Friday, March 23, 2018

Why is the UK so cold? -- Weather people featherbed

And Professor Adam Scaife, head of long-range forecasting, added: "The February stratospheric warming incident weakened the Polar Vortex – high-altitude westerlies – and the jet stream, giving rise to the intense easterlies at the end of February. Following a recovery in the first half of March, a second but less intense sudden stratospheric warming has just occurred consistent with the continuing risk of cold easterly winds."

In fact the whole thing is mumbo-jumbo about jet streams, low and high pressure zones, etc.  They do this jargon to protect their position, just like everybody else.  They go on to predict snow in May.

That's why I like a physics-based approach to weather.  If we had this, the Unemployed English Majors wouldn't have been able to slip in with the carbon thing.  They used 'social physics' and the fact that the weather people cooperated by being incomprehensible.

Physics: - heat energy goes from hot to cold.  There are no 'cold waves'.  Just like your mother yelling at you to close the door, you're letting the cold in!  You are letting the heat out.  Cold is merely the absence of heat.

So here is a lovely warm plume coming up the Gulf Stream.  But the GS is dead!  The warm plume (called a low) misses the UK completely.  No heat for them!  Nothing to do with high pressure zones (cold air).  It's simply the lack of heat energy.

All our heat in the north comes from the tropics.  And all our 'weather'.  Without it, we would simply be a desert, at the temperature determined by latitude.  In Toronto, we've had our dry Maple Syrup weather all month (+5 to -5).  And UK has has the same weather, with a little bit of snow.

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