have faith that shake tables are the be-all and end-all.

You have faith that Toronto doesn't really have earthquakes.

Anyway, this will be tested with the first big wind storm.  I have faith it will ride it out, steady as a rock.

Also I have faith that condos are built like bank towers, no huge soft-storey system and the towers on transfer slabs.

No transfer slabs here, because who needs parking?  I won't update my M7 earthquake scenario.  :)

**please note that I know absolutely nothing about the engineering of this tower, and I like it that way.  This is satirical, based on superficial observation, and has no gravitas whatsoever.

ps.  I'll buy it as soon as I can open my bitcoin vault.  I don't know why they got my name wrong.  :)

pps.  I have faith that they put in a superb engineering effort, and not just hacked up like most condos.  Also, extensive instrumentation would quickly confirm all assumptions.  I would love to read the extensive report.


Anonymous said...

LOL "miraculously held in place by two residential towers at the heart of Concord Adex's Parade complex right over Canoe Landing Park" Paddle faster Biff i hear banjos.

Harold Asmis said...

And we know how condos are put together in Toronto. Not that I'm saying anything...