Monday, March 12, 2018

Unemployed English Majors Move on to the Other Coming Disasters


I read this newspaper because it is the hottest hotbed of the Unemployed English Majors (UEM).  They should be just doing Uber, but they write impassioned columns and get everybody going.

They are leaving carbon behind and moving on to endless other things.  This fellow may be an Unemployed History Major, by throwing in WWI.  The only warm spot this winter was Moscow for a while when the weird reversed Atlantic winds went over it and warmed the Arctic.  All due to the collapse of major ocean currents.

Massive plastics dumping in Bali is leading to a big world-wide campaign against plastics.  It's still evil oil companies, so that part is good.  Tourists should just stop going to the littering countries, but, no, it has to be a war against Saran Wrap and recyclable Coke bottles.  All major corporations.

Can we imagine the trillions to be wasted on this?  Yuck.

ps. with the Gulf Stream still dead, the UK is becoming Labrador. 

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