Tuesday, April 30, 2024

South Asia heat wave - hear today, gun tomorrow

 This is amazing, the CBC reads me!  I was making fun of them, only doing day-long heat waves, and they responded by putting 'weeks long' in their headline.  Wow!

They sure got me!  Now, would they want to look at the specific physics mechanism of this heat wave?  or just do the usual 'clange'.

If we want to do mechanisms, I will relent that this is a major heat wave, even though they are brushing shoulder to shoulder with the equator.  It gets hot.

Just look at this sucker!  They got 'Greenland White' but it's on the other end of the scale.  And India, too, a narrow band, when everybody else is cooler.  Can clange, like God, go down to such resolution?  Aren't they both looking at us 'From a Distance"?

Yes people, Clange aka God, has initiated a specific mechanism to achieve this oddity.

The wind is rolling in a narrow band right over the Great Red Hot Spot.  It zooms right over the ocean and hits SE Asia and India.  Indonesia is getting cool air.  So, Indonesia got the 'one-day' treatment.

Luckily, this is a ridiculously narrow wind channel.  It was heavier over Asia this morning.  This is very unstable, and I suspect it will be gone tomorrow.  Nice to know that Clange (god) works through physics.  Even though the CBC reads me, they won't publish this.  If the heat leaves, then all the media leaves.  On to the next one-day heat wave.

ps. this is very hard evidence, and the best I can get with the whole 'no physics boycott', of the groupthink.  I believe the guy is going to produce continuous video of the wind stream, and we can all watch the heat wave.  Unless, they get to him.

ps.  about the title.  I only have one reader who will appreciate the pun.  We hear about it today, but when it is gone tomorrow, they'll use the gun to kill the story, and we'll never hear about it again.

Pacific hot spot is a giant organ pipe

 This is physics at its finest.  It should be splashed all over, but won't be.  The tiniest bit of 'myth busting' physics blows the whole groupthink.  

We have huge pulsing of the Great Red Spot, and it shows on the charts.

We can see this in the video of April.

During the month, the spot goes from mild to heavy a few times.

This is due to an incredible organ pipe feed.  Organ pipes, like whistles, have an air stream flowing over a knife edge.  The biggest physics mistake that the old company made on the 'fuel channel organ pipes' was to just look at the resonance.  They tried to 'detune' the pipes.  However, the severe effects, such as a very loud sound from the pipe or whistle, is due to the feedback of the knife edge.  It wobbles back and forth due to the back pressure, and tunes with the resonance.

We have it here with the ocean currents.  The knife edge is a formation of islands.  Right now, we have a full scoop of the return current into the red spot.  A little back pressure and the scoop stops.  This will all end with a little reconfiguration, due to the seasonal change.  Enjoy it while you can.

ps.  this is an original insight.

ps.  in a previous post, I noted how the Australians and the BBC were debunking the 'el no-no' cycle.  Did you notice how Australia is now off the map?  Did you see any more articles?

Monday, April 29, 2024

Northern Hemisphere -- cold and miserable

 I just mentioned pneumonia-land out in the northern ocean, but Toronto is just as bad.  

All the UK papers have the headlines - "Why is it so cold and miserable?" and the papers respond with the best AI-written stuff you can get.  That AI makes life so much better!  All the young people are using it to fill pages for old men to read.  They don't read.

My MIMIC charts are mucked because they don't want people to see that we have no Pacific tropical plumes doing anything.

We are going into another big plunge with the tropics.  That wonderful surge of heat from last year is gone, and the black line will go under it.  We could always get another one, you never know.

If you go by the influencers, then 'El no-no is fading'  Ha!  This parrot is dead!  They'll call all the blue on the Pacific equatorial belt a new La Ninny, but, in reality, those old cycles are have gone to cycle-heaven.  

That phoney el-nono was just a very little return stream that was only a few metres thick, enough to fool the sat view, like a Russian turtle tank.  In physics-reality speak, we have entire Antarctic ocean pouring in a quenching the Pacific.  This is an ice cycle.

But, keep following the influencers, and don't go outside.  You'll shiver to your bones.

ps.  I'm frozen for standing outside.  Here's a chance to find the asperagus!

Another day, another cyber attack


We don't need to say who is to blame for this.  They are doing fine, and making lots of money selling soul-destroying AI.  Just wait until that stuff comes down on security.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Iceland - warmest April in a long time

 Yeah, for Iceland.  It is surrounded by warm-ish water of the Gulf Stream.  This warm water is retracting rapidly, just look at the UK.

My young folks have just returned from a trip to Iceland.  They have cheap flights out of Hamilton that are sucking in the super-cheapo tourists.  Not so fun when they get there.  Prices are 3-4 times of Canada.  These kids had fun in BC with constant rain, but Iceland got them sick with cold, high winds and rain.

I would wait a bit before going there.  They have a ton of automatic fines to catch tourists.  Instead of erecting huge walls at famous view spots (like Japan), they use cameras to charge for parking at them.  Those spots are fairly empty, so it is working.

Large outdoor swimming pools heated by hot springs, no chlorine and they give tourists infections.  Not the greatest trip for them, and they are now very sick.

All the countries are going full anti-tourist.  I really wonder where to go next.

ps.  the kids got Covid #12

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Guard finds a one-day heatwave


I'm so happy they found one.  This allows them to go on for another month.  Unfortunately, that heat wave won't last that long, just like the big thing they did on Rio a while ago.  

You can look at the chart animations, and see that things are moving fast.  It was the same with Rio.  Good thing nobody remembers anything.  They should find another one in a few weeks.  After all, this is right on equator.  Bound to be hot eventually.

The anomaly map doesn't even look that hot.  I think they are pushing it.

Antarctic Ozone Hole larger than ever


We do have a funny situation.

Here, we show that the ozone hole is larger than ever, and they say the penguins are getting sun burn, or maybe cataracts.  Such horror!  Doom for all!

Does this mean they were totally wrong about their first 'explanation'.  I've said that all along, that their vaunted reaction cannot take place.  Now, this would be a time for them to go back to the drawing board, and say 'My Bad'.  But no, they can never say they were wrong.  It would destroy them.

Instead, they are coming up with a totally new explanation that it was Australian wild fires.  Unfortunately, this explanation won't work next year (because the place is now a swamp).  The fires are good, because then they can claim it's all due to climate change.  When the Arctic hole is bigger than ever, we can blame Canadian wild fires.  They burn every year.

Nobody in the world complains when they make up this stuff.  It's all 'oooh and aaaah!".  I am happy for them, and I won't debate them on this point.  The world thinks that debate is the ultimate guide for truth, and I won't debate that.  

So, contribute to the Gofunnyme fund for sunglasses for penguins.  Why not have protests at universities?  This is great stuff.

ps. and so, the Truth descends on the people:  "We can have many explanations, they are all true."  And the people saw that this was good.

Life without physics - Plants as air purifiers


OMG, I am alone, it's rainy out, and the wife is having fun with the grandkid

This is very low-res to avoid AI's.  He has just become an expert at peeling, but the 'tax' is most of the orange, and he'll give you a piece.  Everybody wants him to be the official peeler, but that fee is a killer.

Anyway, the irony of plants removing floating organic chemicals (VOC's) is that they put out a ton.  They have to for the mechanism of water transport to work.  These guys have 'tested' their plants, but you cannot measure anything for proof.  A fine implementation of magic.

I especially like how they expose the roots to air.  You can't have air circulation or the roots pinch off.  Smelly factors like giant composters force air through old, dead tree roots.  That works for a while, but they saturate quickly.  You can do the same with activated charcoal, but again, it runs out so fast as to be useless.

I have UVA light on titania foam.  That produces a ton of OH- radicals which are what you get with sunlight on wet white sheets and rain storms.  You can tell the difference by turning it off.  Then you get a mustier smell.  Fine VOC's.  The hard part is finding a cheap UVA light that lasts for its full 10,000 hours.  You check that with a uv detection card.  Anyway, this is just physics.  As the article says -- there's no proof, but you can feel better that it might be doing something.  Magic rules the Universe!

NOAA to be cut up into little pieces, along with NASA


NASA is next.  **

From the dispatch -- "These two agencies are solely responsible for starting the whole Freon thing and then going on to global warming.  They have ditched the Scientific Method and gone into 'Full Expediency Mode", that is, they will tell anybody what they want to hear."

** This is satire, you humourless leftwingers

Pacific 'Great Red Spot' continues to pulse, but with less energy

 The heat energy of the world has been dominated, this past year, by a great red spot in the East Pacific.  Unlike the phoney El Nino, this lives in the 'Land of Physics', and is 'real', as defined by the Scientific Method.  It has nothing to do with Influencer Reality.

You can see in the video, it has pulsed a lot this month, but it getting smaller and being driven up into the cold equatorial belt, due to seasonal change.

This pulsing is reflected in the tropical temp chart.

Just looking at that, you can be forgiven for thinking we will have another hot year.

But, the world temps are diving.

And North America doesn't get any heat energy.

And no heat for the Arctic since March.

And the UK just gets more 'explanations' from influencers.

For North America, you can see by the chart that temps will climb by solar heating (seasonal change).  This is good, and we will have a fine stagnant 2-month summer.  The temps in UK are totally dependent on the Gulf Stream, and that isn't looking 'too hot' right now.  

My predictions are based on the availability of world heat energy.  We are going down a black hole right now, with a normal cyclical variation.  Don't let the leftwingers take away your natgas, you will need it this winter.  We have ten times the energy delivered to us with pipelines, than electrons through wires.  Our 'electric future' is a pipe dream.

ps Yeah, I just had an 'original thought' which hasn't happened for weeks.  Take that you rotten AI!  The great red spot is pulsing because of flow chatter with the feed, through some islands.  This is the principle driving organ pipes.  Neat.

Friday, April 26, 2024

UK enjoys continuous freeze


You can see they are all white.

For Toronto, I think we are into continental solar heating, and our freezing should be over.  All that cold is being shoved away with a lot of rain.  I'm putting out some grass seed today.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Arctic continues to break up


No spring pattern yet.  This is the type of year where we have the heat on full blast, and then air conditioning the next.  Looks like we will continue to oscillate.  

I am happy to have nothing to say.  The UK is still getting the fire hose of cold coming down on it, but it is wobbling a bit.

The tabloids continue to put up the question of why it is so cold, but they still come up with the same tired explanations 'Will of God'.  Nobody wants the Scientific Method back -- no money in it.

ps.  Cherry blossoms seem ok.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Drama on the street again

 We get more drama on our street because there is the chance of big drug operations across the road.  Everybody parks here.  Even the police conducting raids.

In today's soap opera, a very skinny girl has an argument with this guy, and in a flash of action, she snatches away his car keys.  Then she dangles them in front of him and walks calmly down the road.  Please note that the wind chill is -5C, and she has bare stork legs.  

He then chases here in the world's slowest chase since OJ.  He looks a bit 'under the weather' and he drops a hockey puck.  She may have had reason to snatch the keys.  I am not looking to see who comes back alive.

ps. right now, the police were leading the werewolf away in handcuffs.  I assume the pixie got away.  This was far away for my old eyes.

Last gasp of the Arctic spills


For the sake of my sanity I have to call this as the 'last gasp'.  The Pacific air will take over and we will have Spring again.  No snowstorms in May.  The UK will have warmth again.  All will be well.

This is just a hunch, but I give it 80%.

ps. geez, I saw snow today.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Taiwan M7.4 earthquake - strong ground motion

 I just picked this out of some reports that aren't very good.  It's the best I can do with Taiwan.  I conclude it is exactly the same as the famous Chile earthquake with the same tilted buildings.

This is the 'firm ground' record.  You can see that the velocity time history is clean, and two pulses.  If there were a ground motion on rock, I would expect a single pulse.

This is a soil basin motion.  Note the very long rumble, and a high acceleration.  This the stuff of California earthquake history.

ps. this is an interesting earthquake.  I'm learning from it, but nobody else is.  We wait for the next one.

Arctic break-up and a strong Spring pattern

 What we need now is to have a beaten-back Arctic, and no chance of a severe Arctic spill.  Usually, a Spring pattern then drifts in.

We have the last Arctic thrust for Toronto, I hope.  Because, we have strong-ish Pacific plumes coming in.

Although most of the Arctic seems to be breaking up, there is still a nugget of very cold air hovering over us.  This cold air should be pushed away by the Pacific air over the mountains.  After that, we can do some more garden work.

The official warmie apologists are working overtime.  I hope everybody is happy.

I haven't seen if they invoke the Fickle Jet Stream, or Nasty Polar Fairies yet.  Always a surprise.

ps.  these weather people have the same wonderful pattern.  They get gobsmacked by the cold, they pick themselves off the floor, and trot out the usual suspects.  They can keep this going forever, with no quaint notions of shame, like trumpypants.  I admire them for it.

Monday, April 22, 2024

Cute push of air over the mountains resembles Spring pattern


We got a nice push of Spring air over the mountains, but it was pushed by a cold air spill, so, not good.

I captured these as videos because I am using the long time period.  You can see the huge Arctic spill that will hit Toronto and may kill my cherry blossoms.  

Although our Great Pacific Hot Spot is warming again, it doesn't seem to have much power, and the Arctic temps are burrowing into the mass of cold.

This is what I expect, but I'm not happy for the garden.  Perhaps, if we wish very hard, we can get back to warm fantasy.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Arctic still doing us proud


If we want to plant our gardens, that black colour has to go, and it should stop swooping down on us.  Unfortunately, that is not happening.

We are getting a tiny tropical heat boost from our favourite heat blob in the West Pacific, south of the equator.  I can now read this like a book.  All the bumps in the world temps correlate with how dark the red colour is (higher temperature).  We are now getting a small bump, but the whole thing is fading due to the seasonal change.

We will get a hot, short summer, because there are no ocean breezes, carried by the tropical plumes.  This is essentially desert weather, but the warmies will all call it due to clange.  

ps.  since they only go for one-day peak temperatures, they call no difference between a nice 4 month warm summer, or a one-day summer.  

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Arctic temperatures descend back to below the 80's

 And maybe the 40's.

All the big pulses of heat are gone, and the Arctic descends to 1940.  However, if you want hope for heat, seek the influencers.  

We must all switch to cold gardening.  I'm planting lots of peas this year.  The tomatoes go under crop covers.  No peppers.  Lots of kale.  A good chance for the apples to fail.

We are now in an ice cycle.  These temperatures are going down fast, so the question is whether we get colder than the 70's, which was our last 'cold decade cycle'.  I am generally inclined that we are busting through this and going to the '300 year cycle'.  In that cycle, the Pacific and Atlantic belts turn off.  

We won't read about the cold in the media, except maybe Australia.  This summer, the media will continue to go after 1 day heat waves.  Always lots of those.  And flash floods, like Dubai.  All good influencer reading.  I'm going to need to chop lots of wood for the summer hut.

ps. it's snowing in Toronto right now.  Big snowstorm coming in May....

ps.  going with the influencers will give you hot and cold, drought and flooding.

All US critical infrastructure runs MS


And the whole military.  

Doodle labs are using Linux, and US military had a tough time with that.  It is my contention that all Windows machines on the internet are infiltrated, but these guys take their time to expose it.  Goodness knows, that anybody running it will ever find out on their own.  All the announcements we get show they have been taken over for years.

Arctic sends spears of cold

 The Toronto weather forecast is blinking on and off like a marquee.  This has been caused by big Arctic spills.

They are coming down very fast, and the Toronto forecast depends on the protection of the Great Lakes.

You can see the extreme cold fighting the heat.  

Europe is hilarious as a very narrow cold spear comes down.

This has 'cut the UK in half'.

ps. my nose is still frozen from the dog walk.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Sudden cold air spill heads for Toronto

 The local weather forecast changed to frost.

You can see a huge cold express train hitting us.

The Arctic isn't done with us yet.

Airline compensation denied by Canada

 Our trip to Sanfran was delayed by 13 hours due to a leaky toilet.  Going through the compensation process, Canada determined it was a safety issue beyond their control and denied us $2000.  Them's the breaks.

Dubai cloud seeding -- physics


This is hilarious.  Without any thought or physics, all floods are declared as a result of clange.  It's the same as 'Will of God'.  Totally useless.  But, now, the media blasts that it was 'cloud seeding'.  

The main establishments are all agog, and trying to demolish this conjecture with physics.  Ha!  

You can see the huge forces swirling around Dubai.  A little stringer can zoom up and soak the place, no sweat.  No cloud seeding required, and any effort like that would be swept away.  Storms that flood are almost always stationary, due to balanced forces all around.  It can happen anywhere to anyone.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Pacific plumes continue to be weak


If we want a nice Spring, we need heat energy from the Pacific.  Not getting it.  We are just getting little bursts of heat from the Gulf of Mexico.  

The Arctic is once again recharging.  Lots of cold still to come.  I am expecting a nice May snowstorm.  

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

State of the Oceans - April 17, 2024 -- Heat pulses settling down

 The big news is that seasonal change is killing our big 'Heat Pulsar' south of the equator.

The sneaky 'undercurrent' seems to be cutting off.  

The big red blob is slowly giving up pulsing a deeper red, which jacks up the world temps, and makes the warmies happy.

The southern season is peaking.  You can see the effect the blob had on our weather last year.  The blob is in its death throes. 

The pulses of the Arctic correlate exactly with the 'heartbeat pulses' of the blob, and now everything is settling to being darn cold.  

I can see with the ocean currents that the Gulf Stream wants to wander back to Spain.  However, the ocean temperatures are not yet reflecting this.  They take quite a while to change.  The UK can look forward to much cooler temperatures.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Media finally declares the Death of El Nino


This is a refreshing article.  They even use the charts that nooa fears to use.

But now, perhaps quicker than expected, El Niño is gone.

A nice quote.  They are being polite.

US researchers recently said there was 60% chance of a La Niña developing between June-August, and an 85% chance of this happening by Autumn.

But the Australian Bureau say such statements such be treated with caution. They expect neutral conditions to last until at least July.

That might indicate that the record temperatures experienced over the past year were something of a mystery, and not evidence that the world has moved into a more rapid phase of warming.

Wow, this is the most powerful statement that the media has made.  Are they tired of the 'Never-ending Story"?

ps.  I am so impressed.  Perhaps this is the start of a campaign to fund physics, to look at the 'mystery'.