Friday, September 25, 2015

Cushing Oklahoma Intensity 6 earthquake

M4.0, recorded as an M4.6 in the directivity zone.

You can see it's a shallow strike-slip with a bit of thrust to get that high intensity.  Lo and behold, that's what it is.

This is right at the end of the big shear zone, so I'm guessing that the thrust aspect is mainly due to end effects.

There's not much activity elsewhere, so there is a chance that all the hard points have been removed and the whole thing is on the move.  Each intensity unit is a doubling of the PGV, so I'm guessing there are a lot of oil tank leaks today, and it's just short of the major ruptures.

We'll know soon enough, this should be answered by a thrust near the city.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Earthquake early warning again


Wow, this is a slickly written piece by the PR department at Berkeley.  It's proof that this is the only way that scientists are allowed to communicate now.  I'm the only 'naked' scientist left.  :)

It's a very neato article written without a speck of physics.  I've written again and again on this silliness, but it's the only way that seismic monitoring gets funded these days.  So, what the heck.  It isn't the first time that unscientific nonsense gets a lot of funding.  :)

You should read this if you are in the PR department of a university.  It's an example of the pinnacle of the art.  I put this in the same category as Europe weighting co2 over carbon particulates in the latest diesel scandal.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Fun at Darlington Nuclear


I'm amazed at what people can accept here.  I was paid a long time ago to defend nuclear against stupid articles like this one.  I mainly used science, and advocated research a scientific defence.  That way I got a lot of money out to my science buddies.  It helped me deal with the internal stupidities.

Now, there is no more science, just total silence.  Any comments come from a PR person.  But mostly it is a huge brick wall.  The silence is equated by the people as a sign of competence.  Darlington was a mass of stupidities that somehow came together to allow it to run.  I have written on the fundamental design flaw that chewed up the plant early (Water Laser), and on the horrible seismic parameters.  They'll have another chance to thread the needle with all the new refurbishments.  I don't think they can do it.

I was only inspired to write this because because people have been looking at my water laser series.  I really haven't found out anything new, and have detached from this for my own sanity.  :)

Irving, Texas earthquakes continue for some reason

I have no idea why.  Obviously somebody is still injecting gas frack waste, or they left some boreholes open to the groundwater.  It seems that nobody ever grouts their boreholes when they leave.  I'm guessing that this will just dribble on forever.

Friday, September 18, 2015

m4.1 Oklahoma earthquake right under the oil tanks

Intensity 5, we need intensity 7 to rupture tanks, which we would get with a step up of an m5 shallow thrust.  Then we would be knee-deep in oil.  If we are lucky we'll get a scare with one tank rupturing, and then they will stop.  If we are unlucky, it skips 2 mags and a thousand tanks rupture.

I caused this by saying activity was done and the oil tanks were safe.  Now I'll go the opposite:  WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!  That should calm things down.  :)

Add:  People ask me what would be the scale of the disaster.  (Ha, nobody reads this)  They mix gas tanks with the oil, and it's all light crude.  You can't rupture tanks without sparks.  So, if only 10% of the tanks rupture, then the whole thing goes in a good representation of an Eastern volcano.  I would bet a cup of coffee that this earthquake and others have already started tanks leaking, and their shipments of crazy glue are way up.  Of course, this will all be kept secret.  They always keep these tanks until the rusty holes get too much to patch up.  I think Obama should go in with the army and declare martial law.  :)  We're talking the greatest environmental disaster the world has ever seen (man-made, that is).

Thursday, September 17, 2015

M8 Earthquake Chile - unusual shallow thrust

You don't expect these at a subduction zone, but that means the oceanic crust is smashing into Chile, and causing compression.  Had it been near the capital we would have confirmed a very high PGV, but we can't tell here.

Add: busgus reporting a very high intensity.  Only adobe houses, so I don't know what they are working with.  The hammer zone was right on land, but there may be no houses there.  Had it been measured, it would have been a world record, and I would be proven right again.  :)  No such luck.

Add2 - m7 aftershock, hope they had an accelerometer in for that one.

OMG- I'm at the cottage and my brain is fried.  The focal mechanism looks like an every day subduction quake, and there could be just the normal 20 cm/s, which would knock down any adobe house.  Forget all that thrust hammer talk, I'm just so ashamed.  :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oklahoma - I'm not dead yet!

Oh wow, I really thought this affair was over with nearly free oil.  But here it is as intense as ever.  The very lowest zone is my original mechanism with thrust and shear combination.  That's where I place my bet for the big one.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cottage Report - Summer in September

One great thing about an El Nino is that it is a lot warmer in the North.  I'm at the cottage in beautiful summer weather.  It is great because there are no bugs.  We had our 4" of rain and now are due for a week of dry sunny warm weather.  Callie is now getting the storms, and we are all happy.

Linux - getting an old Zotac to work

My son is all into major league baseball, now that the Bluejays are winning.  We've signed up to mlbtv and can watch a game every day!  (I can't, it's soooo boring!)  But the old wdtv box can't seem to take the hd channel, and it freezes a lot.  Time to buy a new android box!  But first I want to check out my old media box that I once bought for xbmc, now kodi.

I eventually had so much trouble with it, I went for the wdtv.  But it has 4 atom processors and a good gpu.  Linux had trouble supporting it, since everywhere I read, people said that the atom was garbage.  Lucky for me, somebody smart must have one, since there is now specific Atom support in the kernel.

That said, it was a lot of trouble.  There was a bug since 4.2 for the Intel graphics.  I did so many things at once, but I did get it working well.  My only advice is deal with all the device drivers as modules, and make sure you have all the firmware files.  The soundcard is Intel, but it has a Realtek chip, so you have to do that.

Now the only thing I have left to do is put in the MLB add-on for Kodi, it is not 'official' yet, but they say it works.  Can't wait.  Actually this would happen for any Android xbmc or kodi box.

Addition:  while doing this, my son's Acer Aspire S5 stopped working.  We thought it was the famous power button, but it was the battery pack.  I ordered a new one from Aliexpress for $36.  Cheap, but takes weeks to get here.

add2 - the mlb video add-on works!

Friday, September 11, 2015

El Nino reaches us, storm spinning to California

The ocean current map confirms it, and the Pacific trade winds have reversed.  A storm is now spinning to California, and Christmas comes early.  However, mudslides and floods may dint their happiness.

We shall see what happens.  Any earthquake during the floods will be a lot worse.

It pours, man it pours.

Addition - storm died.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The next generation of Android phones for cheap men

We're looking at the OnePlus Two, and the New Nexus 5 as being the next hot phone that you can put in your jeans pocket.  For normal people, you won't get any of these before Christmas.

The 1+2 has a reservation list of 2 million, and they only produced 1.5 million of the old phone.  Nevertheless, I put my unique style of writing on their forums, to go for my one in a million chance to buy the thing at full price.  :)

I think the Nexus5 will be better in software support.  Do you need any of this?  We find that the old N4 and N5 are perfectly adequate in Canada where you pay an arm and a leg for data.  99% of what you do while driving is text and talk.  :)  Who's going to watch the Bluejays on their phone?  And some of these new phones are getting ridiculous with 3x retina displays.  With my eyes I'm super sub-retina.  :)

Problem is that you can't get the old phones either, but if you can, you'll be happy with an old Nexus.

Oklahoma earthquakes took the weekend off

I am quite surprised by the total correlation between the long weekend and earthquakes here.  There was absolutely nothing for the Labour Day weekend, and now we get an M3.7.  Amazing.

Of course everybody now accepts that the injection is causing earthquakes.  But they now believe they can keep them small and controlled by reducing the volumes of saltwater.  Kansas is quite smug about this.  Also, the coming age of free oil must be reducing things.  I, however, think that active fracking in the East for local natural gas will more than make up for this.  It's merely a question of when they stop dumping the stuff into the local creeks, and ship it to OK.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

El Nino starts to make us warm

It was a nice hot summer for the cottage.  Now, the only global temperature measure that has some scientific rigour, (and physics!) is confirming it.

You can see that there simply wasn't any El Nino in 2007 when we expected it, nor in the earlier 2 slots that this graph shows.  That probably means that California should get some bigger water reservoirs, since this is becoming so irregular.

This El Nino is really big and is shooting warm plumes up high over the Pacific and warming up the North.  Probably means lots of snow this years, but who knows?

Thursday, September 3, 2015

El Nino still stuck

Oh, this is not going to be good for California.

This is the current situation of wet air moving all around the globe.  The only rain we get on the fringes comes from these plumes that curl out.  El Nino is currently just a huge mass of warm water on the western half of the Pacific.  It is supposed to break out against the prevailing current and give the Americas a nice wet kiss.

You can see it is stuck, sending typhoons to Hawaii.  Australia is plumeless.  And everything goes around California because of the cold water coming down.  In the Atlantic, new hurricanes are getting sheared off by the strong air currents.  I've been waiting to see the new updates to the ocean current map, but I suspect it will just show the same thing.

If this El Nino fails, then California is up the dry creek.

Addition -- Checking the ocean current update, it hasn't changed at all.  We can call it stuck, and we await the equatorial current shift to the south in winter.  Then it might break out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Amazon lifts prices

I was a big A shopper.  I somehow got Prime for free, due to a great hack by somebody.  :)  I made good use of it and more than paid for it in purchases.  If the Bank of Canada wants to determine price inflation for interest rates, just look at this place.

They are starting to zoom over Walmart, and Costco was always lower, but they never had anything.  Amazon is now more like Canadian Tire prices, not on sale.  I guess I'm back to my impulse buying Walmart trips.  No more Amie impulse buying.  :(

I have speculated that having beaten all their original good people to dust, they now have to pay double to anyone with a double digit IQ.  I doubt they will come.  I found that with my old company, that if you have an attached factory facility, soon you are treating everyone like a whip-the-slaves factory.  We must now write off Amazon as a great experiment, and I wish them luck in food delivery.  :)

Addition - We all wondered how they could beat Walmart prices with delivery.  They were paying me with their stock winnings.  As well, they were cannibalizing their people, eating them.  Many great companies have done so, like Intel and the famous microserfs.  Apple is doing it now.  Invest in these companies!  :)

Add2:  Now with dash buttons, they can put up the prices invisibly.  :)

add3:  Not to be a hypocrite, I just bought a roomba 880 from them, $30 more than the competition for convenience, but it shows their prices are up.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Texas clears everybody of causing earthquakes - as long as they don't do it again


That's it, somehow I was hoping that someone in Texas would come clean on how they made earthquakes turn on and off.  They took these wells that were re-injecting deep brine for years, added something to the mix, and turned on earthquakes.  They have now promised not to do it again, and we'll never know.

You and I know what it is, and we don't have to go into it.  Suffice to say that Oklahoma is doomed to race into that big brick wall of death.  We will all watch on the sidelines.

ps.  Researchers weren't stupid and refused to be cross-examined by lawyers who understood things so much they trashed any studies.  


I just love this song.  I tend to think that the government should get out of hiring scientists as civil servants, then that guy wouldn't be suspended.  :)  He wouldn't exist.  I just think gov't science has become too commie.  More money to independent groups that have some incentive to be good.

Watchdogs to lap dogs  -- This is especially true for nuke regulators.

Dirty tricks -- That was in our riding, where the con campaign manager ran down old people and closed the poll with violence, that would gone Liberal.  Got off in court by using the stupidity defence, which Harper is now using

Control freak -- He controls everything, and only the courts would believe that he wasn't on top of the Duffy thing.  Who hands out $90K like candy?

ps.  Now that this guy has time he should pen a song for all the leaders.  He should have the kid's choir sing "Justin's a kid like us".  and everybody in false beards and wearing googly eyes for "Mad, Mad Mulcair"  with lines like "Who cares about a deficit, gives that Harper a hissy fit!"