Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I just love this song.  I tend to think that the government should get out of hiring scientists as civil servants, then that guy wouldn't be suspended.  :)  He wouldn't exist.  I just think gov't science has become too commie.  More money to independent groups that have some incentive to be good.

Watchdogs to lap dogs  -- This is especially true for nuke regulators.

Dirty tricks -- That was in our riding, where the con campaign manager ran down old people and closed the poll with violence, that would gone Liberal.  Got off in court by using the stupidity defence, which Harper is now using

Control freak -- He controls everything, and only the courts would believe that he wasn't on top of the Duffy thing.  Who hands out $90K like candy?

ps.  Now that this guy has time he should pen a song for all the leaders.  He should have the kid's choir sing "Justin's a kid like us".  and everybody in false beards and wearing googly eyes for "Mad, Mad Mulcair"  with lines like "Who cares about a deficit, gives that Harper a hissy fit!"

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