Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Of no importance whatsoever

 My AI wants to write this.  It's the secret final section of a previous series hidden under this weird title that nobody will notice.

As a physics person, I never say anything to counter the influencers.  I don't go on tv, or get grilled by nasty rightwingers.  I just put out hypotheses, which can be safely ignored for a while.

As we were saying, the nuclear plant foundation was a wonderful mess of deep piles, and the whole thing rests on these.  They used huge well points and massive pumps to keep the lake out of it, and they kept all that pumping going after construction, because who would want it to float away?

Then came an innocent physics person onto the scene.  For legal purposes I can't remember any of this.  Turns out there was a huge transformer on Unit 7 sinking into the ground.  The stiff connectors kept breaking.  What a nuisance!  I was the second opinion to a bunch of very cool influencers (consulting company) who had it all solved.  They found a huge cavity under the transformer concrete pad, and were going to fill it with grout for a cool few mill.

They had to drag me out kicking and screaming -- "Wait a second!  Where did all that dirt go?"  I was clubbed on a the head like an anti-trumper in a rally, and could say no more.  I filed a report, which was burned up in the last records fire.

That was all settled by the fact that they closed the unit.  Unit 7 is right beside one of the massive well point drains, but it was obvious all the dirt couldn't have been sucked out by the pump.  There would have been no pump left (abrasive sand eats pumps).

This was thrown out of my mind, until yesterday, with my brain storm that I had to drug myself out to get to sleep.  Where did the dirt go?  And was the process of dirt removal still active?

When you renovate a house, you're base assumption is that the foundations are solid.  No termites.  That is one hypothesis that can be tested.  That's what the warmies didn't do.  They based their carbon warming on one false hypothesis that was never tested.  Then it went to all the influencers, and floated up on its own.  You shouldn't do that.  It became a fact by consensus and groupthink.

Here's the hypothesis that can be tested.  The huge pumping at the deep well points continued to consolidate the loose soil  Consolidation is the process of making the soil denser by removing the water between the grains.  We do that all the time in geotechnical engineering.  Making the soil denser would be great before you build, but they suspended everything on piles.  The huge soil bulb under the plant became a little dried raisin.   Here is the meat:

Pickering is standing on stilts with a huge cavity underneath.  It is the nuclear plant equivalent of termites.

Not too bad, except that all the soil beside it, is caving into the giant cave.  All the important equipment beside the plant is standing on nothing.  

This can easily be tested by drilling a hole in the basement, and launching a sewer rover to see how bad things are.  I'm guessing a few metres.  With giant sewer monsters.

Again, not too bad, unless you worry about earthquakes.  Stilts are bad enough for the floppy vacuum system, but a reactor on stilts is a giant Bouncy Castle.

This is just a hypothesis.  You can't condemn it with influencer shouting.  You have to test it.  I think it is a good hypothesis that follows all the laws of physics.  They do drilling for new roadwork, why not this?  The bounciness of the reactors can be tested with seismometers.  It should be down a factor of 10 from the surface, but my secondary hypothesis is that the stilts make it as bouncy as the surface.  This violates the seismic design, but it could be wrong.

No media can write about hypotheses, and the need for testing.  Everything they say violates the laws of physics.  So neat.  So most likely, the termites in the basement will be ignored.

I digress -- they renovated the church near me, but when they took out the floor, the giant beams from monster trees of long ago were rotten with termites.  Could have done an investigation before.

ps. the real termites are the bacteria on exposed piles.  They are meant to be in no-oxygen soil.  Those piles are probably sloughing off huge hunks of rust.  That puts a damper on making it a go-cart track.

pps. nobody ever tests any hypotheses.  The Scientific Method is in the past.  It's all yelling and trying to get people fired.  This is the reason for all our disasters recently.  Lots to write about.

more - Feb 3, 2024.  This is a popular post.  I threw this out of my brain because it is so horrible.  Luckily, it's all physics, and has the popularity of ts porn - who wants to see that?

State of the Oceans - Jan 31, 2024

 The current maps are now popping out like clockwork.  The leftwingers can't go after me about the other thing, because they would have to do physics.  Not going to happen.  

The return current is starting to latch into the cold westerly current, and has no more heat.

This puts the 'smear' out of its misery.

The micro-elnino in the west Pacific is dead.

The warmies have put up the dailies I showed the other day, highlighting the effect of this.

Of interest, the Gulf Steam is pumping up heat in a strong current, saving the UK

Neat.  I have never seen this narrow current going up the UK.  Anything can happen!

ps. the tropical dailies are going down.  That single plume hitting the west coasts breaks all records for the most energy, if anybody measured that sort of thing.

Welcome to my nightmare -- Part 2

 My imaginary, totally fictional plant was built on the worst geology in the world.  The soil is a melange of sand, silt and clay, deposited as a river delta on an ancient beach.  You could not find anything worse.

This plant put a lot more weight on this soil, than the other one.  I have visions of being there, but I just heard stories.  They dug a big hole, and put in piles side by side.  All of Lake Ontario was pouring in through the sand, so they put in huge 'well points' to keep the water down, so they could hammer in the piles.

The piling was so dense that every time they hammered down a new one, the old ones popped back up, and they constantly kept hammering everything down, like a whack-a-mole.  You can see the effort in the old pictures, which are probably gone now.  You couldn't think of a better way to disturb the soil.

Luckily, all the pile heads got beams, and they poured the foundations.  No need for the soil to support anything.  

---ahh!  I can't go on!  If you want a horror show, go to nettyflix..


ps.  I'm going on "Only Fans for Fisics"  where I will make a lot of money.  Don't go for more details unless you have the cash.  I have a real cute smile.

Welcome to my nightmare -- Part 1

 As you know, I've had a dark past doing physics.  It is something that I'll deny until my brain turns to mush, just like trumpy.  My darkest moment was working on a nuclear plant that shall remain nameless.

This nightmare is so horrible, I rate it PG for the 10 people in the world that know physics.  Tikkytoks won't be affected at all.

A decade or two ago, there was thought of refurbishing this imaginary nuclear plant.  The last remaining great minds were on it, just like the Niagara Tunnel.  My thoughts show me visiting it and going inside an egg.  It was like going down in Das Boot.  

You go through a small hatch, and it is instant claustrophobia.  Everything and the dog is jammed into here, except there is no room to swing the dog.  That is the containment.  It's like building your basement around a huge bed-couch.

We looked at the physics of trying to refurb.  You have to pop off the top of the egg, lift it by a sky hook, and place the egg shell on the adjacent one for safe keeping.  Then you scoop out the egg and replace it with new stuff.  Pop the shell back on and away you go.  We deemed this to be impossible.

However, that was then and this is now.  New technology has brought us influencers who can lip-flap about doing anything.  However, if you are stuck in a physics world, you realize that you are greatly disturbing concrete that is at the end of its lifetime.  They can glue the lid back with crazy glue, but these things can barely pass a pressure test now.  2 points to those who can figure out what happens.

The containment was never designed to hold back steam pressure.  If there was a big leak, a rupture disk pops and the steam goes through the rickety concrete passageway to the vacuum building.  There, the steam is sprayed with water.  and the vacuum continues.  Only one leak at a time, please.

Do not make any attempt to think about this.  Not recommended without a good dose of my cannabis.

-- Next, we go to the real horror of the dream -- maybe not.  If you believe in fairies, clap your hands.  To the PR department -- nobody reads me, No need to bring out the talking heads.

Cold blob slides down again


Tremendous cold in the Arctic, but it can't get us.

The 'plume that lasted forever' is still shoving these things away.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Explanations for my buddy - Part 3

 We did plumes, now we do cold blobs.  In the winter, in the North, we get -60C temperatures over the Arctic.  This forms objects - cold masses of air.  They have mass, momentum, energy, etc.  The cold air could stay over the Arctic, but it is unstable.  It is dense, and is driven by gravity.  

As we know, the world spins faster at the equator.  If it were all liquid, the Earth would look like a cough lozenge.  However, being semi-solid, we just have a bulge at the equator.  The cold air wants to join the equator party.

The cold air mass could move as one, just sliding along, but it doesn't.  It breaks up as either large blobs, or Arctic spills.  The difference is just in the aspect ratio.  The channels are long and narrow, and penetrate farther, like a Ukraine raiding party.

The blobs are large, with a curved front.  That curve is based on physics, and is mostly due to the fact that the cold air moves faster on cold ground.  The blobs and spills can part warm air, but they absorb heat, and eventually fade away over Texas.

Lately, we have had huge battles between warm plumes and cold blobs.  The result is a huge snowstorm.

This is the end of the explanation.  I don't have the brain power to explain the larger issue of going into an ice cycle.  That's too much for anybody.

The End.

Linux - the big Python change

 This has screwed up Deluge, and perhaps, Chrome on Linux.  You need to delete your configuration folder in '.config' and reconfigure everything.

It's much worse if you have to reconfigure KDE.  There is no way to clear everything.  You have to 'reuser' yourself, saving stuff, deleting you as a user, and making yourself again.  Hopefully, that's only every few years.

ps.  not fixing Chrome, which is racing.  darn.

Explanations for my buddy - Part 2

 No predictions from influencers are ever right.  They make up for that by endless explanations 'after the fact'.  There is no need for physics, since everybody and their dog just lap this up.

The 'Heart of Chaos' (West Pacific) spits out atmospheric plumes.  These are high-energy events full of warm water vapour.  It's a funny thing that an equal volume of water can contain 4000 times more heat energy than that of dry air.  Warm, wet air contains at least a 1000 times more heat energy than dry air (equal temperatures, volumes).  I wish somebody would actually do those calculations.  I roughed them out and it hurt my brain.

This is the latest plume to shoot into the North.  I only do the north, because, well, who cares about those other guys?  You can see the greater intensity of plumes to the south during the north's winter.

An 'atmospheric low' is always the tip of these 'Spears of Heat'.  

The low pressure is caused by the mechanism of the heat rising in response to the cold air coming in.  In terms of physics, a 'low' doesn't exist as an object, just like the 'jet stream' doesn't exist.  They are the 'symptoms' or 'effects' of a mechanism.

Focusing on just the tip ignores the huge stream of energy feeding it.  A 'high' is just a cold blob of air, where the air density is causing the high pressure.  It doesn't exist.

-more later -- I've used up my brain time for the day.

Explanations for my buddy - Part 1

 One of my old readers is totally confused with my weather fetish.  I was raised doing earthquakes, and was astounded at the crap way they do weather.  This resulted in the whole climate change thing, done without physics and energy considerations.  The earthquake equivalent is a prediction based on cloud formations.

The current weather forecasting is all about visible patterns.  In the old days, all they had was a barometer and thermometer.  Then they had maps, and went wild with them.  We have the story of the weather and D-day.  

Their main patterns are 'highs', 'lows' and the jet stream.  Then they throw in phoney explanations like the polar vortex fairies.  All done without energy calculations.

All physics in this area was destroyed when physics demolished the 'out of a hat' explanation of the ozone holes.  No physics has been done since, and no Scientific Method has been allowed to counter the dogma that spouts from philosophical influencer lips.  This has resulted in our 'generation without physics'.  I make fun of that when they actually try to get something to work, like solar cells.

So, from earthquakes, I went to weather, and long-term forecasts.  It's all energy.

All the weather in the world comes from this murky mess in the West Pacific.

The big ocean currents also modify the weather.  Without the ocean heat energy, we would just have a stratified weather, like Jupiter.  This 'hot spot' of weather is chaotic, meaning that there is some point that we can't penetrate to get a prediction, since predictions are all 'deterministic'.  That's the difference between clockwork (deterministic) and musky's brain (chaotic).  

Chaos is also an earthquake mechanism, but we can 'draw a box' around the chaotic part, and work with the mechanisms outside.

-- to be continued.

New central N. Am blob may form


We are getting a hint of this, and that the huge Pacific plume may finally be dying.  

That is a heck of a lot of cold air, and it wants to go someplace.  

The former pattern has changed, and we have to see what's next.  I'll still go for the Pacific hot plume to die, and the cold spill hitting Texas.  I hope the US shuts down all the natgas before that....

Monday, January 29, 2024

Huge blob drains the Arctic


This is an amazing Arctic blob.  

That huge Pacific plume is still pouring over the mountains, pushing the blob to the East.  Who knows how long that plume will last?  We need energy measurements.

That's the Mother of All Blobs.

ps.  warmies talk about technology, again.

pps.  not much change on Tuesday.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

New nuclear plants are now probably 100 billion


30 years ago, we had a shock that Darlington was going to cost 10 billion.  But look at the price of houses since then -- up a factor of 10.  

We could put a tiny bit of that money into physics, and we would identify the coming ice cycle, and realize that this cost is cheap.  maybe.  Personally, if we blow this carbon thing with physics, then we can go all natgas.  I don't think we can actually build nuclear plants any more -- too much general stupidity around.

Pacific air pours over the mountains


A plume that doesn't look like anything is pouring air over the mountains.

This is like last year, but with a totally different mechanism.  

It's very cold in the Arctic, but all the air is staying there.  It hasn't settled into a new pattern yet.  I am flummoxed.  

ps.  the dailies are all dropping again.  

pps.  it's incredible to watch the plumes smashing into the mountains, stopping all attempts for an Arctic spill to form.

more - and that's a combined double plume.

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Pickering B going for refurb


I did not see this coming.  After all the horrible things they've done there, I was happy to know it was going out the door.  Now, it's hanging around forever.

I am too old to go after it, and the process is so corrupt anyway.  I'm pretty confident that no disaster will happen in my lifetime, and my descendants can take care of themselves.  I'll be sleeping.

If you want to know exactly what can happen, there are some old posts.  The Hamilton Fault has about a 1 in 10,000 per year chance of happening, and that's plus or minus a factor of 10.

We will enjoy the PR press saying it's fine.  I would like a seismic walkthrough like they did for Pick A, but that's not going to happen.  PickB would fail miserably.

They'll go on and on about how the heavy system is seismically designed.  That's selective reasoning that we have endured with the warmies.  It's all good.

***This is all fine!  Bloody Perfect!  Since nobody reads me, the tree has fallen in the woods without a sound....

ps.  this won't kill any more people than a complete lack of earthquake preparation.

Arctic finally free of warmth


No dramatic Arctic spills.  It's just coming down as the 'Blob that ate New York'.  It's in its full glory at -50.  Greenland is a solid -60C, so it is not melting.

Previous Arctic spills are shutting off the warm tropical plumes.  

The Pacific plumes seem weak, but I have found that I can't tell.  I also can't tell how deep this Arctic blob will go.  All depends on the tropical plumes.

ps.  that little worm poking up its head is going down on all charts.  This was definitely that weird current we saw in the west Pacific.

pps  Pacific air over the mountains is very strong.

Friday, January 26, 2024

State of the oceans - Jan 26, 2023

 The ocean current maps are in.  

That return current has really decayed.  Another week or two, and it's gone.  Since it was the cause of the Apparent El Nino, that is also almost gone.

It will take amazing PR talent to make something of this.  I am more interested in the little blob of heat in the west Pacific.

This is caused (maybe) by a zone of coherent flow that looks like a big smear.  I've never seen that before.  It could be the source of the monster tropical plumes that are shattering my prediction of more Arctic spills, like we had at the beginning of January.  If those plumes die, then we are back to what I thought would happen.

But, really, this is a chaotic system, and only follows a steady pattern for a while, then turns on a dime.  I just follow it, and get smashed every time it flips.  Neat.  My buddies, the warmies, never let it bother them.

ps.  nobody is looking at the map

pps.  and they are preparing the way to say it never existed.

Chaos rules the North

 The warmies are spinning out explanations on why it's cold, and I'm spinning on why it isn't as cold as I thought it would be.

The Arctic is very cold and should be throwing out Arctic spills, but it is in turmoil.

The proper setup for Arctic spills is an entirely still Arctic, building up power like a glacial lake.  However, there are lots of winds.

There is Pacific air pouring over the mountains, and carrying little cold blobs away.  I really don't have a mechanism any more.  This is the classic chaos mechanism where everything just goes into a quivering mass.

On the dailies, we have the picture of the tropics being steady, but the nhemi and the Arctic having a poke up from very cold.  

We will have to wait and see.

ps. and here we have a warmie-type headline.

might be a small problem....

pps.  I'm thinking that the only thing that could cause this mess is another segment of Pacific ocean current coherent reversal (mini el nino).  I have to wait for the ocean currents map.

more. there appears to be a tiny speck of the hot water blob from the last segment reversal.  The main blob is now shoved south of the equator, but this is north, and may be firing the plume cannons at us.  It will run out of ammo, soon.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Multiple Arctic blobs


We might be up for another Arctic spill, since the tropical plume action seems weak.

I'm glad I lost my infallibility, since it was scaring me.


The old blob should cut off the Atlantic tropical plume to UK, and they can have nice clear Arctic weather instead of storms.

ps.  this will keep the weather people confused.

Since the jet stream is just an effect between warm and cold air masses, and doesn't actually do anything, this is an indicator of weak tropical plumes, and strong cold air.

ps. those blobs are seriously bouncing off the warmth.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Arctic spill coming down as a clipper


I was expecting more, but it will come down as a one-day clipper.  It will hit the US but only some increase for natgas.  Lots of snow.

Dailies show interesting things

 As well as waiting with baited breath for nooa to come out with the monthlies, we have the dailies.  They wobble up and down a lot.

First, we have the world dailies, which show a big dive.

Although the warmies danced with a temperature spike, they will be the first to tell you "Although temperatures are falling faster than trumpy's coherency, it doesn't mean anything, because we won't look at it."

The Northern Hemisphere is diving, as we know from that last chill.

And the Arctic is in a position to send more cold blobs.

You don't hear as much as how Antarctica is melting.

The tropics are still very high, and dominating the world temperature, but it looks that it wants a rest.

Another good Arctic spill starts

 Now I am gun-shy.  This looks good, and the Toronto forecast has it for a day, but I don't know the impact.  The West Pacific is still firing out plumes.

Everything looks good, but you can see how the old one got smashed and went to the East.

As I have said, there is no way to predict what the plumes will do.  I am now down to a coin flip that this will reach the US.

ps.  and the old Arctic spill might clear the plumes from the UK

ps.  all climate change

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Measuring the energy of a Pacific Tropical Plume


This was my big error for my prediction of an Arctic spill.  It was intercepted and diverted by a Pacific plume of vastly more energy.

The big crime against humanity of the warmies, was the demolition of the Scientific Method and the Laws of Physics.  At the same time, they stopped all new atmospheric physics.  That's because the tiniest bit of physics, like dropping a cannon ball, destroyed their arguments.  In this case, they were destroyed by weather balloons, so they had to shut that all up.  They called this 'science' because scientists did it.

Even the earlier stupidity of Freon was destroyed by a simple experiment.  What if we reproduce the exact conditions of the stratosphere and see the purported chemical reaction directly.  Wouldn't that be neat?  No, the results came that the reaction was impossible and everybody was destroyed.

Now we have tropical plumes.  These are the true events of spreading heat from the equator, and nothing is known about them.  I just make a guess by looking at the MIMIC map above.  So much could be done.  Nevertheless, the less physics being done means that physics looks like a trumpy monologue.  Bat-shit crazy!

With the long video above, you can see how a plume struck low, south of the mountains and went right into a Gulf plume.  In actuality, the Pacific plume kept going straight to the UK, to give them a mess of cyclones.  This thing had the energy to keep away Arctic flows.  Will this continue?  Nobody knows.

ps.  with just an El Nino roadkill smear left, nooa has stopped all reporting on it.  Unless you can find something?

Australia one-day heatwave gone

 This is funny that a one-day heatwave made all the headlines as 'proof' of climate change.  Then it is gone, and no headlines.

Just a little bit, in the outback where there is supposed to be dry heat.  But they are just getting soggy heat.

And the sog goes on.  Maybe another couple of weeks and they'll go nuts again with the headlines.

Arctic spill was a damp squib


The Arctic has been hit by tropical plumes and is, once again, into recharge.  Although it  started well, it was really an M4.  Since no physics is being done, you can't compare the energies of all the inputs.  Doesn't stop me, since when everybody withholds necessary information, I just make things up.

The Arctic spill was diverted away from Toronto, and will hit the East.

Tropical plumes are being raised in the East Pacific and are strong enough to make it to the UK.  They are having a nice warm time.