Monday, September 21, 2015

Fun at Darlington Nuclear


I'm amazed at what people can accept here.  I was paid a long time ago to defend nuclear against stupid articles like this one.  I mainly used science, and advocated research a scientific defence.  That way I got a lot of money out to my science buddies.  It helped me deal with the internal stupidities.

Now, there is no more science, just total silence.  Any comments come from a PR person.  But mostly it is a huge brick wall.  The silence is equated by the people as a sign of competence.  Darlington was a mass of stupidities that somehow came together to allow it to run.  I have written on the fundamental design flaw that chewed up the plant early (Water Laser), and on the horrible seismic parameters.  They'll have another chance to thread the needle with all the new refurbishments.  I don't think they can do it.

I was only inspired to write this because because people have been looking at my water laser series.  I really haven't found out anything new, and have detached from this for my own sanity.  :)

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