Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Amazon lifts prices

I was a big A shopper.  I somehow got Prime for free, due to a great hack by somebody.  :)  I made good use of it and more than paid for it in purchases.  If the Bank of Canada wants to determine price inflation for interest rates, just look at this place.

They are starting to zoom over Walmart, and Costco was always lower, but they never had anything.  Amazon is now more like Canadian Tire prices, not on sale.  I guess I'm back to my impulse buying Walmart trips.  No more Amie impulse buying.  :(

I have speculated that having beaten all their original good people to dust, they now have to pay double to anyone with a double digit IQ.  I doubt they will come.  I found that with my old company, that if you have an attached factory facility, soon you are treating everyone like a whip-the-slaves factory.  We must now write off Amazon as a great experiment, and I wish them luck in food delivery.  :)

Addition - We all wondered how they could beat Walmart prices with delivery.  They were paying me with their stock winnings.  As well, they were cannibalizing their people, eating them.  Many great companies have done so, like Intel and the famous microserfs.  Apple is doing it now.  Invest in these companies!  :)

Add2:  Now with dash buttons, they can put up the prices invisibly.  :)

add3:  Not to be a hypocrite, I just bought a roomba 880 from them, $30 more than the competition for convenience, but it shows their prices are up.

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