Thursday, March 29, 2018

UK Snow

This is right beside all the articles saying the glaciers are still melting and we are all going to die.

I wonder how long they can go on.

ps.  anyway, after this, they get a nice warm plume up the Atlantic.  It even has warm colours!  I haven't seen this for months.

pps.  the plume is getting cut off by cold air.  No strength in it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Vlog on current weather patterns

Yeah, I've got all my Linux software lined up to do this.  That was some work!  I'll improve on production quality later.

I can put on audio filters to make the sound cleaner.  I'm using OBS which also does streaming.  Also, I have to decide whether to go through the tube.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

UK to look to beasts of the easts for quite a while yet

I am stunned.  The North Atlantic is getting colder and colder.  I was expecting the contours to rise again, but nope.  Have fun, UK.

The physics of maple syrup - Part 2

I was going to make it all up, but then I decided I would look it up.  I did, and now I'm back to making it up.  OMG!  Nobody has done anything on this!  I found that one guy did a total speculation without physics, and then others followed with mathematical simulations of this process.  This is exactly like Climate Science.  The computer models prove the assumption.

So, we are back at square one.  We know that this is a closed system, since the sap can run up and down all March.  We also know that this gave the Maple tree an evolutionary advantage, or else it wouldn't have happened.  They didn't do it to give us maple sugar.  We also know that it is temperature driven -- you need warm days and freezing nights.  No other tree operates like this.

As with chaotic systems, we can draw boxes around the process, drawing tighter and tighter.  We can put forward testable hypotheses.  Not 'Instant Theories', like 'Social Physics'.  Things must resolve down to known physics at some scale.  For instance, we know a lot about photosynthesis, but not the final quantum transfer of a key atom.

-whoops, people coming.

ps.  I'm stopping here.  This whole thing is worse than climate physics.  Nobody has done anything.  Blah.

pps.  unless, of course, somebody sends me bitcoins in a plain brown envelope. 

The physics of maple syrup - Part 1

The sugar maple is a very unique tree in the world.  In the Spring, the sap runs up and down every day, as long as we have freezing at night, and above freezing during the day.

All trees are giant water pumps.  They take water from very deep in the ground to hundreds of feet high.  It's a marvel of natural engineering.  All stumbled upon by blind evolution.  All trees move fluid through transpiration.  The water evaporates from the leaves, causing great osmotic pressure gradients, and the water is driven by this.  This is a lot of solar energy.

But the maple tree adds an extra wrinkle.  I was thinking of this as we are ending a 'Classic March', which we haven't had for 20 years or so.  The Maple Syrup Season has come to an end.  And this is the type of cold, dry March that evolved the maple tree.

Perhaps it is a bit sad for us.  This is the type of March that has been the main thing for our climate, for a couple of million years, or however long the maple tree has been around.  Our recent warm spell gave us 'Instant furnace change', where I was using the heat one day, and needed the air conditioning the next.  No classic Spring.  The maple trees were all dying.

** to be continued, I'm doing Early Easter today, because all the kids vamoose next weekend.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Prostate Cancer - False Negatives

The old guy has prostate cancer.  Apparently, this was brewing for years, without giving the slightest sign.  All the tests have a high 'false negative' rate.  pc is a very weird thing.  It can be so slow that it will never be a problem.  So, all the people that are diagnosed in their 60's get treatment with radioactive beads and such, and none of that might be worth it.

The old guy has Super Sneaky Prostate Cancer, but he's 86.  It knocked him down earlier with urinary problems and they treated it as a benign prostate enlargement.  Finally, it hit his legs, and only a full bone scan showed it.

When it gets into the bones, it causes massive calcium problems.  This gets the muscles very upset, and they probably pour out calcium, lose mass and go weak.  The good news is that they have started hormone therapy, which starves the little buggers, and he can recover.

Now he is looking at several years, which is as good as any of us get.  I'll be working hard on his brain, which is unaffected.

Speaking of the brain, I just got this little Chromebook, which is almost bullet-proof and waterproof.  I love using it, and he'll get it.  Also, a big Pixel 2 xl, which is set up for large print, and total vocal command.  This arrangement is fantastic for old guys and we'll be doing philosophical arguments over the internet.  I'm all for hard physics, and he's getting ensteinily mystical.  :)

Friday, March 23, 2018

Why is the UK so cold? -- Weather people featherbed

And Professor Adam Scaife, head of long-range forecasting, added: "The February stratospheric warming incident weakened the Polar Vortex – high-altitude westerlies – and the jet stream, giving rise to the intense easterlies at the end of February. Following a recovery in the first half of March, a second but less intense sudden stratospheric warming has just occurred consistent with the continuing risk of cold easterly winds."

In fact the whole thing is mumbo-jumbo about jet streams, low and high pressure zones, etc.  They do this jargon to protect their position, just like everybody else.  They go on to predict snow in May.

That's why I like a physics-based approach to weather.  If we had this, the Unemployed English Majors wouldn't have been able to slip in with the carbon thing.  They used 'social physics' and the fact that the weather people cooperated by being incomprehensible.

Physics: - heat energy goes from hot to cold.  There are no 'cold waves'.  Just like your mother yelling at you to close the door, you're letting the cold in!  You are letting the heat out.  Cold is merely the absence of heat.

So here is a lovely warm plume coming up the Gulf Stream.  But the GS is dead!  The warm plume (called a low) misses the UK completely.  No heat for them!  Nothing to do with high pressure zones (cold air).  It's simply the lack of heat energy.

All our heat in the north comes from the tropics.  And all our 'weather'.  Without it, we would simply be a desert, at the temperature determined by latitude.  In Toronto, we've had our dry Maple Syrup weather all month (+5 to -5).  And UK has has the same weather, with a little bit of snow.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Getting the Old Guy Kitted Up

My old guy suddenly had a turn for the worse.  Looks like calcium flooding from the leg muscles, due to unknown causes.  He had a horrible 3 weeks in hospital as they tried to jump-start him with 3 big shots of steroids.  He had a major steroid withdrawal each time as they didn't taper it down.  The sooner he dropped the levels, the sooner they could hit with another shot.  Although, seemingly cruel, I would have done the same thing.

I think it may have worked.  He looks a lot better, but is now in the fancy wing of the local old guy place.  I've been given carte blanche to outfit him in the electronics that I would want, in the same situation.

I won't go into the details, but it will voice-activated everything.  Most likely a google phone and chromebook.  I get to play with everything before I hand it over.  :)

ps.  since I'm working so hard on this, please donate to our reg charity.


Every year weird shit happens to old people.  They are victims!  Donate to stop this terrible thing.


Thank you.

Nor-easter comes to the end of the Gulf Stream

This is amazing.  It even shows the little kink in the Gulf Stream.  But now it has come to the end.  What will it do now?  I hope that someday somebody writes a paper on this.

Perhaps it will be, for the UK, another Beast from the NNE.  :)

Get Your Will Updated

Just got reminded of the importance of getting your ducks in a row, in case bad things happen.  Most important is the 'living will' portion of power of attorney, and giving the power to pull the plug.  I want somebody who loves me to pull the plug, not a doctor.

I'm fine, this is a friend.  Please everybody, get the paperwork done.  I'm also a big fan of liquefying your assets as you round 85.  This was not done, and could be difficult.

Earthquake Early Warning Generally Useless


At last we have a paper on the Sacred Cow of Seismologists.  They tried to directly tap into politics to get money.  This is all part of the new trend for 'Social Physics'.

So, Early Warning is mainly for Earthquake Hypochondriacs who like to run out of buildings at the slightest tremor and get a nice break.  Nuff said.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nor-Easter Elongates Exactly Along Gulf Stream

This shows the air currents.

And this shows the water currents, outlining the Gulf Stream.

Nearly all storms are circular, but this is an amazing sight.  The hot zone is aligned right on top of the GS.  This adds more horse hockey to the fire, since I am convinced that you only get strong air plumes if they go down the channel of a major current.  As we see here, the hot water carves a low pressure trench.

I am amazed.  I wonder if anyone else is.

Time to Get Off Face Book

FB has weaponized 'likes'.  These things can be used to destroy democracy, or you can become the target for a serial killer.  As long as he is a rich serial killer or mad bomber. 

I would suggest Goog Photos for spreading pictures of your dog.  G+ has its '+1' thing which you shouldn't use, except for cat videos.  Luckily, nobody uses it much, so the mad bomber is out.

The funny thing is that FB has been on the outs for some time now, with the 'cool' younger set.  They all want 'Instagram Moments'.  Keep it light and fluffy, and it is less likely that Evil will come gunning for you.

This has been the biggest data breach of the century with 50 million people directly targeted.  Who cares if everybody has your credit card number?  The FB attack is personal.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Climate Change now includes extreme cold


The 'Global Warming' threat was a monotonic exponential rise in temperature that would fry everybody.  The Unemployed English Majors, such as above, didn't like that when it didn't happen, and changed the term to 'Climate Change'.  Nevertheless, even just a few months ago, they trotted out the physics of carbon being fiberglass insulation to the Earth.

Now they are in a bind, and have abandoned all pretence at physics.  As global temperatures plunge, this is still 'climate change' and it is caused by humans.  Great face-saving for all concerned, and I had predicted this obvious turn of events quite a while ago.


Monday, March 19, 2018

The Great Lakes at Turnover

One of the great things about the Great Lakes is the twice-yearly turnover.  There is no 'stagnant' old water at the bottom.  The water at 0C is the least dense of the cold water.  It then reaches maximum density at 4C.  When you see the map at 4, you know that section has completely turned over.  The sections below that are in the process of turnover.  The bottom water is always at 4, so all the fishies live.  The water from the top at 4 comes crashing down, and gives the fishies a tickle.

As it gets warmer, the temps go above 4 and then they stay on top.  I always found it amazing that all of life depends on this little thing.  But then, if it didn't happen, we wouldn't be here to talk about it.  :)

You'll also notice there is still some ice.  My cottage lake is frozen solid to maybe a foot or two, and the boats may not be in this year until the end of May.  During our lovely warm cycle, the ice went out middle of April or earlier, and we could make a visit at the beginning of May.  Not going to happen this year.

Good-bye to the Guardian

I loved this paper, so much so that I 'subscribed' to the digital edition.  This just gave me the right to comment and irritate all the warmies.  It was great for the last year, where I would predict extreme cold, and they would all say I was nuts, and it's going to be warmer.  It was also a good counter to trumypants.

Now it's all sad.  Without warming, it seems to have lost its purpose in life.  The last big article was:  "At the present rate of warming, we are all going to die."  I asked what do they mean by 'present rate', but nobody could answer.

They are printing the most extreme left-wing articles now, which are unreadable.  Even trumpypants doesn't need a counter any more.  Real life is weirder than SNL. 

So, I will stop reading and commenting.  I've called them all equivalent to creationists, in terms of intellectual interest.  Blah.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Physics: The mechanism of how the Pacific and Atlantic are linked

So, up to now, I could see the powerful Arctic current destroying the Gulf Stream and plunging the UK into bitter cold.  This Arctic current is much heavier than other winters, although this chart has only been on my radar for two years.  You have to accept my word for it, since nobody does anything with this.

But there has been massive instability in the Atlantic equatorial current or 'conveyor belt'.  Again, no historical reference.  Looking at it again in 3D, I can see how the cold current would plunge beneath the Gulf Stream and hit the equatorial belt.


For the warm spells, the Pacific Heat Battery builds up heat energy, and then finally gives up, for chaotic reasons.  There would also be a counter force of heat build-up in the west.  For all this time, the North Pacific current has been warming the Arctic, causing ice melting and the Beaufort Gyre.  This gyre is another battery, but storing up cold fresh water from the ice.  As being less dense in a vortex, the middle would be 2 cm higher than the rest.  This would be seen in satellite gravity measurements, if somebody would look.

Then it all blows.  A huge Arctic current comes down.  As it hits the Gulf Stream, it plunges in very deep water that is the home of the Titanic.  The current comes roaring down and hits the equatorial current, which generally goes all the way down, since it is also a heat battery.

This is a hypothesis.  It could be tested by looking at the deep currents.  They won't look, though.  Nobody is doing this sort of thing.  Everything is being handled by the Unemployed English Majors.  :)

Saturday, March 17, 2018

UK to get a few more 'Beasts from the East'

Now it's BE2.  Maybe 3 and 4.

Unless the ocean temps turn, indicating the return of the Gulf Stream, they are going to be cold.  Now, I feel sorry for them, and won't make any more fun.  :(

I don't see it warming up.  It may even be cooling more. 

Miami bridge sounds like shuttle and Chernobyl combined


This is the o-ring guy saying 'Uh, it's not good.'.  That Miami engineer was forced to phone a dead line about surface cracking, just to cover rear ends.  Then they may have been so internally scared that they conducted a load test with the traffic underneath.  That's the Chernobyl part.

The article also alludes to the bizarre qualifications system, where every state fiercely protects their inbred engineers.  This hits hard the trumpy states.

**I'm just following this for now.  I'm sure it's going to start to get so stupid that I turn it off.  :)  Don't forget that all this goes double for earthquake engineering.

ps. as an aside, we were shown the two videos about these disasters as a warning about bureaucratic (group think) engineering.  But they are more of a blueprint now.  :)

pps.  just coined a new term 'Scapegoat escapism'.  That's 90% of bureaucratic effort these days.

pppps.  Whatever you do, don't mention the company.  They sue anybody who looks at them sideways.  I'm leaving this subject.

Friday, March 16, 2018

California pushes earthquake resilience with new building codes


Very noble of them.  I've been preaching this for some time to my 7-person church choir.  :)  Unfortunately, the whole engineering thing is broken.  Buildings tilt at only 40 cm/s pgv.  A moderate earthquake would condemn every building in LA. 

The Florida bridge is indicative of the 'New Wave'.  Had it stood, it would have done the same at 10 cm/s.  Somewhere at that level is the high chance of static collapse, as we have witnessed.  *

The US now praises incompetence.  'Who's next?' gloats trumpypants.  We wait for the next earthquake. 

*In general, structures have a nominal earthquake capacity due to winds and live loads.  It's somewhere around 10-20 cm/s.  Anything lower than that, and you have static collapse, like in third-world countries. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Engineering Failures in the Trumpy States


If anybody has learned anything in the trumpystates is that you are happier if you wrap yourself in Wilful Ignorance.  Their leader has shown that you can make up anything, lie, betray, and you are still popular.  Who doesn't want this?

I've been following this trend for the earthquakes in Oklahoma.  A great many people have removed themselves from thinking with the whole biblical science thing.  The rest have drifted off into conspiracy theories.

I put it out that this is endemic and the current Great Cycle.  It's a situation where the first ones are tremendously rewarded, but if everybody does it, then everything collapses.  I've noticed it for some years, where no bigwig is responsible because he pulls the Stupidity Defence.  Our company was well into it when I left.  Let's see what they come up with.

In our current system, the smart one always gets killed.  He's the one that says "That darn thing will collapse".  If he stays or the comment is recorded, then he is killed in the lawsuits that follow.  Everybody knows this now, so that guy has gone extinct.  This collapse won't be a case of some smart criminal skimming out the cement powder, no, this will be an endless story of "Wasn't me."

When everything is collapsing, and people dying of earthquakes, diesel fumes, etc, there will be a change.  Bigwigs will be charged with fraud:  that they accepted money knowing full well they couldn't do the job.  We know who is #1 at this, and in this current social climate, trumpy is immune, even if everybody dies.

Of course, everybody isn't going to die.  In the worst case, all these catastrophic failures are at a thousand to one odds, when they used to be 100,000 to one.  What are the lawyers going to do with probability?

ps.  a video shows the explosive collapse.  Amazing.

pps. they were tightening the cables at the time.  Bad design would start a zipper failure with one strand breaking.
 ppppps.  the Amercans are already gunning for the scapegoat

UK to sweep what it sews - Snow and the New Ice Age

Poor UK.  The Unemployed English Majors of the Social Apocalypse started the gross manipulation of the world with their attack on basic physics.  The pioneered all the techniques, then used by Russia to engineer Brexit and trumpyism.  Really, what's a few more fake facts?  Now the poutines could poison the whole place and who would find the bodies under all the ice?

But Canada will attack Russia with cheap Canadabis, and get revenge for those poor lost souls.  :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Exciting Weather when the Plumes come a calling

Our recent Toronto weather is what happens when there are no high-energy plumes drifting over us.  All 'weather' comes from these plumes.  Right now we are in our sun-driven 'natural weather' for March -- good for maple syrup.  The Sun drives us above freezing in the day, and below freezing at night.  The Great Lakes moderate the temperature.

But the East got a mere twig of a big Atlantic plume, and they have a monstrous Nor-Easter.  Very exciting.  And now Britain gets the full brunt of it.  They'll get their equivalent of a nor-easter as it sucks in all the cold Arctic air.

Although each individual plume is 'weather', the overall intensity and number of them is climate.  They are driven by ocean currents.  Anyway, 'nuff said.

ps.  extremely cold weather in the eastern States.  Natural gas is in demand and will drain the reserves.  But no earthquakes in Oklahoma right now because it is too cold to handle the freshwater frack waste.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Doug Ford off and running -- into a brick wall

Everybody told him to lay off on the right-wing social stuff.  Just stick to the economy and you'll win a majority.  But no, he has to pile up the stones on his political grave.  I'm truly sorry, since I really wanted to find out the true cost of the Niagara Tunnel to Nowhere, among other things.

I'll have to unsubscribe to all the emails from these guys, and they will join the dustbin of history.  :(

Monday, March 12, 2018

With the Gulf Stream Dead, the UK is Looking Forward to Permafrost

The warm plumes continue to drift over the Sahara, and then warm up Moscow.  The chilly stuff then hits Britain.

The North Atlantic sea temperatures continue to plunge.  If there is a bottom to this, I would expect to be seeing it by now, in the ocean currents.  Unfortunately they are working up to be cold in the N. Hemisphere.

Increased permafrost is the first phase of glaciation.  It won't actually happen in Britain because it is surrounded by the sea which keeps temperatures up to a cosy -18oC.  :)  You need a frozen sea, and lots of -40 temps to keep up permafrost.

If this were to be a real ice age, you would need all the land back up to it's regular heights and snow lasting all year.  On that day, you would see some real positive feedback.  But the permafrost has to come first.

We really need a timelapse of this chart.

It would scare people.

ps.  that's the ocean temperatures.

Unemployed English Majors Move on to the Other Coming Disasters


I read this newspaper because it is the hottest hotbed of the Unemployed English Majors (UEM).  They should be just doing Uber, but they write impassioned columns and get everybody going.

They are leaving carbon behind and moving on to endless other things.  This fellow may be an Unemployed History Major, by throwing in WWI.  The only warm spot this winter was Moscow for a while when the weird reversed Atlantic winds went over it and warmed the Arctic.  All due to the collapse of major ocean currents.

Massive plastics dumping in Bali is leading to a big world-wide campaign against plastics.  It's still evil oil companies, so that part is good.  Tourists should just stop going to the littering countries, but, no, it has to be a war against Saran Wrap and recyclable Coke bottles.  All major corporations.

Can we imagine the trillions to be wasted on this?  Yuck.

ps. with the Gulf Stream still dead, the UK is becoming Labrador. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Canadabis - getting 100% germination

This is a topic near and dear to the Fords.  We, in Etobicoke, knew them as children.  Doug now is off the demon drink, and may he live a long and happy life.  I suggest that he grow 'Hash Plant' feminized seed from Crop King Seeds in Vancouver.  I just got 100% germination.

That's with my tomatoes.  The grow lights make it look weird and unrecognisable to the extreme right wing.  :)

It has been very difficult to get to nearly 100% success rate.  After losing many, many seeds I have finally got a system.  Those darn seeds cost nearly $15 a piece, but you get a lot of medicine out of each plant.  These are very vital, so they should be good.

My oil is very powerful for an old man.  The plant is 12% THC and 4% CBD.  Don't go for just CBD.  I'm convinced that for proper brain healing you need to scramble things with thc and then fix it all with cbd.  It's a good brain workout, better than those mind games.

You should all be at this stage if you want decent plants in the fall.  Right now, these plants are just Hemp, until they get juicy in September.  All perfectly legal.  I'm putting up a greenhouse this year,  since we are getting really cold as we jump into a Major Iceless Ice Age.  *

*would be ice if we were a few thousand years from now.

ps.  I just started the broccoli.  Which is the healthier?

pps. keep the saran wrap on until they poke it off.  I just lost the runt by taking it off too soon, but it might not have grown well anyway.

extra- yeah, I put the wrap back on and saved it!

The Manifesto of Doug Ford

I am making this all up.  Nobody reads me and nobody listens.  But, I am happy, just like him.  This is what he would say in my happy universe.

Doug Ford:

We had to jump through hoops to get it, but here I am.  I went all 'Negative Populism' to get this vote, but now I embrace 'True Populism'.  The Conservative Elite rigged the vote to get what they wanted, but now we will clean them out.


is the will of the people, plain and simple.  It is not Negative Populism, Hateful Populism, or White Backlash Populism.  It is inclusive.

Let's not fool ourselves, the left wing of socialism has nothing to do with the will of the people.  They are a liberal intellectual elite that is so incompetent that they have wasted billions of dollars on pet projects that only enrich their friends.  What have they brought to Ontario?

I could list endless wastes of money but let's start with the War Against Carbon Dioxide.

This is the current physics.

There it is, the very best physics of global temperature.  If you put in 'Carbon Dioxide Warming' in the atmosphere models you get the yellow band.  That was only a hypothesis put out by the Liberal Elite without any independent experimental tests.  Temperatures are not doing what they said they  would be doing, and now they are completely falling out of the band.  We are getting colder.

Trudeau and his friends can't argue against physics, and we have to ignore them, since it only made Ontario poorer.  They made millions, and Ontario lost billions following this False Hypothesis.

So we have a Niagara Tunnel To Nowhere, solar cells in snow belts, and windmills that never turn when you need the electricity.  All left wing foolishness.

This is Corruption of the highest order.  The Corruption of Incompetence, and filling the pockets of friends.  No Liberal will leave politics without a cushy job doing more incompetent things.


-oh, I love going nuts like this.

ps. to the unemployed English Majors - this is satire.  Don't get so upset.

pps.  Dougie just had to push that sex ed thing...

Ontario Gets a Trumpy Populist

Yeah, just what we need.  Dougie is now the Oncon leader.  Now, they are truly the party of the white male backlash.  As we recall, the party engineered this with their anti-other voting rules which required you to send in photo id.  All of that has been 'destroyed'.  Look to see that stuff in the next great hack.

Now they must get a majority in order to do anything.  Anything else and we'll see a lib-ndp thing.

ps.  this will be great if he enters my Alternate Universe, as I just wrote.  :)

Friday, March 9, 2018

The State of Oklahoma Earthquakes

I could also call this 'Physics' instead of state, but who cares?  As I wait for the ground to thaw, I am miserable that all my climate physics was right.  I'm leaving that behind, since it snares me in my own web of cold.

On to earthquakes!  I have new readers who don't know the background, and we didn't have any most of last year.

Oklahoma is a state in the centre of the United States of America.  It was mostly farming until they discovered oil, and that's the whole economy.  As they don't have to use their brains to live, they are big into the exact words of the bible.  Now, they've discovered the Internet and are hot into 'Liberal Conspiracy Theories'.  They were 100% trumpypants.

Then they discovered earthquakes.  They were injecting deep saltwater for a long time and never had an earthquake.  They can't separate saltwater and freshwater in their records, but the freshwater came in and the earthquakes started. At the same time, the volumes of injection increased tremendously and the geologists blame that.

These earthquakes start up every Spring when the freshwater comes in.  It mostly comes from gas fracking, so you can correlate natgas prices with earthquakes. 

Anyway, it builds up.  **This my theory and my theory alone.  Nobody who has to earn a living can go with that.  :)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Only 66K registered for really screwed up leadership vote

Only the old and clueless signed up.  That's ok, since they might be the only ones to vote for the elliot lady.  200K members.  I only wanted imaginary candidates, since the real ones were so disappointing.  We get what we deserve.  :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The physics of the 'Atlantic Conveyor Belt' reversal

I think I'm wrong on the mechanism of the Pacific El Nino reversal, and the Atlantic shows me this.  I had assumed the Pacific piles up hot water in the west, and it eventually springs back.  But there is no such 'pile up' in the Atlantic, and it is now in full reverse.

In fact, both belts are huge batteries of heat storage, all throughout the depth.  When the hot water rises, .....

Actually, I'm going to end it here in total confusion.  I can't figure it out, but I know it's important.  Charge is one way, discharge the other.  However, I have to reconcile it over geological time, and the ice ages.  I had thought it was simple, that the heat went south, but I'm not so sure.  Please forgive me.  :)

ps.  I'm going into major rethink mode on the fine points of physics here, so I'm getting out of the climate business.  Let Trudeau be warm in his mansion, thinking carbon dioxide is important, while the rest of us huddle for warmth and burn everything we can find.  We are descending into a Little Ice Age, which really is a Major Ice Age, but without the ice.  This will cause frantic fracking for natural gas, which will blow up the US Midwest.  My Casandra curse is complete.  :)

ps.  all those who are Trudeau fans will take heart in the latest Arctic ice volume chart.  It took a big hit downwards last month, when all that warm air reversed off the Atlantic belt, went over the Sahara, and over Moscow.  The line looks steadier now, but this will make the big headlines.  :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Toronto housing chart shows nothing much new

Just skidding along the bottom.  Nothing much in neighbourhood, either.  We'll have to wait for the March results, which should be Spring.  Maybe not this year, maybe it's April.  :)  And the ice won't leave the cottage lake until the end of May.  Oh, fun.

Earthquake season starts in Oklahoma with a bang

Although we are freezing up here in Toronto, it's warm enough to start the gas fracking.

There's the natgas futures price.  As the cold weather goes on, it will zoom.  It will double-zoom because that same weather delays the mountain fracking.  Fresh water is tricky stuff to use below freezing.  The OK saltwater stuff goes on all year.

We've just had 3 m5 earthquakes.  That's big stuff, and the last one may even be m5.3, three times as big.  A few more and we'll have a six!

This is starting bigger than last Spring, which I thought was big.  Then, a month later it all came to a crashing halt as natgas went down the tubes.  This year I think the price will hold for a few months, to refill the storage, and that will enough to see some big action.

In past year or two, we've seen some 6's that destroyed towns, but none of them were shallow thrusts.  If the price keeps up, then we'll finally see a thrust 6.  And this year I give a 1 in 100 chance for an m7.

ps.  The earthquake mechanism for the last m4.1 takes the cake!  I've never seen something like this.

It's a perfect cannon-blast to the other side of the world.  No wonder it was an m5.3 over there.  Had this pointed upward, it would be something.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Global Temperatures Fall

This is nothing new to the UK.  But, here is the official graph.  After that little blip cause by the Atlantic hurricanes, we have a very steep fall.  It will continue to fall, and I hope it stops at 1980.  However, I worry it will go on.

If it levels out at 1980, then we just start this curve again.  Fingers crossed.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Oklahoma Cannon Blast Earthquake

You'll probably never see this felt distribution anywhere, perhaps never again.  All around are equally sensitive points that report earthquakes, so this is real.

Now, somebody is sleeping at the switch because I'm not getting any of the usual stuff I need.  No fault mechanism, no seismometer reports.  Yuck!  Now that there is no warming, this is my only interest.

Anyway, a strike-slip felt zone is narrower.  This is a medium-depth thrust, the type we can expect when we have m7 day.  At least 2 m7's, one like this, the other a strike-lip.  Nearly all the seismic energy will go NE, straight to Toronto.  High rises and waterbeds... Have fun!

The cold weather will use up all the natgas reserves.  Expect gas fracking to go through the roof (or the other way).  Trucks will line up in OK.  If this really is an m5, then it confirms the rate of an m4 a week, and an m5 a month.  Apr-May will have an m5 a week.

ps.  the extra stuff came through, and it wasn't a thrust, but medium depth normal, m5.

pps.  well, that was hilarious, there were two m5's, each a slightly different mechanism.  That opens the spring season of higher energy rate.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

UK's 'Beast from the East' keeps away 'Come Forth from the North'

Couldn't find anything good that rhymes with North.  But this is good -20 air streaming right towards Britain.  Good thing that warm Siberian air is keeping it away.

However, the northern air is bashing the only warm plume in the northern Atlantic right now.  Looks like they'll have this weather for a month.

Meanwhile, in Canada, looks like another Pulse from the Gulf (horrible) will keep us knee-deep in snow or rain.

ps.  the UK may catch the warm plume coming up from Spain.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Tricks for the Baby Elfie

These are things I wish I could have found with a search engine.  The  tricks are tailored to old people.

Learn to fly with just the remote control.  The app is hopeless.  Start your first flights with the 'headless' mode which means the vectors are always in relation to the initial position.  Once you get the hang of it, then go to normal mode.

Since you will bash into everything, you need to take off the props and remove the dog hair once in a while.  Spray the shaft with specialized silicone spray, the one that costs a dollar more than the cheap stuff.

The bashed props will show little bends at the tips.  Gently sand these off with a nail emery stick.  It's a huge difference in the lift.

For pictures, use an old android phone.  Set up everything first with the remote, and fly a little.  Then connect the phone to the jjrc wifi and run the app, just 'connect'.  Don't go any further than that, since they fight.  Fly with the remote, and just touch the picture icons to take a video.  Don't bother with the picture, since it is so fuzzy.

Do not try to fly on a nice day at 5 degC.  The batteries quickly give up the ghost.

ps.  hit the calibration all the time.

pps.  the motors suffer from stiction all the time.  If they don't start, give them a spin.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Remove tariffs on everything


This is becoming ridiculous.  He sees the ad in one show, and this crap spurts out.  We're a tiny country.  We should just remove the tariffs on everything, in fell swoop.  This would take us out of the game.

There's no great consequence to this.  It's not as though we have any branch plants any more.  And imports can't sweep into our clogged entries.  Just the dairy industry, and we all drink almond milk anyway.  (Really, you should see the trucks at the border, coming in)

People can decide for themselves what American junk to buy.  It's all from China.  This will also help us advance to micro-manufacturing, where we won't even import goods, just make them right away with printers.

Get rid of the tariffs and kiss this idiot goodbye.

ps.  this uncertainty is killing us more than anything.

pps.  This is why we should remove ourselves, and declare a 'free port'.

Green Sahara Coming Back


Maybe not, but a heck of a lot of moist air is now pouring over the desert.  These are the conditions that gave us the 'Green Sahara' during the last major ice advance, or Major Ice Age.

We get a hint of it here, as we enter our Mini Ice Age.  The authors here are all hot on orbital variations, but that is a very minor perturbation.  This was at the height of social physics, so they could never mention ocean currents.  Remember, that in physics, it's not important that the tail exists, but whether it can really wag the dog.

So, in this switch, the Northern Hemisphere gets horribly cold, but the Sahara gets rain.  What a great place to grow cannabis!  Cheap land prices.

ps.  my tomato seeds just popped up under the lights.  Everybody in the north should get a greenhouse this year.  :)