Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Time to Get Off Face Book

FB has weaponized 'likes'.  These things can be used to destroy democracy, or you can become the target for a serial killer.  As long as he is a rich serial killer or mad bomber. 

I would suggest Goog Photos for spreading pictures of your dog.  G+ has its '+1' thing which you shouldn't use, except for cat videos.  Luckily, nobody uses it much, so the mad bomber is out.

The funny thing is that FB has been on the outs for some time now, with the 'cool' younger set.  They all want 'Instagram Moments'.  Keep it light and fluffy, and it is less likely that Evil will come gunning for you.

This has been the biggest data breach of the century with 50 million people directly targeted.  Who cares if everybody has your credit card number?  The FB attack is personal.

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