Monday, March 19, 2018

Good-bye to the Guardian

I loved this paper, so much so that I 'subscribed' to the digital edition.  This just gave me the right to comment and irritate all the warmies.  It was great for the last year, where I would predict extreme cold, and they would all say I was nuts, and it's going to be warmer.  It was also a good counter to trumypants.

Now it's all sad.  Without warming, it seems to have lost its purpose in life.  The last big article was:  "At the present rate of warming, we are all going to die."  I asked what do they mean by 'present rate', but nobody could answer.

They are printing the most extreme left-wing articles now, which are unreadable.  Even trumpypants doesn't need a counter any more.  Real life is weirder than SNL. 

So, I will stop reading and commenting.  I've called them all equivalent to creationists, in terms of intellectual interest.  Blah.

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