Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The physics of the 'Atlantic Conveyor Belt' reversal

I think I'm wrong on the mechanism of the Pacific El Nino reversal, and the Atlantic shows me this.  I had assumed the Pacific piles up hot water in the west, and it eventually springs back.  But there is no such 'pile up' in the Atlantic, and it is now in full reverse.

In fact, both belts are huge batteries of heat storage, all throughout the depth.  When the hot water rises, .....

Actually, I'm going to end it here in total confusion.  I can't figure it out, but I know it's important.  Charge is one way, discharge the other.  However, I have to reconcile it over geological time, and the ice ages.  I had thought it was simple, that the heat went south, but I'm not so sure.  Please forgive me.  :)

ps.  I'm going into major rethink mode on the fine points of physics here, so I'm getting out of the climate business.  Let Trudeau be warm in his mansion, thinking carbon dioxide is important, while the rest of us huddle for warmth and burn everything we can find.  We are descending into a Little Ice Age, which really is a Major Ice Age, but without the ice.  This will cause frantic fracking for natural gas, which will blow up the US Midwest.  My Casandra curse is complete.  :)

ps.  all those who are Trudeau fans will take heart in the latest Arctic ice volume chart.  It took a big hit downwards last month, when all that warm air reversed off the Atlantic belt, went over the Sahara, and over Moscow.  The line looks steadier now, but this will make the big headlines.  :)

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