Friday, September 18, 2015

m4.1 Oklahoma earthquake right under the oil tanks

Intensity 5, we need intensity 7 to rupture tanks, which we would get with a step up of an m5 shallow thrust.  Then we would be knee-deep in oil.  If we are lucky we'll get a scare with one tank rupturing, and then they will stop.  If we are unlucky, it skips 2 mags and a thousand tanks rupture.

I caused this by saying activity was done and the oil tanks were safe.  Now I'll go the opposite:  WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!  That should calm things down.  :)

Add:  People ask me what would be the scale of the disaster.  (Ha, nobody reads this)  They mix gas tanks with the oil, and it's all light crude.  You can't rupture tanks without sparks.  So, if only 10% of the tanks rupture, then the whole thing goes in a good representation of an Eastern volcano.  I would bet a cup of coffee that this earthquake and others have already started tanks leaking, and their shipments of crazy glue are way up.  Of course, this will all be kept secret.  They always keep these tanks until the rusty holes get too much to patch up.  I think Obama should go in with the army and declare martial law.  :)  We're talking the greatest environmental disaster the world has ever seen (man-made, that is).

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