Sunday, March 11, 2018

Canadabis - getting 100% germination

This is a topic near and dear to the Fords.  We, in Etobicoke, knew them as children.  Doug now is off the demon drink, and may he live a long and happy life.  I suggest that he grow 'Hash Plant' feminized seed from Crop King Seeds in Vancouver.  I just got 100% germination.

That's with my tomatoes.  The grow lights make it look weird and unrecognisable to the extreme right wing.  :)

It has been very difficult to get to nearly 100% success rate.  After losing many, many seeds I have finally got a system.  Those darn seeds cost nearly $15 a piece, but you get a lot of medicine out of each plant.  These are very vital, so they should be good.

My oil is very powerful for an old man.  The plant is 12% THC and 4% CBD.  Don't go for just CBD.  I'm convinced that for proper brain healing you need to scramble things with thc and then fix it all with cbd.  It's a good brain workout, better than those mind games.

You should all be at this stage if you want decent plants in the fall.  Right now, these plants are just Hemp, until they get juicy in September.  All perfectly legal.  I'm putting up a greenhouse this year,  since we are getting really cold as we jump into a Major Iceless Ice Age.  *

*would be ice if we were a few thousand years from now.

ps.  I just started the broccoli.  Which is the healthier?

pps. keep the saran wrap on until they poke it off.  I just lost the runt by taking it off too soon, but it might not have grown well anyway.

extra- yeah, I put the wrap back on and saved it!

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