Friday, March 2, 2018

Tricks for the Baby Elfie

These are things I wish I could have found with a search engine.  The  tricks are tailored to old people.

Learn to fly with just the remote control.  The app is hopeless.  Start your first flights with the 'headless' mode which means the vectors are always in relation to the initial position.  Once you get the hang of it, then go to normal mode.

Since you will bash into everything, you need to take off the props and remove the dog hair once in a while.  Spray the shaft with specialized silicone spray, the one that costs a dollar more than the cheap stuff.

The bashed props will show little bends at the tips.  Gently sand these off with a nail emery stick.  It's a huge difference in the lift.

For pictures, use an old android phone.  Set up everything first with the remote, and fly a little.  Then connect the phone to the jjrc wifi and run the app, just 'connect'.  Don't go any further than that, since they fight.  Fly with the remote, and just touch the picture icons to take a video.  Don't bother with the picture, since it is so fuzzy.

Do not try to fly on a nice day at 5 degC.  The batteries quickly give up the ghost.

ps.  hit the calibration all the time.

pps.  the motors suffer from stiction all the time.  If they don't start, give them a spin.

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