Friday, March 16, 2018

California pushes earthquake resilience with new building codes


Very noble of them.  I've been preaching this for some time to my 7-person church choir.  :)  Unfortunately, the whole engineering thing is broken.  Buildings tilt at only 40 cm/s pgv.  A moderate earthquake would condemn every building in LA. 

The Florida bridge is indicative of the 'New Wave'.  Had it stood, it would have done the same at 10 cm/s.  Somewhere at that level is the high chance of static collapse, as we have witnessed.  *

The US now praises incompetence.  'Who's next?' gloats trumpypants.  We wait for the next earthquake. 

*In general, structures have a nominal earthquake capacity due to winds and live loads.  It's somewhere around 10-20 cm/s.  Anything lower than that, and you have static collapse, like in third-world countries. 

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